Black Rock Bar & Grill - Grand Rapids

3195 28th St SE, Kentwood
(616) 369-4047

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spencer wood

The food and service was amazing. My groups waitress, Maddie, gave us the best experience we could’ve asked for. Even though they were busy, she made sure we were well taken care of at all times, she made the experience 5 stars. She put special attention into our desert and made it look(and taste)yummy beyond belief!

Denïse Cole

Food was good especially the ribs but service very meh. The waiter totally forgot the burger and when we asked he said that they were out of the ruben. It was fine we had many appetizers so he just ate some of that. The manager did came and introduce herself which was very nice. Food was 7.5/10 Service was 6/10 I’m going assume he was just very busy.

Ron Malcolm

What a great way to cook your food. It was a all new experience for me and my family. We had a great time. Would highly recommend. Service was top notch.


We met for lunch at Blackrock. We sat for 45 minutes before our waitress even approached us and asked for our drink order. There were 4 adults...each of us ordered water. After 20 minutes of waiting for our water we finally asked another server for water. We gave our order to our waitress FOUR different times. All of our meals came with sides which none of us were offered. The steakhouse they claim to be was out of most steaks and wanted to upcharge $10.99 to make the same meal/change the size of the steak (ie take an 8oz steak and cut it down to 6oz). When the meal came out - the men ordered shrimp tacos. They literally brought out shrimp on a lettuce shells. The waitress was trying her best and clearly fresh off orientation. The manager was not helpful. I would not recommend eating here for the experience, price and lack of customer interest.


We went for my BIL’s birthday. Apps are good, entrees ok. However, they shady upsell without telling you. My mom ordered two glasses of house wine. $7.50 a glass. Apparently they had been out of house wine and didn’t inform us. The server just brought her two glasses of $16 wine. Again, without our knowledge. When we asked for our bill to be corrected (still thinking we had house) we are told it was their mistake but sorry no discounts. I was Also told a salad came with my entree (ravioli) she gave me a choice of house or Caesar. I picked Caesar. That was a $3.50 up charge. If I want to order something and pay for an up charge, great, but this is straight up shady. Food was ok. Apps are good.

Brandon Krout

The service was great and the food was delicious. The pretzel appetizer was delicious. My wife and son got steak and I went with scallops and crab legs. The entire meal was delicious. Truffle fries were insanely awesome!Kid-friendliness: Kids menu and awesome desserts

Sandy D

Went to celebrate my birthday. Friends enjoyed their French dip and salmon. My chicken dish was so tough I could hardly cut it. I have had more tender chicken at a fast food restaurant! My husband's ribs were anything but fall off the bone tender. He struggled to cut the ribs. He did enjoy his blue cheese wedge salad. We all enjoyed my free birthday dessert, chocolate volcano. It was a very disappointing meal and we will mostly not return! The service was excellent. Thanks Connor! (Since I had done call-ahead seating the restaurant had my cell phone number and sent me a text wanting my feed back. I pretty much said what I have said here. Guess no one really wants to hear about bad experiences! They have not texted me any more!)


It looked pretty fancy at entering but we were very disappointed with the service & food. Our server was new which we could understand but he made so many mistakes, made us upset.It’s totally ok to be slow but to bring wrong drinks, bring food ONE AT A TIME when we asked him to bring all the food together, and to put used sauce bawl/silverware on our salad plate WHILE WE WERE LITERALLY EATING..?!?? AND not even knowing what he just did…?!?!???‍♀️ really???We just wanted to have good time and eat good food..?‍?We still didn’t say anything.My french dip was EXTREMELY SALTY. It wasn’t eatable at all. I had to send it back for good. The manager came to our table and asked what I want instead but I didn’t want anything anymore after trying the salty soups and the very salty French dip. I just asked him to charge me for the sweet potato fries that came with the dip. He wasn’t nice nor kind handling the matter. He was short and dry.My husband’s steak came out and it was nothing special and the black stone didn’t stay hot long enough to cook the steak and sausages.Tomato soup was very salty we couldn’t eat either.Absolutely not recommending to anyone & never coming back.We told the young server right before we left that putting stuff on the plate when ppl’s eating could really upset some people so be careful next time. Hope he took it seriously because that was very rude of him.I’m still giving two starts because Sticky ribs were good??


I would recommend this place! Attentive wait staff, great drinks, appetizers, and food were all good! My only complaint - the brownie could be better, it’s more cake-like and seemed to be over baked; I prefer mine more chocolatey and fudgy. We didn’t get them but saw others that got the steaks came on a extremely hot black rock that you cook at your own table and the sizzling volcano brownie dessert were pretty cool!

Jacki Schneider

This place is always phenomenal. The food during this specific visit was beyond outstanding. I was literally speechless. I had a Black Rock Burger with no bun and sweet potato fries because I’m gluten free. Everything was a wake up to the palate. The fire smoked taste of the burger and bacon were amazing. The Black Rock sauce was the most amazing compliment to the flavors of the burger. The sweet potato fries were surprisingly sweet and superb. They were paired with a caramel sauce and were an excellent addition to the savory flavors of the burger. Best visit yet.


Saw an ad on Facebook for the steak and lobster special. First time at Black Rock and it didn’t disappoint!! Loved cooking my own steak to MY liking!! We upgraded to the wedge salad (husband said it was delicious!) and the Strawberry/Apple/Feta salad!! I’d go back just for the salad for sure!! Our server Julia was very sweet and attentive. Showed us how to cook our steaks. Timely delivery on everything!! We will definitely be back!!

Lauren Chiaramonte

Love this place! Megan was our server and she was just the sweetest thing! So kind, honestly best service we’ve ever had! Definitely going back and requesting her!

Frankie H.

This was definitely our favorite place out of our trip! We stumbled across this amazing restaurant when looking for food on a Saturday evening. There was no wait when we got there, which was a pleasant surprise for a Saturday night. Service was beyond fast at this location to the point I was concerned we came too late and they were closing. Although, our drinks did take quite some time to get to the table, but it wasn't too big of a deal. Andrew started with Makin' Me Bananas and I had Ciroc Punch. I didn't get a chance to taste his, but he said it wasn't too bad. I don't think he realized there was rum in it because he's not usually a fan. I loved the Ciroc punch even though I was nervous about the cranberry. It complimented the pineapple juice nicely though. We also ordered the Mile High Rings. These onion rings were so hot and fresh, I burned my tongue on the first one. The chipotle mayo and House BBQ sauce were sooo good and I really don't like bbq, but this one was subtle and sweet. Andrew didn't care for the bbq, so there was extra for me! For entrees, Andrew ordered the Signature 9oz Sirloin and I got the Signature 6oz sirloin. We both ended up ordering Mac n cheese and a house salad for sides. Somehow, we managed to miss all the signs letting us know we cook our own steaks. Although, I feel this added to the excitement and experience as we were completely blindsided. The steaks get brought out on 755 degree volcanic stone and we cook as we eat! I thought this was the coolest thing I've ever seen. They also bring out Casino Butter with some seasoning. Ours were brought out a little too late and since we weren't expecting all this, we didn't get to use too much of it. I used the butter, but did not get to the seasoning. This steak may have been the best I've ever eaten. I ordered a cheesecake with strawberry topping to go and it was so creamy! I'm a s***** for a NY Style. Altogether, this was an amazing experience and felt like one-in-a-lifetime. This place is perfect for date night and I can't wait to go again!

Natalie S.

My boyfriend and I went for some early dinner. We walked up to the hostess stand and saw a sign asking for kindness due to lack of employees. We stood at the host stand patiently for about 10 minutes waiting for someone to come up when there was only one other table seated. Finally someone came and we said hello and he said nothing and just sat us silently. We sat for 15 minutes without a server coming to check on us while there were 6 servers walking around and sitting at the bar. We waited 10 more minutes and walked out. Terrible first experience won't be giving this place my time again.

Jacqueline P.

we ordered the New York strip and seared ahi , both bland and overdone. The steak was dry, chewy and tasteless. The ahi tuna came with a sauce, also dry and overcooked. I don't recommend this place.

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Black Rock Bar & Grill - Grand Rapids

3195 28th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49512
(616) 369-4047