Yeung's Lotus Express

3195 28th St SE, Kentwood
(616) 975-0051

Recent Reviews

Sophia Valenzuela

I ordered noodles and they came cold, I went back and asked for another serving warm. and recived still a cold plate. I also noticed they handle money and and serve food without switching gloves.

Michael Turner

It's mall food, so set expectations properly for value and quality. That said, for American style fast food, it's pretty good, consistently much better than Panda Express. Don't get drinks here if you want refills, buy drinks from the free refill Sbarro's right next to it. Servers are never friendly, they always range from passive looking like they wish they were somewhere else to outright rude. I keep coming back for the food though, which is higher quality and tastier than PE. Definitely not worth making a trip to the mall just to eat here though, plenty of places with better prices, food, and service.

Shane Lake

The guy taking our order shorted me 5$ when I confronted him about it he asked another person in line to help pay me back. What a joke of a place

Brenda D.C

Just bought some food from this place ..did not gv them a tip coz first off , they were outright rude . The person before me and after me did not gv any tip because of their rudeness. Hey like the lady at the back sd ,you need us , we don't need . Don't waste yr time buying the food here .. I'm Asian n this is by far one of the worst Asian food I've eaten .


TOTAL RIP OFF 14$ for two small scoops of chicken a lot of flavourless fried rice and a drink that was another 2.50 with insane prices like this no wonder they have little business i understand prices are usually a little higher in malls but this is insane crab rangoon was hard soggy and flavorless if you want real food eat elsewhere even the sbarros next to this rip off is a better deal and at least the food tastes like its made from food

Melisa Hernandez

The people that work here are so rude we asked for napkins and they gave us one and we ask for more and they said no we ordered and lot of food and we had or kids what are we going to do with only one napkins!!! They are stingy with their food!!!! I asked for my receipt and the man walked away!!! Do not give these people your money!!!!

Andre Anderson

Fried rice the peas and carrots were mushy like can goods and spring rolls full of cabbage only! Yuk I don't remember it like this

Cheryl K.

I stopped by about 11:15 to pick up lunch to go. Nothing was ready. There was an employee in the front area and I asked her when the food would be available. She just said they are closed. Okay--but when will the food be ready. She replied--when the light is on. No smile--very rude. I came back about 20 minutes later. There were 3-4 entrees sitting out and an elderly gentleman waiting for someone to help him. The same woman finally came up to the front to help him and was very rude to him as well. Then, she finally came to me and I asked for soup and crab rangoon. "Not ready!" When will it be ready--the cook did finish the crab rangoon and I got that, but he said the soup wouldn't be ready for another 30 minutes. Someone needs to inform this place that a lot of folks like to have lunch about 11 or so. And, that they need to greatly improve their customer service. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Bryana J

The customer service is very bad. One of the the employees had a very rude attitude and she disrespected me for no reason. I wouldn't recommend spending your money here if the employees are willing to treat their customers dirty.

David Green

Literally the worst service I have ever had the person working was extremely rude and un helpful will never go back again

Kay Cce

Mixed flavors is NOT what you want in a little bowl of rice, especially when the bottom changes to sweet! Yuck. Not worth the price.

secretly araccoon

My favorite place! They LOAD YOU UP with chicken and have always been very nice!


Eh okay food lol, no good food everything there taste like poison?

Timilehin kumapayi

The food is literally inedible. The reason they give you so much food is cause they don’t want to it themselves ?. It’s also extremely overpriced for the quality and taste they give you. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Robin T

I went on a Saturday for lunch, as I hadn't had Chinese Food in a long time. I ordered the Orange Chicken and the Sweet and Sour Chicken, both without rice. I also had two Crab Rangoon. The Crab Rangoon were alright with no greasy taste, although they were lukewarm, as the girl took them from the top and not the bottom of the pan, where there were warmer ones. The Orange Chicken and the Sweet and Sour Chicken were also lukewarm, and the taste was not that great. The Sweet and Sour Chicken must have been saturated in the Sweet and Sour Sauce, as it was that red. I did notice a red flag, and I am surprised that the Health Department hasn't caught the restaurant for not putting new cooked food in a clean pan. The girl that served me, handed the guy cooking, the pan from the steam table, and he proceeded to put the new Sweet and Sour Chicken on top of the stuff that had been in the pan previously for who knows how long. This is against Health Department regulations, as you are are required to put new cooked food in a clean pan. After seeing that, I won't eat here again.

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