Toppers Pizza

947 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 719-3300

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Lollie Dolly

Vegan pizza? Yes pls. Why is this place so addicting?? That boom boom sauce hit different with their pizza. And they always give me enough parmesan and peppy packets. The Buffalo pizza is where it's at. Oh and everyone is so nice! If I wasn't scared of gaining weight dog I'd eat here erryday

Jon F

I’ve had so many negative experiences here I don’t know where to start. Don’t do pick up, they ignore you and leave you standing there for 15 minutes while they “make your food” when actually it was done the whole time so now it’s cold. Staff is always rude except for one or two. Don’t order delivery, it takes an hour to two hours - one time it took two and a half. And they have yet to bring the sides of sauce I order EVER. I order again every four-six weeks hoping maybe staffing got better and I like the food. At this point, it’s gotta be due to poor management somewhere up the chain. I manage fast food, I’ve seen a lot, I’m empathetic 99.9% of the time and always tip well. But this place doesn’t give a rip. Ive never even given a review like this before, it’s THAT bad.

Kayla Smith

Really good vegan pizza. Doesn’t deliver 2.5 miles away though, not sure why.

Mike S

From Saturday January 23rd, order was placed at 10 pm. If I could leave zero, I would. We had a delivery with a food allergy. the dairy allergy was ignored. I called 8 times to the location when I finally got through they said we would get a remake and a driver would send it over. Didn't show up, not a call or anything about the order I continued calling through out the night and not a single person picked up. I can't even get a refund on the order. absolutely ridiculous.

Melissa Baker

Toppers has definitely become the joke of GR. We ordered pizza for curbside pickup and were instructed to call when we arrived. Nobody answered the phone when we called. Drove in circles. Saw someone go inside, so we waited until they came out and followed suit. Upon entering, couldn't help but notice that the phone was ringing & all employees were just ignoring it. Finally came home only to find that our mac & cheese pizza had no mac and was actually just a cheese pizza. There are too many great pizza joints in the city to put up with that mess.


We ordered through Uber eats. I have a dairy allergy and asked in the notes for the vegan cheese. It’s nice that a pizza place has this option and we have ordered it before. They ignored the notes and sent a pizza with real cheese. We called and were told they would send us a new pizza. We wouldn’t even mind picking it up. The person said they would call us if they didn’t have a driver. We never got a call and tried to call numerous times and the line was busy. They were still open for hours. It’s unacceptable to mess an order up then say you’ll at least call and not even do that. Also to not even be able to get through your phone line is ridiculous. What a joke and no wonder there’s have terrible ratings.


We got our pizza at least an hour or more later than we were expecting. The pizza was missing a topping that cost extra and our pizza was cold... As good as their pizza is, the timing and quality is not worth it.

Connie Sommerfield

this is the last time I order from them. so rude and I believe they are racist. WTF

Lawrence Engel

Unbelievably terrible service at this establishment! I placed an order for the Spectrum Blodgett floor nurses in the Elder Care wing four hours early as a thank you for their service. I received a cancelation call from this terrible place with 30 minutes to spare on the order delivery and as all the nurses are expecting a meal tonight as a thank you for tireless service. I am in stunned disbelief that a local establishment will not support their local heros at the hospital. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE FOR ANYTHING!

Heather M.

Ordered the mac and cheese. it was terrible and over priced for the portioned recieved.

Alison Passino

Had a pick up order. No masks. The pizza was okay at best. Won't be returning.

Mark Phillips

Fast, friendly, service! Great pizza!

Elizabeth Yeomans

Horrible customer service. I was yelled at by one of the employees for correcting our incorrectly made order. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Audrey Hannah

Delicious food and exceptional service! Not sure what all these negative reviews are about. Have always had an amazing experience with the staff and food :)

Kylie Elwell

Tonight I placed an order tonight before 11pm to pay with cash, we were notified that it would be there around 11:23pm with delivery updates. We got a call around 11:13 saying our delivery driver was here when our delivery notification was still on “double checking” we were on our way home (2 minutes away) and never got a notification about our order being out for delivery. We even had our roommates come out to pay with cash and the driver had left within less than a minute. I called the store and they demanded I come to pick it up at the store, when I was not at fault. I asked nicely to speak to a manager and they told me no I had to come in and hung up on me. I called back numerous times to then again be hung up on everytime. I have never been so rudely talked to at a restaurant before in GR. This is completely not ok and I want this issue to be recognized and resolved. Toppers wouldn’t even accept my online review on their website. Toppers will NEVER be receiving my business after this awful experience. I would rate zero stars if I could. Don’t order from them - rude, disrespectful and unprofessional.

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