Wei Wei Palace

4242 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids
(616) 724-1818

Recent Reviews

Sandy Huynh

HORRIBLE PLACE! They will close when they want too even when you just put in an order and they took your order. They also charge however they feel like. You have to call at least 2+ times to get them to pick up. Rushes you for no reason and is VERY rude! I would give 0 stars if I could. I’ve been to them many times to give them another chance but every time is the same. Will never come back again.

Calvin Ying

Need more servers. There's only 1 lady taking the orders and one person pushing the dim sum cart. Took 15 mins before we were able to order drinks. Then another 10 mins to order food from the dim sum cart.Dim sum was ok, not many selections. My next dim sum fix will have to be in Chicago.

Travis Sikkema

Service is lacking but food is fantastic and worth it

Anna Pinkerton

Came here after work tonight at 7 hoping to order dinner. As I’m walking up I ask two employees if they are open. They say no and start laughing at me. I tell them the website says they’re open until 9 and they ignore me and walk back inside the kitchen. Horrible service with rude staff. My husband and I used to love this place but you have lost a customer. Very disappointed.


This place is really hit or miss. The last time we came here we were shocked by how expensive the total for our food was. We only realized once we were back home that not only had they gotten our order completely wrong but they had also overcharged us by $20+. When we tried to explain the mistake they became argumentative and insisted they had given us exactly what we ordered (they really hadn't). Eventually we did get our order fixed, but they refused to correct the billing error.


I ordered chicken Romaine the romaine noodles were dry I didn't understand it got a lot of it but it was all dry

Gregory Hink

They charged me for a full plate vs the half plate option. when I ordered, it wasn't clear there were 2 differ size options.. instead of considering my position they held firm to charge for the full plate. Making that decision earned them one star and I will never return. The manager was smiling the whole time Burt not listening or caring about a word I said.

Debbie F.

The dim sum is awesome. And the variety is very good too. My complaint is that the staff speaks very little English and can not assist much . But for a city the size of Grand Rapids it is a great find. I do wish they would clean the tables better. The tables were very sticky - likely caused by using dirty old clothes to clean the tables. This is the best dim sum I have had in a long time though.

Vachong K.

This place used to be great, the only place to get great Chinese food but lately has gone deep downhill. Owner is money hungry over customer service, they automatically charged 18% tips on your bill even if you have less than 6 people. They will overcharged your total bill than what you ordered. Don't think about going on Saturday and Sunday dim sum, the food cart will never come your way, if it does only 1 time and will not have anymore food. Don't waste your time and money on this place. Go next door to get pho.

Chris Houseman

The only dim sum place in GR and it isn't very good. The pork bao were cold and chewy. Really questionable freshness. This is a huge disappointment. Fix the quality of the food and I will be a regular there with raving reviews!

Andi Budiwarman

Great place for Dim Sum and BBQ pork.

Alexander Wilson

Very tasty! An authentic Cantonese restaurant, as far as I can tell. Can't wait to visit after the pandemic and try their dim sum menu.

mathniru5 niru

Very yummy food, me and my son enjoyed it a lot

Cesar Gomez

It used to be better before the pandemic. I went there Saturday March 8 2021, the service was awful and the food not that good anymore.

Margaux Chang

Called 2x to see if they were doing dine in for Dim Sum, they confirmed they were from 11-3 and to call before we came. My husband called on the way, they said yes they would take our party of 5. When we arrived they were busy with take out and would not let us sit or eat any of the dim sum they had us pick from. They seemed annoyed that we were there. We took our food to a local park to eat since we drove 45 minutes to get there and taking it home to eat was not an option. The food was fine, we will not be returning.

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