The Tin Can

206 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 350-9446

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Vanessa DeLaura

If I could give less than 1 star I would. We were rudely ushered out the door upon entering with a finger pointed in my face. We were unaware there may have been an age limit and had a minor with us. We are traveling from out of town and the website showed games and fun things for the whole family. Which is why we chose this place. I understand limitations and abide by rules. I have never been so rudely greeted. Covid or not, that is no way to treat people. Will be spreading the word for others not to come! Awful. I would have gladly left had he kindly said “I’m sorry we have an age policy”. NEVER AGAIN.


Clearly the form of “security” was absolutely horrific and very disrespectful. A tall man came at me very quickly with his hands out in my face uncomfortably close and told me to get out. Apparently this guy loves customers in his facility. I will make sure that the word is spread and it won’t be very pleasing.

Remy Stalcup

We were in town for the weekend for a hockey tournament. We decided to go to this establishment Since it had games (jenga, tic tac toe, pool) on the website pictures. I thought it would be entertaining for our older kids while the adults ate and conversed. A man that worked there came charging at us full speed as we were walking in the door. he rudely asked us to get out with his hand flailing He pointed his finger in my son’s face and said you can not come in here. Apparently there was an age limit at 730 at night?? This was not specifiedfied on the website, nor did we know. He was extremely rude. And embarrassed me and everybody I was with and made my son uncomfortable. I have never been so upset or treated so poorly. Rude. Never will I come back or recommend this establishment!

Lelah C.

A group of friends and I used to come here on Sunday nights a long, long time ago just for the cheap tacos and pudding shots. The pudding shots were amazing and the tacos were exactly what you'd expect for $1. It was always dead when we came in, which was nice and allowed us to bring in our own table top games. We'd play, drink cheap drinks, eat cheap food and be left alone. The service always stunk though. You could never get anyone to come to your table and even getting the bartenders attention could be difficult sometimes. It wasn't like they were ever busy when we were in there... everyone working at the Tin Can usually seemed grumpy or put out by having to do their job. We ignored them and got around the spotty service by ordering lots of stuff in a single round. There are a lot of better spots than this in GR though.

Jacob Reutter

Terrible.Terrible. Terrible "Security." I'll keep it short. use to attend frequently in my younger days. Loved it. Thought id take my brother there for his 21st. I was choked out and my wife was hit by a security guard. The security guard, (In a cut off t while its 30 degrees) Was clearly board and looking for something to do. I've seen this a lot in dt GR but didn't think it would happen to me. We minded our business and were very polite the entire night. Not sure why security escalated things the way they did. Will be pressing charges for my wife and i being assaulted by staff.

cameron watkins

This place has cheaper beer prices than most places, but sanitary needs and upkeep are a minimum. Too overcrowded most days to even get a drink from the bar in less than 15 minutes.

james wilson

Stood in line for an hour and a half just to get to the front and have a tall bald bouncer hold the whole line up for another 30 minutes cause he kept letting buddies in instead of the line. In conclusion nobody got anything to drink, the whole line behind us dissolved into nothing, they lost thousands of dollars in paying customers, all we seen was two fights between frat kids in line so we left the line to go to another bar and got right into the other bar, waste of time going to the tin can; there’s a lot cheaper and easier places to drink downtown

Marilu Cademartori

The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, the snacks and drinks are tasty and the customer service is amazing!

Carrie Hoch-Mortlock

This is a fun place! Playing the games with friends is a blast. Can’t wait to visit the new location in kalamazoo.

Raymond Hugo

The locations is convenient, the snacks and drinks are tasty, the prices are good and the service is fast.

Tiffany W.

I went to this establishment during corona. There were very few customers inside-all spaced out at tables. We were told to wait for a bartender to come to the table, no one came for over 45 minutes. Some men from our group went to the bar and ordered drinks quite a few times. My girlfriend and I went up to order and we were confronted by the bouncer, who complained to us about us going to the bar (even though we had no service) It's absolutely absurd that in this time period there is quite a difference between the type of service that men receive VS woman. Also, by the time the bartender came over, the table was deciding what to drink and the bartender continued to roll her eyes and be quite unfriendly and rude. There was no need for any of this to occur, as the establishment was close to empty. Will not recommend or revisit this place. Your service and attitude are the only things you can control, and they did a horrible job. To add to this, a wallet was left on the table and they proceeded to throw it outside, in the bushes.

Julia Hofmann

Spent my 21st birthday there and couldn't have asked for a better experience! The bartenders and staff were a lot of fun and spent time joking around with us and giving us the best service. Drinks are incredibly cheap and their pudding shots are to die for (I won't even mention how many I had). Will be going back!!

Val Coldren

We went here while waiting for our table at Founders, and it was the best part of our time in grand rapids. Such a fun place, with such fun staff. Highly recommend stopping in!

John Vandertol

Really large canned beer selection and lots of different shots of varying quality. The atmosphere is very heavily geared towards loud college bros and the gross blue lives mater flag on the wall doesn’t really help the vibe. Not too crowded earlier in the night but gets pretty shoulder to shoulder later on with not a lot of seats available at the bar and you’ll need to stand otherwise.

jessica kretchmer

Great bar with great drinks and staff. If you want a fantastic bartender, ask for Curtis Brown. Not only does he try to get to know you to make fantastic drink recommendations, he also ensures you have tons of fun with jokes, card games and would you rather. There’s no place better to go when you want to have a fun time!

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