El Mariachi Mexican Grill

3192 Commerce Lane #2A, Ionia
(616) 522-9290

Recent Reviews

Pamelianna Colvell

Your son Ricky is hot, so because of that 5 stars... 10/10 will tell my friends.

Tara Edwards

The food was great. And Hannah is an awesome waitress / cook!!!

Laurie Race

Great food, service, and atmosphere. I don't like spicy food; this was just how I like it.

Janice Ransom

I have never had any I didn't like at this restaurant. Have used them as catered events, awesome job. Dependable honest and great to work with

Keith Sprague

It has potential, the problem I have is with the cheese. The chirizo"queso" is just melted shredded cheese that hardens back into a single hunk of cheese. They really need to work on an actual cheese sauce, same problem with the nachos, just melted and then hardened cheese. The chicken and veggies that came with the fajita nachos were good, cheese was the down fall. The verde salsa was good, as was their bean dip. Service was friendly and prompt.

Tracy Hilton-Leson Duell

Everything... favorites are the Pico De Gallo... Excellent!!! Wet Burrito.. wow! and Fried Ice Cream.. Wonderful. Anastasia and I always split this... great memories here. This is definitely memory building restaurant.

Tim Sodervick

Nachos were Unseasoned beef over unsalted chips with microwaved sharp cheddar on top and half a head of iceberg lettuce and tomato. Service, price, and portions were good.

Trevor Unruh

Very good food and great service and they bring you plenty of chips.

Gerald Browning

My family and I love their buffet in the afternoons! Great service and amazing food!

mTibbles Tiz

Awesome little place, the artwork is great and the tacos phenomenonal!!

Dan Braker

Great place. Especially considering it's small town Michigan. Great food, cool owners.

Lisa Gale

Great food employees are friendly. I enjoy everytime I go, as does my family.

Jesse French

The server was friendly and attentive, the food was tasty and served reasonably-fast, the portions were hearty, and the price was reasonable.

Edward Dixon

Love this place good food fun and friendly staff. Wish it was bigger and they served mango margaritas

Laurie Imp

Portions were generous, the food was not well seasoned. The shedded chicken in my quesadilla was pretty bland. The quesadilla itself was grilled to perfection however. It was our first time, might try it again.

Joe Barone

Food was excellent. Everything we had was hot and delicious. Fresh salsa and chips were spot on.

Olivia G.

I am an avid Mexican food eater and this place was terrible. And it unfortunately began with the chips and salsa. Chips weren't homemade and were dry and stale almost and salsa, queso and the guacamole was all horrible. Unfortunate experience for 4 first timers.

Megan Moryc

The female server was extremely rude. We had to go up to the main counter to ask for drinks after 20 minutes of not being checked on. The server came back only to slam the drinks down on the table then walk away shaking her head like a bobble doll. If that wasn't bad enough, the cook came out the kitchen to stare us down and make what was left of our meals very uncomfortable. Keep in mind we were one of two tables dining there at the time.

Dion Hahn

More and more like fast food

Jon Long

I love supporting local business, especially when they have such great food and friendly staff!! Been here many times with my wife and we can't say enough good about it!!

Chris Tadgerson

Been here for lunch many times, always get the same thing. Food is great, people are always friendly. I always ask for the hotter sauce, most are too bland for me, but this has flavor and heat...love it!

Casey Sigala

It was AWESOME, great food & great service from great people, I def recommend trying it if u haven't, I will def b back again soon...Yum

Erin S.

Dirty environment but unique food. Ok but wouldn't go back. Small, old and food was authentic and original, not bad. Maybe would just order to-go

Jenny Smail-Jespersen

Honestly. The food is great. We were heading g home from up north and randomly got off at the Ionia exit to grab lunch. We were about to turn around to go to another exit when we found El Mariachi.

AmyJo Johnson

We used El Mariachi for our wedding caterer -- the food was SO GOOD!!! They also let us keep leftovers (can you believe some caterers don't??) Our guests raved about the taco/nacho bar -- we can't wait to come back to the restaurant to relive our wedding day dinner!

Arvira Nightbreeze

Always great food and amazing atmosphere. I had a 2 meat wet burrito. Ground beef and steak. So delicious would give a 10 out of 10 if I could

Osama El Banna

Cheap " amazing service , fast and very good food "

R.M. S.

I'm definitely NOT mexican and I can make better mexican food than this. Atmosphere was boring, the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. The food was NOT good at all. Our server was friendly and that's the only good thing I can say about this place. Go to Grand Rapids if you want decent mexican food.

Lynn B

Excellent food, super satisfied and the price is right, thank you for great food and service.

Patrick S. Nugent

I ordered a wet burrito. it came smothered in an inedible, unpleasent tasting sauce. it's really hit or miss with the service. food is bland. the home made salsa is awesome though!

Barbie Kidd

Not bad I had steak fajita for lunch. I notice they don't serve lettuce or cheese to go with this. . Other restaurants in Ohio they do that. .

Linda O Smith

2nd visit tonight. Great service, yummy food and reasonable prices. Will be back!

Kristina Dixon

Amazing food. Awesome consumer service

Jody C.

Great service and the food was good too. The young man that waited on us kept our drinks filled and took good care of us. I had the beef chimichanga. It was very good, I really liked the chimi sauce that was used on top. Great place for Mexican food.

Lacey Rousseau-Weber

I like the food, but it’s super disappointing when you drive 30 min to eat at a place and the staff flat out ignores you and your party! They brought us some chips and a pop, however, we never ate dinner because shoot...not one person took our order. On the way out the staff said “Have a nice night!” Maybe they really meant “Thanks for leaving since that’s what we wanted!” Never have I ever experienced being flat out ignored at a restaurant. We left, obviously, and went down the road to spend our money at a restaurant that wanted to serve us.

Marcel Morales

Place is terrible couldn’t even get my burrito rite than I call them they told me they can’t do anything about it because they are busy

Zaca Fett

Really small and under experienced staff. Food was mediocre as well.

Suzanne Draper Van Dussen

Everything was fresh and delicious. We'll be back when visiting Ionia.

Spencer Davis

I don't know who gave this place a five star review, but they are clearly uncultured shines who have never been to Mexico. That is the most inauthentic Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. The steak in the fajitas was so tough and rubbery I couldn't chew it. The chicken in the fajitas was overcooked and dry. The vegetables however were undercooked. The rice was more like fried rice you'd get at a Chinese restaurant. The beans were anemic and bland. The staff could not be bothered to actually get my order correct. The bathrooms were unlearned. The prices were way too high. And the absolute most catastrophic thing about the restaurant was the lack of alcohol, leaving me to suffer through the meal sober. The owners are clearly American and have never been to Mexico, and I am almost certain they have never asked an actual Mexican for advice on cooking their cuisine. Taco bell is more authentic than this place, and that is saying something.

Mitchell Marsischke

Two stars because the carne asada meat was good, the taco shells tasted oily and old, the chips were very much from a bag and the salsa tasted like tomato sauce. Very disappointed in this “authentic” food. A good margarita would mask any bad Mexican food.