724 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 608-3534

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Cory G.

Everything we ordered was fantastic. Service was excellent and drinks were good. Outdoor patio in back is great Vintage bar van was cool. French fries!!!

Michelle Nabholz

In Grand Rapids for a weekend trip, and wanted to try something local. This place has outstanding food. Their Sexy Fries had a great balance of savory cheese and tangy aioli, great appetizer. I had the Chicken Shish Kebab as my entree, excellent meal. Fresh, flavorful chicken. Delicious rice. Very friendly and attentive staff.. Overall a fantastic experience!

Tammy Parney (EchoPond)

Great food, great staff, nice atmosphere, and portion sizes were huge. Highly recommend. One of the best Mediterranean places in town.

Aaron R.

Great place to eat in the Uptown area of Grand Rapids. I got the chicken shawarma and it was cooked perfectly and had tons of flavor. The accompanying pita bread and vegetables were super fresh. I'd highly recommend checking out this restaurant if you get a chance.

Emily Reynolds

I loved the menu here along with the cute vibe of the restaurant.

Melissa G.

Went here on a Saturday night with some friends for dinner and drinks. We walked right in and were able to be seated outside. It started raining and we moved in, no problem. There was a bit of a wait when we left around 830. Not pictures is the pitcher of sangria we got which was delicious! Our waiter asked if we wanted boozy popsicles in our drinks for $1, and obviously we said yes! We ordered a bunch of food to all eat. Falafel and whipped feta dip for appetizers. The falafel were tasty and not dried out. The whipped feta dip was so good! Not too overpowering on the feta and great garlic flavor. I will get that every time! Shared the garlic gyro, zivio cheesesteak and cevapi. Upgraded our fries to can't stop won't stop (a MUST, they're so delicious). The garlic gyro is excellent and is my usual order at bosna express too. The meat was flavorful and tender. The sauces the cevapi came with were so delicious too! This food easily fed three people. We could have eliminated one entire entree and still had leftovers. Big flavors, good prices, good drinks, and good atmosphere.

Jamie Thompson

My husband and I enjoyed our anniversary dinner at Živio recently and had such a great time. Their service was friendly, the food was delicious, and the drinks were just what we needed. We can’t wait to come back here with friends and family!

Rob K.

We to Silvio on Sunday for lunch. Staff was very friendly and pleasant to work with. Food was good especially the stuffed mushrooms. Only minor complaint was seats and table needed a good cleaning. We will be back

Jerika N.

This is a nice spot to enjoy dinner outside! I came here with 4 others for my cousin's birthday. We really enjoyed our apps, although my Zivio Cheesesteak was very salty. Their fries are great too and come with most of the entrees. Here's what I ate: WHIPPED FETA DIP: Very flavorful with garlic/spinach. Need to make this at home sometime. It came with bread, pita, cucumbers, carrots, and peppers. CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP FRIES: Fries covered in Mozz, feta, beef, lamb, and tzatziki sauce. I realized we probably didn't need to order this since we got fries with most of our entrees, and my entree had beef and lamb in it too. But it could probably make a meal of its own. RED PEPPER SHRIMP: My favorite app I tried, I think. It's got just the right amount of sweetness, and the sauce was a great dressing for the greens. FETA FRIED SHROOMS: Stuffed with spinach, garlic, and feta. A good size to taste. NAAN TACO TRIO: I tried the beef taco from the trio, after which I started getting pretty full. ZIVIO CHEESESTEAK: Just too salty for me. Again, the fries were banger. I will say our service wasn't the best, but that doesn't affect how I tip lately since I know how hectic/understaffed the service industry is due to the pandemic. They also seemed pretty busy, but we were in no rush. Our server forgot to take down my entree before she left (understandable), didn't fill my water but filled everyone else's at the table (probably another unintentional mistake), and told us "no one has ever heard of that" about a drink menu item (which I had also spelled out) instead of finding out/stating outright to me that it was no longer available. I think if I had heard "we don't have it" instead of "no one has heard of that" initially, I wouldn't have been so confused as to why it was listed on the menu in the first place. They did remove the item from the menu after the bartender told me they didn't have it, so it's good they're updating their information in real time. Sort of.

Delanie M.

When I saw there was a vegan Tzatziki option on the menu I HAD to try this place. Outdoor seating was beautiful and we were shocked by the large bar inside the restaurant when we arrived. Looked like some good drinks could be made there. The cocktails were okay... I didn't like my Rakija sour very much but my boyfriend got the violet and it was much better. We had a hard time deciding on our entrees and even the appetizer because everything looked so good. We started with the mediterranean nachos (vegan tzatziki and no feta cheese) which were so delicious. The sever did inform me that the bread they use does contain a little dairy so if you're very strict on a no dairy diet I don't recommend the bread. My boyfriend got the naan taco trio which i almost got as well. I ended up going with the mediterranean chicken shish kabob and was not disappointed. Both meals were delicious. I tied a bite of the shrimp naan taco and WOW. Next time I will be ordering the red pepper shrimp as my appetizer!!


If I recommend ćevapčići / ćevapi that is only because I know what they should look like, they are soul food of all Balkan region (with some meat variations), and I am from there as well. - 22 years in US did not make me forget how real ćevapčići taste, in addition to that they are served traditional way with somun bread, hot as it is also wormed up slightly fried on the same surface where ćevapčići are grilled, cut onions, some salad and ajvar, ... and some dairy spread that is not kajmak, but you can not expect it in US anyway, ... Long story short, ... for ćevapčići in US, so far, hands down. Will take all of my friends to have a taste the Balkans, next time will try something else, but it will be a challenge as I know I will want to repeat ćevapčići again!

Karen Sanchez

Large portions, very good! I had the fiery feta gyro with fries.

Laura M.

Wish I would have known about this place earlier. The drinks, the food, the location? Amazing. We had the whipped feta dip and each got the house salad (Greek salad). I got the gyro meat put on if and I'm so happy I did. I'm already craving round two. I think I've found my new favorite place. I also had a pineapple margarita. It was decent. All house made drinks, no mixes. I don't know if I'll have the marg again, but it definitely wasnt bad. Summary: go to Zivio and eat the S out of some whipped feta.

Erich Weinberg

Zivio Cheesesteak is hands down one of the best sandwiches I have had (9/10). Best homemade hummus you will find (10/10). Mediterranean Chicken Shish Kebab (9/10). Garlic gyro (9/10) - flavor was on point although a fair bit of bread on this one, could use a bit more meat (coming from a Chicago land native, my expectations may be skewed).Easily becoming one of my favorite restaurants in GR. I imagine everything they make is delicious so I definitely recommend trying Zivio.

Alecia F.

The food has been great every time, I usually order the cevappi and I love the things it comes with. The lepinja bread is cloud-like fluffy. Great spot for lunch.

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