3195 28th St SE, Kentwood
(616) 942-9123

Recent Reviews

Aidsa Briceno

I was just there and asked for a strawberry açaí refresher with LIGHT ICE, i specifically mentioned light ice because i wanted light ice. The guy who took my order even said he was going to give me light ice. Not only was the cup filled all the way to the top with ice, but it had no strawberries. So disappointed. Also btw, they were just talking the whole time which was probably the reason that dumb girl gave me 2 times ice.

Jakob Bishop

Employees were all using their phones while I was waiting for my drink. 37 minutes later when my drink came out, it was the incorrect size and flavor.

Aidan Fisher

terrible service they didn’t understand what i wanted and it was a simple iced coffee and they made me repeat myself 3 times. the teenagers were all on there phones and i had to ask to place my order. i’m not from around here and i’ve worked a lot in the food industry and this is just not how you treat consumers. very rude

Lilia B

Whenever I order or go here there is always friendly service! Great place to go to grab a quick bite to eat. They do have a lot of milk alternative options!Food: 5/5

Laura H

On Monday September 26th, 2022, I arrived to the Starbucks in Woodland Mall at 10:05am. The barista begrudgingly told me to come back in 10 to 20 minutes. I came back 20 minutes later and the same barista told me to come back in 5 to 10 minutes. She seemed to be in no hurry. At that point I didn't feel like waiting anymore and left. Not impressed.

Michelle Pastrick

There is no sense of urgency or communication amongst the workers. They make orders out of sequence.I watched someone wait in line for 5 minutes before any worker even acknowledged them.

Mya Fassbender

Ignore you when you walk up ready to order. When you finally do get your order in they don't even fill up the cup the entire way! If I pay for a venti I want a venti not 2 inches of the top of my drink completely missing! What a joke!

Sophia S.

I wanted to get an extra large water because I was very thirsty and it’s **usually free because ITS WATER. The barista there that was at the register charged me 25 cents for it which was unusual and he was complaining because all I had was a $5 bill. I forgot to look at his name. After that, he said “that was a little annoying” because he had to break my $5 bill which was all I had. Sorry! I think you guys charge enough for coffee anyways.

Sondra Brown

Ordered the medicine bomb, green tea, mint citrus, so yummy!

Josh Smith

Quick pick me up. ?

Carly Mattack

The worker was pretty rude but she made a bomb Frappuccino

Netta J.

I don't know what I like best.... The delicious paninis, the thirst quenching drinks, or the totally rad staff! I always leave this location with a smile! The baristas even know me by name! Keep up the great work guys!

James Ching

I always get the hot chocolate with 6 pumps of mocha! Awesome staff.

Kylie Sanchez

I didn’t catch her name but a lovely barista with rainbow glasses was so sweet and put a smile on my face this morning. Not to mention my coffee was 10/10.

K Clark

Barista made me a gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free latte. It was delicious!

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