Taco Bell

2829 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 949-2620

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Linda Jones

Went to Taco Bell lunch time and my food was barely warm it was okay

Emily Jakubik

The grilled cheese burrito is good. The co2 on the drinks is out though and there was no flavor in the baja. And no flavor in the regular dew. It wasnt worth it to go back for a refund.

Kathy O'Driscoll

The food was good but the reason I gave the overall rating of five was because of the customer service. The man taking orders at the counter today around noon had the best attitude I have seen at a fast food restaurant in a long time. He went above and beyond. As an example he dealt professionally with three issues while we were there. A customer messed up his own order at the kiosk and the employee corrected the error with patience. Another customer was leaving with a bag of food and the employee called him back, concerned that the bag might break the way he was holding it so he added a plastic bag below. His positive attitude was uplifting and we left feeling good after witnessing the above and more.

Stephen Nichelson

Tacobell is Tacobell. It's good and cheap. It's not great, not good for you, but I had a hankering for it so I ate it. And I enjoyed the food. I recommend the Chalupa Cravings box for 5 bucks. Cant go wrong with that. Also my all time fav is the steak quesarito.

Molly Ones

I ordered the 12 taco party box, 4 beef the remaining chicken simple nope alll beef got half way home turn around get there and the manager SUE was very rude not friendly and I spent 22 dollars at this establishment! Manager refused to give me a receipt I’ll be back in the morning after I calm down!!!!

Will Groenendyk

Order is frequently wrong. When the order is right, the food is tasty for what it is.

Cornell Halquist

They USUALLY do good but have on 2 occasions given me food with bacon in it after i specifically requested NO BACON and it showed up on the screen as "no bacon". Like i get that a bacon crunch wrap minus the bacon is a weird order but i don't think it should be that hard. Dunno. As long as I order vegetarian food they don't mess it up ?Regardless, the cashiers are always always friendly and i always make sure to leave a good review for them on the tell the bell survey!! ❤

Soumar A.

This restaurant shouldn't has rude workers Bad service I'll never go back there Food was bad and service was shitty

Taylor Elise

There is nothing I love more than getting screamed at by a drive thru employee after a long shift. Apparently this grown man told me that the other worker still had my card. I did not hear him say that and began to drive off. When I heard someone scream “stop”! The lady then handed me my card and I thanked her. As I thanked her, this gross older man began yelling at me that he told me and continued to scream until the lady told him to stop. I will never return to this restaurant, and I certainly hope the manager reads this review and discusses the way this employee acted. Don’t work In customer service if you feel the need to scream at a customer for a simple misunderstanding.

Patrick Shears

This is the closest location to my house and 50 percent of the time I go there, my order is wrong. I just wanted to pick up something small for my gf and I. I didn't order anything complicated. Just 1 shredded chipotle quesadilla, and 3 shredded chicken chipotle burritos. I received only one thing correct and the rest were a different specialty burritos. They didn't even have chicken in the burritos. It's like they were not even listening. I dont have the energy to get refund, or to replace my order after working all day. This was supposed to be quick and simple. I gave this spot so many chances, But I will never go to this location again. Either I'm unlucky, or It's just extremely consistent with wrong orders.

Joshua Joppie

Amazing always. Love the food. They make a lot of order mistakes though. It's about 50/50 when we go through if my order is correct in the end.

Rhonda Fetterhoff Carey

This location has slow service. I have gone there 4 times and twice I had to get refund because my food took too long and the other 2 times my food was wrong. I love Taco Bell but this location needs better management.

Teyana Woods

Why is this taco Bell so LAZY! Nothing is ever fresh from this location it's pitiful honestly, got crunchy tacos so simple, yet they always come out soggy. You ever hear of if something is past a certain time toss it out and make something new. The only time to get half way decent food is after 11, when they are busy.

Niel Tveten

Not bad. Not the best. Average food. And good service. Drive thru couldve been quicker.

Morgan Bowers

Best customer service! Timely and friendly every time.

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