The Tin Can

206 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 350-9446

Recent Reviews

Marilu Cademartori

The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, the snacks and drinks are tasty and the customer service is amazing!

Carrie Hoch-Mortlock

This is a fun place! Playing the games with friends is a blast. Can’t wait to visit the new location in kalamazoo.

Raymond Hugo

The locations is convenient, the snacks and drinks are tasty, the prices are good and the service is fast.

Julia Hofmann

Spent my 21st birthday there and couldn't have asked for a better experience! The bartenders and staff were a lot of fun and spent time joking around with us and giving us the best service. Drinks are incredibly cheap and their pudding shots are to die for (I won't even mention how many I had). Will be going back!!

Val Coldren

We went here while waiting for our table at Founders, and it was the best part of our time in grand rapids. Such a fun place, with such fun staff. Highly recommend stopping in!

John Vandertol

Really large canned beer selection and lots of different shots of varying quality. The atmosphere is very heavily geared towards loud college bros and the gross blue lives mater flag on the wall doesn’t really help the vibe. Not too crowded earlier in the night but gets pretty shoulder to shoulder later on with not a lot of seats available at the bar and you’ll need to stand otherwise.

jessica kretchmer

Great bar with great drinks and staff. If you want a fantastic bartender, ask for Curtis Brown. Not only does he try to get to know you to make fantastic drink recommendations, he also ensures you have tons of fun with jokes, card games and would you rather. There’s no place better to go when you want to have a fun time!


Some friends & I stopped here on our Sunday Funday. The bar seemed pretty slow, so we were only going to stay for 1 drink. We ended up playing Uno with Curtis who was bartending. We ended up being there for a few hours, and it was the highlight of our day!

Luke C.

Just don't go here. It's not worth your time, the $1 a drink you save is not worth the "secret service" at the front door. It's stinky it's pathetic and it's just a waste of time.

E U.

A friend and I killed some time at the Tin Can downtown GR last night while waiting to get into a concert. The bartender Grace was fantastic - polite, friendly, made conversation, was attentive. It seemed cleaner than the last couple of times we were there. One thing that was concerning was the use of styrofoam for all of the food and the plastic cups/shot cups. With several locations, I can't imagine all of the plastic and styrofoam waste going into the landfills. It would be great to see all locations start using more environmentally friendly products.

Daniel Kaiser

Super friendly staff, bartender Curtis is an awesome dude who played Uno with us when it was slow. Only negative is I don't enjoy the crowd, super bro type, otherwise 8/10 would drink at again.

Justin Fitzgerald

Was DD for my friend and his group. was told if i didnt buy any alcohol i would be kicked because im not buying anything. I was DD and the bartender wanted me to order drinks.......little confused not sure they understand what DD means. So if you are a DD going to this place GL mise well wait in your car you just get bad vibes and disrespect if you stay sober

Rachel L.

Tin Can is starting to become known for not allowing people BACK in. I understand if you're too drunk, however, if you're a girl and alone and all of your friends are inside... let me back in. Don't be liable for putting me in a shitty situation. You don't wanna get yourself in a lawsuit, do you?

Zak Waring

Friendly staff and cheap drinks. Great central location in downtown as well. Stop here before every show I see at the intersection.

bob flannery

good prices and a decent selection of canned beers. great location close to the arena, founders, the intersection, and the new cinema downtown. Tin Can has a very "college party" feel to it, which is good or bad depending on your mood / type of crowd. a variety of games and darts are available. a small outdoor seating area is available when they open the garage doors.

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