Frostie Freeze

507 Broad St, L'Anse
(906) 524-6608

Recent Reviews

linda griffith

A must stop when going through L'Anse.

Kelly Bell

The bacon cheese burger & fries are my favorite. I ate LOTS this summer. They knew who I was on the phone when I would order. I have been going here for 30 years. My children have grown up there & now my grandbaby is growing up there. In the next 30 years I will have more grandchildren going there & then great grandchildren. NEVER a bad visit. The 1 thing I love the best is I don't remember them ever saying they were out of something. 5 stars

Walter Sonnenschein

Yummy yummy 😋 highly recommend


Very picturesque. Right on shore of Baraga Bay. Great views. Right on edge of historic downtown. Well worth visiting.

James David

Christine and I both had excellent burgers very tasty

Heather Ely

Burger was good and so were the mushrooms but the ranch bites😝


Always very good. Soft serve cones, awesome vanilla can be dipped in chocolate, great sundaes and shakes or Jilbert's ice cream. Grill is good too.

Carrie Paquette

Exceptional customer service and a very satisfying experience. This place is the best in town for cold treats!

Gary Sporer

Our favorite ice cream shop in L'Anse.

Joshua Yaniskivis

Lots of options. Kids loved it!

Aja Vanabel

Great customer service

Terry Lerma

Great food as well as ice cream served by staff that seem happy to be there.

Samson Knapp

Frostie Freeze is a great place for not only ice cream, they have the best burgers in town. The downside is that they are only open during the summer. However, thier great selection of delicious food, will blow you away!

Megs G

Little expensive but good selection

telephoneboy .

Just your classic ice cream and assorted food. Good prices, good service. Worth the stop if you're in town.

Tom Zentz

Nothing fancy, just clean, good service and large number of items on their menu and all that we have had have been excellent.

Shane Hirvi

I ordered 3 vanilla shakes, 4 chocolate shakes and a chocolate dipped small vanilla cone and they handed it all to me in five minutes.

Casey Carter

Great staff and ice cream. For an ice cream shop their hot food is really good!

Amanda Knapp

Pleasant staff. Delicious ice cream. Plenty of variety.

William S

We stopped in there for a quick ice cream for our kids. They were fast and friendly and they even offered a sample of ice cream, if you ask.


Visited on a day that was over 90 degrees. We were surprised we were the only customers. I had a chocolate malt that was excellent. Husband had a cone of hand dipped ice cream. The cone was generous in size. They have a extensive menu of burgers, fries and sandwiches. The two staff members were very friendly. There is also a drive thru window which is probably handy because only seating is outdoors.


This place you can tell has been a staple in this neighborhood forever...we got hot chocolate sundaes...a rarity for me...but once in awhile like one..enjoyed immensely...service good...sat outside...

Samantha Cws Schjoth

best ice cream, burgers and fries in town

Steven Lundy

The Frostie Freeze is the glue that holds this community together. Without this little seasonal restaurant, L'Anse would deteriorate into something that resembles the purge. I have been stopping here for 30 years, possibly longer than any other restaurant in my life. The food has always remained consistently delicious. If you've never eaten here, we are not friends. Give it 5 stars or get the heck out of town.

Charles Snider

No credit cards accepted Good ice cream but ya better bring cash

Merlin Yoder

Good service friendly staff delicious old fashioned homestyle food. Best ice cream and hamburger joint around


Great local place to get your sweet treats needs

Jennifer Lewis

Friendly atmosphere. Great staff.

mike burk

Loves the place must stop by if you're in the area


This place has the best burgers and ice cream ever. One of those old fashioned type places. Just love it!!!

Barry J

This is a normal Frostee Freeze, but the kids working there were unusually nice. Ice cream and Malts were great


Great little ice cream shop and good food too. Enjoy trying new ice cream treats. The customer service is outstanding. If you go ask for Gabby very friendly and always smiling.


Great stop for a cone or other treat. Hamburgers also available. A few picnic tables are available. Drive-up window.


Friendly family owned. Large servings. Fast and reasonably priced. Many options and flavors to choose from.

Andy V.

Frosty Freeze is the best! The ice cream is grata but the service is tops! I never come through L'Anse without stopping here! A summer must for everybody!

Justin S.

The frosty freeze is the hidden gem of L'Anse. The burgers are fantastic and much better than the so called "king" slop down the road. Add amazingly thick shakes and malts with hot cheese balls and you have yourself an American classic! They also have a plethora of other sweet frozen treats including hard and soft served ice cream, slushes, and something called a tin roof! Of course all of these items are served with a smile! My favorite is a bacon double cheeseburger with cheese balls and a chocolate butterscotch marshmallow shake, it's amazing! Make the stop on your way up to the keweenaw, you won't regret it!

Mike O.

Not much happening in L'anse in case you're wondering. The main strip in town is rather quiet. However, if you're looking for a spot to get lunch or some ice cream, this is a pretty good choice. Frostie Freeze is a small shack on the edge of town, just a block from northbound US-41 if you make a right turn at the Burger King and keep going past it. We stopped here to have burgers and later came back for some ice cream after exploring the area. While their burgers were OK, they were pretty big compared to nearby BK's offering and the fries were good too. I also liked the onion rings. While this is primarily a carry-out joint, there's plenty of picnic tables in front by the parking so you can eat right there, assuming it's nice out. We came back for ice cream later. They carry Jilbert's - the UP local favorite brand - but only a small selection of flavors. Still, it's a good value for the money and I'm sure we'll be back to this place next time we go to L'anse on vacation.

Bucky M.

great in the summer to cool you off right off the road, with some pretty good burgers, the name of the burgers are bucks burgers so how could they be bad.

Tiger M.

Pretty good place if you don't feel like driving over the the Drive In in Baraga. The selection is good with the ice cream and the burgers aren't to bad. Definitely worth checking out.