Taco Bell

2829 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 949-2620

Recent Reviews

Noah Marckwardt

The new rolled chicken tacos are good! Not super filling so I recommend getting something else with them if you decide to get the two pack! Worth a try though.

scott brand

You really cant go wrong at taco bell. I have noticed their prices have gone up considerable. I probably will go to more local Mexican restaurants that are less inexpensive then Taco Bell.

Amy A

They are pretty fast here. Most of the time the customer service is good.

Chrissy Killarney

Never had a problem. Last time I went the man working was super friendly and complimented my hair

Corey Swanson

Some of the fastest service I've ever received at a fast food restaurant. It only took 59 seconds for my order to arrive and I had three burritos. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

Denise Crapse

They have a nice variety and selection.. food was hot...I didn't take long for my order to be prepared...

n s

Great food and service. They didn't get things right in a few ways but they were really nice to fix it. I was charged for an extra item, then not given it. Drinks given were the wrong ones but was documented correctly on the receipt. I didn't make a fuss about it but only asked that I get the extra charged item that wasnt in the bag. The employees work hard and things happen. The food was wrapped nicely and tasted great. The drive through was moving quickly considering it was a long line.

Skylar Rebekah

Usually have at least 1 thing wrong with a bigger order but it's good food. Also, crunch wrap picture shows so much more meat than they give, it would be way better with more meat. Also the quesadillas dont have meat on the end pieces most of the time. Not enough there either

Jake Scott VG

Love Tbell. Love this location especially. Never have I had a problem. Employees go out of their way to be kind and the managers have even checked on me while in drive through. Honestly, pretty impressive.

Alan Norkham

Just left the drive thru and wow, the manager chewed out her subordinates over me picking out my sauce. So she grabs every flavor of sauce and throws them in the bag to send me on my way. Wow!

Sergio Gomez

My day was going great untill i went to this taco bell not only have diablo sauce but they had other one they offered but never gave me my sauce. Dummys

Denny Beck

Based on my last three visits, this is the best Taco Bell in West Michigan. The inside is clean, and the workers are courteous and dedicated to pleasing the customer. The cashiers/order takers are cheerful, friendly and always attentive to the changes we request to make our orders vegan. In addition, the kitchen staff is fast without being sloppy. This more than just another fast food outlet.

Joe G

The staff is almost too friendly lol. Every time I go to drive thru they obsess over my dog. Food is decent but what can you expect from fast food. No complaints this time.

Eve Johnson

Not happy with parking lot entrance huge pothole. It canâ??t be seen due to turning off 28th St, if you are traveling from the West. Every time someone turns into the lot from that direction, they turn smack-dab into the hole. The day before yesterday I had new tires, ball joint replacement, and front end alignment. Roughly $1000. Not happy. In Belle Tire as I post, having them check for possible damages to my vehicle as a result of driving into the pothole. Not happy. TB has since attempted to alleviate the issue...Fail or success?

James McCallum

Wow! This place is filthy! As I am walking to my table my shoes are sticking to the floor. Soda station has wrappers stained with pop and it looks as if they have been there for quite a while. No surprise that I had to wipe off my seat and table for my dine in experience. You need not be a clean freak to feel dirty at this location. Finally, my Mexican pizza barley had any toppings on it.

P. J. Murray

As I usually say about national fast food chains, it's xx brand. So yep it's a taco bell. As can be expected with a taco bell.

Paul-Jann V

We came here for lunch with our extended family of 7. We like the variety on the menu. What we ordered was delicious. Weâ??ll be back.

Kelsey Dubbs

It's taco Bell. Great when you have $20 and no self-esteem. I enjoy eating enough to make me hate myself. Food is good, I just don't have any self control when it comes to those Doritos tacos.

Ekrem Music

Short Caucasian Lady with short hair was rude to all customer very unprofessional .

Randy Tyler

Probably the best tasting fast food. Seems like they use quality ingredient. The root beer on draft is amazing in the few places they still have it. I recommend this.

Jessica Booth

This location is generally pretty good. The best taco bell on 28th street for sure.

Tina Murphy

I work at a restaurant and we believe in customer satisfaction the girl that took our order charged us for something we didn't even want and the manager that was making food in back was very rude would never recommend on the other hand Pierre was very polite at refunding my money

Maria Sheldon

Lady taking the order was short n rude but the guy at the window was very nice n food was good

Kenneth V.

Went here today and ordered 1 nacho fries and a medium drink. I waited in the dining room for my order. There were 4 unattended screaming children aged 3-6. Turned out they belonged to the manager. They continued shrieking for the next 19 minutes until my nacho fries were ready. This is completely unacceptable. I'm not ever eating there again.


In town for Robotics competition and phoned in a very particular order and they got it right which is a rare thing these days. Didn't have time to check the older when picked up had to trust it was correct and it was. The tacos in the party pack were well made and not thrown together like some locations do.


Staff was very friendly.

Jon Friedman

The service can be fast or slow depending on the time you get there. Iâ??ve never had bad tasting food. If you have a drum in the front be prepared to have a quick demo. Dig Taco Bell.

Deepthi Sukumar

If you want something tasty to grab... Taco Bell is a wonderful option... The tasty tacos...are a treat to the taste buds.. always one of my favorite..

Todd Jamison

Most taco Bell is good food-wise. This particular branch is kind of slow on getting your food to you, and the customer service isn't the worst, but not the best. Still, their food is damn tast. Four stars

Terry Bone

Just know how to do it best place to eat when you're in a rush

Jason Wendt

They haven't taken my order the last two times I have gone. Love the food but they cant seem to get mine right if they even have time to take it at all :(

William Clawson

Always a line and never on time. Don't bother placing an online order for "NOW" it'll be 30 minutes before you get it anyway. And when you get it, it will be someone else's order because this Taco Bell is unorganized as any I've seen. Probably will stop going to this location. There's another about 2 miles away, or I'll go back to Wendy's. I just get a quick small bite twice a week. This location needs to get it's act together.

Alexis Elzinga

Just left this location to make it home and find out that my Order was messed up. I ordered a Crunchwrap Supreme with black beans instead of beef. As a vegetarian, this is how I always order my Taco Bell. I got all the way home, bit into the Crunchwrap to find that it had refried beans in it. Normally this wouldnâ??t seem like a big deal, but refried beans are not vegetarian. I wouldnâ??t have been AS annoyed if this location ever provided good service. The slowest location by far and always the worst quality.

Kyle DeBruyn

Coworker and I went here for lunch. It took 15 minutes for him to get his single item, and my order was forgotten so it was 25 minutes before I got my two items. Food was good and employees were nice.

Andrew Budnik

Went out for an evening snack and apparently chose the wrong place. It was busy which I thought was odd for the time of day so I was skeptical when I walked in. The employee at the register appeared to be new because he was having difficulties operating the register. It is understandable because everyone is new at some point but he clearly should have been asking for help because my 2 item order was stumping him especially when I asked for no lettuce and tomato on my items. After waiting about 10 mins I got my food and left. I only live about 1.5 miles from the location and when I got home the items were cold like they had been refrigerated. After further inspection I saw lettuce and tomato the items so I had to throw them away as I have an allergy to tomatoes and the juice was all over the items. Never had issues at this location before this trip.

Gabrielle Boulanger

Always have a great experience with Taco Bell. They have the best customer service skills and are fairly fast even when ordering a lot of food. I have not been disappointed not one time with any Taco Bell I have been to. Keep up the great work management and staff.

Timothy Meyer

If you want far food with decent protein their food is a great choice. Don't expect top quality Mexican but good food when needed fast.

Aubrey M.

This is easily the worst Taco Bell I've ever been to. Not only did we wait in line in the drive through for 20 minutes, there were only 2 cars in front of us and there were 6 staff members. 2 were just hanging out chatting. We ordered 3 chalupas, chicken, no tomato. The FIRST time we got all beef and you guessed it... tomato. The second time, we got our chicken chalupas after 10 minutes ... with no one in line, but it came with tomato and no sour cream. WEIRD. To top it all off the manager could not care less. I hope, HOPE, the franchisee finds out about this horrid customer service.

Nate M.

This would be a good place to eat except I am a pretentious lunatic that rates fast food restaurants. When I go to a fast food place I expect 5 star dining and I didn't get that, as did none of the other yelpers that have reviewed this location. This food should be impeccable and should be served on a silver platter. I was expecting fine dining and I did not receive fine dining. No excuses.

Hannah Fiorenzo

20 minute drive thru trip ....:/