Wikiwiki Poke Shop

1146 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 288-5646

Recent Reviews

Luke Barnum

service is amazing and food is higher than quality than what should be in grand rapids. This place is amazing

Cheryl Reyna

The old skool bowl was my fav! Everything was fresh and the presentation was beautiful

Linnea F.

Favorite poke place in GR! They have a large variety of bowls and they come in regular or large. My favorite is the OG Bowl. The staff is friendly and pickup has always been a great experience.

Chad Miller

Stop by during business hours. Door was locked. No one answered the phone. are you guys still in business?

Mahruchi Rhee

Had the OG. Wasn’t bad, the tuna had a fishy flavor. Hard to mask without lots of wasabi. I eat sashimi a lot and it was decent. Wish the rice was warmer instead of being cold.


Finally I was able to check out Wiki Wiki Poke Shop. Signage for the restaurant was difficult to find. When we did, upon opening the door, we were greeted by a long table a couple of feet inside! The menu is on the wall is at an angle that makes reading it from the table side difficult. The server was informative and friendly. It is recommended to call your order ahead, but being new, he gladly took ours. I chose the Wiki Minaj which was loaded with fresh pieces of sashimi , vegetables, mango and tobiko. It was delightful. Our other choice was the O.G. another tasty bowl. Definitely a great menu full of choices, but it could be so much better if eating in were provided. Looking forwarded to opening up to approved capacity.

John John

Had the OG. Wasn’t bad, the tuna had a fishy flavor. Hard to mask without lots of wasabi. I eat sashimi a lot and it was decent. Wish the rice was warmer instead of being cold.

Rafael Martinez

Yo...this place is great. 10/10 would recommend.

Sean Medlin

Thank you for introducing me to poke! Awesome and delicious bowls.

Cory Oliver

I really enjoyed my poke bowl here. Very satisfying amount of fish in the bowl which I appreciate. Seaweed salad in the bowl was spot on.I wish I could choose some different sauces to add to he bowl. Guy at the counter could be friendlier but these are hard times with the pandemic. Overall, it was a good meal and I’ll come back.

Elyse A.

Okay, what is NOT to love about Wikiwiki?! Not only do they have AMAZING poke (like, the best.) and awesome snacks and drinks (hello, rap chips!), BUT their social media is... genius! Do yourself and follow them on social media. It brightens my day! They are huge T-Swift fans with a rap aesthetic.

My first visit to Wiki was through a YELP Elite event, and I've been a fan ever since. Their dedication to fresh, sustainable, and quality food is apparent. The unique ingredients and combinations, the tastes, the visual appeal... all 100%.

Last time here I ordered a Freakier Friday with seaweed salad instead of rice (small upcharge but worth it!). It was SO good. Like, I can't even begin to tell you... I could eat it everyday! It's delicious!

They are taking all the right precautions with COVID and my pickup was smooth and very safe.

HIGHLY recommend!

Garth S.

Great spot for fresh and healthy lunch choices. I was having a rough day and a tasty poke bowl helped cheer me up. Thanks.

Christina B.

What to say about Wiki Wiki other than, you're my-my-my Lover! Try that Gucci or Wiki Manaj, dare to toss it up with a Freaky Friday and you'll find your friends and family telling you YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN because they're eating some random boring other food while you're experiencing fresh eats nirvana .... This fish is incredibly fresh, and if you love sushi this may well become your End Game, too. Style, clean and worthy of its reputation, Wiki Wiki is the place of my Wildest Dreams and I'm just ecstatic we get this lil gem in the GRap. Grab your cardigan, hop in that getaway car and go treat yourself to that delicate bowl of delight or some oysters on the half shell -- call it what you what, you'll also become a fan for evermore.

Also, their T-Swifty adoration is no hoax. It's the real deal. Just like their entire kitchen's offerings. I. Heart. This. Place.

Elyce Koon

Excellent poke bowls, but I do wonder why everytime I have gotten The OG bowl, it doesn't have mango. The description says mango.

Iheartgrandrapids I.

Their poke bowls are simply the best I've had in GR. (Yep - I said it) I love that their poke bowls are named after pop-culture. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣My faves: Freaky Friday, Wiki Minaj, or California Love. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Don't know what poke is? I've got you covered. ⁣⁣⁣* First of all, I need all of you to know that it is pronounced "Poh-kay" and it's a VERY popular dish in Hawaii. ⁣⁣⁣* Second, this is one of my favorite newer food trends. Think of it as a new way to have sushi, which is served over rice with veggies and different sauces. ⁣⁣⁣* So to recap: Rice + Fish + Veggies + Seasonings & Sauces = Poke (usually eaten with chopsticks) ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Check them out on Wealthy Street! ⁣

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