2757 E Beltline Ave SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 957-0412

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John Crankshaw

Just stopped in for a mug refill. I was next in line. Nice place at the door to lean my bike. Whole transaction about a minute long.Food: 5/5

annie nejib

This place is mostly calm and your oerder takes a while but not too long and is peaceful I have been there many times

Matthew Lang

Been coming here for years and they’re always the best in GR! I recently adopted a puppy, Molly, and she’s a new Starbucks fan as well! She loved her Pup Cup and the team here is always excited to see her in the DT window! Thank you all for being so awesome!

Lisa Hunter

Very mellow.Seth was awesome. Drink was great.Very little parking available at 4pmFood: 5/5

Brandon Krout

Extremely friendly staff and they get you in and out!Food: 5/5

Zach Henderson

This location has the music turned so loud overhead it’s as if you’re at in a bar rather than a coffee shop. And the guy sitting there taking on the phone the whole time. I won’t even get started with that. I’d rather go to a bar I left without making purchase. ?

Kyara Brunk

There's a blonde girl who took my order twice and there was absolutely no smile or anything. She looked incredibly angry and mean and it made me want to leave. That's not an atmosphere I want to be in. This is the last time I'm getting coffee here, I don't need any more unhappy people.

Sydney Lang

They made my drink so incredibly fast, I thought I was gonna be late to work but it ended up working out just fine ? had a few to spare to enjoy my coffee before clocking inFood: 5/5

Vivian Gent

Negative. Bought a cup of Christmas blend and it was not hot at all, so it tasted terrible.I drank it black, so cream did not change temperature. A lot of money spent for a bad cup of coffee.

Natalie Count

My barista was awesome and he was very friendly, they got my drink correct and I couldn't ask for anything else.Food: 5/5

John Gustin

normally i have really good service at this Starbucks but for some reason today i ordered a small carmel cappicino like i always do and i put it in my cup holder then drove to krispy kreme to get my coworkers some donuts and then when i went to take a sip i noticed the cup was less then half full.I checked thinking i spilled some or it possibly leaked but then realized it just was less then half full.Then i though maybe she gave me an expresso but no it tasted like a carmel long story short is my cup was less then half full coworker said she has had the same experience at this location hit or miss.not sure if its the machinery or an employee but just thought i would let you know to be aware.I would still recommend going here just was surprised today.

Mark Perkin

No matter the Starbucks location, I'm so impressed with the service. Fast friendly service here as well. Thanks guys!

Abigail N.

I usually order with the mobile app and pickup in store. Sometimes I order in store. Never had any issues with accuracy or long waits. Sometimes they're out of something (they're not in control of supply chains) and when I asked the baristas about it they let me know when they had an idea that it might be back. I've never gone through the drive through so I can't speak to the speed there.

Yarixa Jimenez

Wow! Ordered a cheese, sussage and egg sandwich. Turned out they'd ring is as "no egg" even though I didn't say "no egg" But for my surprise there was a piece of egg like a quarter size as if the "egg" was removed from the sandwich... SMH disgusting sandwich!!!

Jeana Milton

Pumpkin spice was good! Service guy was fully engaged with his phone. I had to shout for assistance to someone that was standing by the back door of the shop. It was very awkward!

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