Barrett's Smokehouse

9942 Oakland Dr, Portage
(269) 323-3700

Recent Reviews

Nick Vander Wagen

Excellent food and service

Devin K.

Had the chopped brisket sandwich. really decent tasting sandwich despite it being a bit pricey. Juicy, flavorful and fresh. Shop had quite low inventory but they have lots of variety. Deli meat, candy, fudge, house wears, ect. Atmosphere is a bit lacking. Bare looking place, nothing special looking that sets it apart from the competition. Overall, a nice little place that has a good thing going. Just never knew it existed tucked away in a strip mall.

Jed wiley

Staff is nice, and the food is good

Jacinto Arreola

I walked in here expecting it to be a place that lacked everything from a smoke house from the location/appearance of the outside. I am pleased to say that I wasn't anywhere close to my assumption. This place has all kinds of smoked meats, cheeses, fish! Along with there kitchen which serves great smoked food and side. I had the brisket sandwich and I cannot stress enough of seasoning and flavor that this brisket had.

Elizabeth Coleman

The Hospitality was Great. And the Food was Very Good. Have to give 4 stars because, for the price the portion was not what I personally think it should be. Other than that a great place. With great food.

Eileen R.

We had the pleasure of grabbing lunch with my mother in law and brother in law today! They go every Wednesday for lunch and the staff knows them and their orders right away which shows almost a small town style attention to detail. You can walk through the very spacious market area which is filled with grab and go products to make food simple at home. They also have a great selection of spices and rubs, candy and baked goods. The counter is set up like a butcher shop and the cases are very tempting. The menu is a typical for a bbq joint. Pricing is almost completely under $10 and they have home-cooked sides and entrees too... mainly a lunch or to-go spot though in my opinion. SO delicious. Can't wait to go back

Brian Frahm

Stopped in on my way home from a conference in Detroit. Fantastic brisket sandwich. Delicious 3 cheese macaroni. If you choose the Arby's that is in the same parking lot you should check yourself into a mental institution afterwards. Oh, and the kid that rung me up was friendly and helpful.

Chuck M.

Wifey and I went back to try their smoked meat sandwiches. First the kid running the cash register was extremely stupid. Rang up things we didn't order. Then he kept running to the back to ask questions. 3 sandwiches and drinks 41 dollars. No way. We won't be going back. Thank goodness Dickies is down the street. Terrible experience

Sarah Strong

The food here is outstanding. It's elevated our cookouts to a whole new level. The service is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about Barrett's. I'll never buy Johnsonville brats again. Their Mac and cheese is the best I've ever had. And don't even get me started on their steak and they have stuffed or marinated chicken too!

Alexa Ulbrich

Great place for lunch and grabbing meat for dinner.

Trevor H.

I was seduced by a sign outside advertising grilled burgers. My first experience was a let down with microwaved sides and a dry pulled pork that I almost choked on. So you have to go in and buy a bun and add your condiments. You pay inside and the total came to over $12 for a deluxe burger, tiny bag of chips and a very small soda. Then a guy came out with a box with a sweet bun/lettuce/cold cheese/really cold chewy bacon/tomato slice. Then you add condiments, then you go outside for the burger. It's like there were too many steps involved. The burger was huge and seasoned well but because I put too many condiments on and the grease made it all fall apart. Strange place.

M.C I.

Best burger I've had in a long time!! These burgers have great flavor and are super juicy. They are a great size and more than fill the bun. Who likes a burger that doesn't fill the bun?? Not me! We had company over tonight for the Holiday and they were such a hit. I will be buying these again!

Richard Swenor

Strong recommendation on their sandwiches. The sides are pretty good, but the sandwiches are the real rockstars.

Valerie F.

An absolutely terrible place! My husband and I have only been here once before today-a year ago-and they served him a sandwich with plastic pieces in the meat. I hopefully returned today thinking it would be better. The salesman (older with gray hair) recommended the pork shoulder. We bought it at full price, immediately took it home to prepare and were met with a terrible smell. My sister figured it was bad meat juice on the packaging. When we opened the packaging the meat was clearly rancid. The smell filled our kitchen. We returned immediately with the rotten meat and the store associate said it was "not rancid" but she clearly didn't realize she was talking to someone with a culinary degree, Servsafe certification and connections to the Michigan Health Department. DO NOT GO HERE. Met with much disrespect and poor service.

kody bittner

Have been here quite a few times and never disappointed. The new sandwich menu is very good and the BBLT is amazing. The Ruben was very good as well. Very good smoked meats and coleslaw..mac and cheese is not very good however.

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