On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina - Woodland Mall

3195 28th St SE R-101, Kentwood
(616) 466-7810

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Jeremy Cox

Went for margaritas and a quick appetizer. Service was slow at bar, but it was busy and a Sat night. Not that big of a deal. Drinks were strong, tried several different ones. Apps were ok. Love going there, would go back againFood: 3/5

Val G.

We love coming here. Awesome spice, chicken, and crunch. The only reason I knocked off a star is because the chicken flautas (my favorite) used to come as 4 and about 4in long each. Now they still come as 4, but they're about 2in long. Heartbroken. Feeling betrayed.Food: 5/5

Bailey S.

Doordashed food from here -- the food was great for the most part, but if you get the border bowl don't get lettuce on it. The lettuce was soggy and wet and made the rest of the food taste weird... The lime cilantro rice and chicken is amazing though, and so is the salsa!

Mike Yarnott

Was a little busy for standard seating (20+ mins), but the bar was available with a full menu, so we opted for that. I had their new double quesadilla, and it was very good!Food: 5/5

Jamie D.

bad. service was fine wasnt rude or anything but food was so spicy and bad i couldnt get a bite that wasnt spicy. my mouth hurts. water tastes like dust

Sinai P.

Exactly what you'd expect. The chips and salsa appetizer is great. The margarita(mango, watermelon, strawberry) were all very good. I loved the new menu of shrimp appetizers, but the portions was small.

Barbara B.

We love On The Border, but they always have a wait with 1/2 the tables open. That's been a bit of a frustration lately. That is what is causing 3 stars. The staff is very nice and the food is always good, so 5 stars for those.

Tricia Smith-Mulder

From the moment we walked in and were seated in Kelsey’s section the experience was great. 5 people is a bust table and she handled it like a pro. Our food was great and Caleb does an amazing job behind the bar.

Austin McCrumb

Kelsey did guacamole live very well! She is by far the best waitress I have EVER had!!!!!!! 10/10 would guac it up with her again!!!!!!

Bob Roberts

Great food! Great service!

Carmen Villahermosa de Cox

Great service by Jaden!! Food was fabulous as always all the servers did a great job helping each other out while I was there we will be back again

Shelby Mey

Found a decent sized bug melting out of my ice when I went to finish my water after my meal. I showed the waitress and she didnt say a word so i asked if there was anything that could be done about it as that is disgusting and i did not know what to do. They said no and the waitress said I could speak with the manager so she went to get her. The manager was rude the entire conversation, she started off very hostile. I would have accepted as little as an apology and agreement that that isn't sanitary but instead she treated me as if I planted the bug and were trying to get my entire tables meals for free as soon as she walked over. I just wanted recognition for my issue. When another customer asked her if she would drink that, she said "professionally no. But personally I live in the country." I stated we are at a nice restaurant not in the country and this was just about customer service. She said she would take 5 bucks off my bill, probably to get me to stop talking but never apologized. Due to anxiety (as a recovery germaphobe) I was shaking a bit when I handed her my card. She noticed & inquired, only then did she say she would make sure this was not an issue again and it would be looked into so I could return and feel better about the cleanliness. My bill was very minimal and I was not asking for much (though my companions thought differently) I just wanted an acknowledgment and apology (which was never given). Instead I was looked at like a piece of trash who just wanted a free meal.The food itself seemed fine, although the orders came out slightly wrong. The treatment of the customers was not satisfactory by any means.

Koko C.

Seated immediately, really fast service, and pleasant staff. Menu is large, but I wish there were more options for the small appetite and more shrimp dishes not paired with meat. The tortilla soup was very spicy and the tortilla strips were already soggy & clumped together when it came to my table. :-( The quesadilla, though, was pretty awesome, the way they made the tortilla wrap all crispy. That was yum.

Gregory Chef_Litty Echols

Just left, 3 adults 4 kids. Not even 8pm, we walk in and another party of 2 walks in behind us and we’re ignored and they’re seated. Not one party of 2, but two. The girl at the desk comes back and then tells us it will be a 2 hour wait. There is so many open seats even on the outside. She tried to say for the table they have for 8 people, we only needed seating for 7. She dismissed us and we left with no explanation why we couldn’t be seated in the open tables.

Kathy Teunis

This was my first visit to “On the Border”. The food was really good and the wait for it was reasonable. Our server, Jayden, was very good. We could tell he was really busy, but he was on top of everything and did not fail to return regularly to check on our wishes/needs. Jayden was friendly and proficient. Hope we get him next time we eat at this restaurant.

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On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina - Woodland Mall

3195 28th St SE R-101, Kentwood, MI 49512
(616) 466-7810