Nite Owl Cafe

11 S Main St, L'Anse
(906) 524-5455

Recent Reviews

LuAnn Prowdley

We order the philly steak sandwiches oh my they was so good I am glad I can get them finally... ????


I was happy to be able to dine in. The service is outstanding. The food is great too.

Cynthia Messner

Food was very good and portion are plentiful

Tony D.

This charming small town Diner is very unassuming from the outside. The coffee was good considering it was ordered after 3pm. Everything was cooked tp order, so if you are visiting sit back and soak up some local color. I ordered the night owl special with 2 eggs over easy with hash browns and a biscuit. I also had a side of gravy. It was a hard pass on the bng. The sausage patties were very good. My dining companions had the Denver sandwich, a spinach omlet and Buffalo chicken. The Denver sandwich was great and well worth getting it.Overall if you are in the area it is a good place which is open late for the town.

Josh Curtiss

Try the crunchy French toast. Fast and friendly service. Good food. Cool historical photos inside.

Bridgette Valkyre

Very good spicy Italian panini


Always good food and great service


We are a world traveling family and spend our summers in L’Anse. Nite Owl breakfast is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. We crave their food all year. (Homemade bread for toast?! Who does that?) Coffee is the only thing to skip...

Jennifer Westrom

From-scratch homemade food (and bread)! My picky kid begs to eat here every day.

Theresa Bosacki

My husband and I came here for Valentine's day. this food was awesome very good and tasty. definitely will go. ack when up that way again

Kimberly AF

great food and wonderful service, a wonderful part of the community!


A little disappointed. Have Fri all you can eat perch. Have you ever seen little round fish balls. THAT IS NOT PERCH!!! Was looking forward to the meal cause ppl had said good things NOT. Disappointed.

Debbie Darby

Service was the best I've had there. Food was per Nite Owl. Not great, but good for them. The part I had trouble with is cleanliness. That place is always gross. This time I needed the bathroom, which even if it was clean it would look dirty. But it wasn't clean. I'm not too into eating after walking in there, especially when the toilet is full. Ugh. Also, the lock on the door is scary. I thought I was stuck forever. It's so high I have no idea how a child would be able to lock it for privacy. Even if they had the height to reach they would not have the strength to put their body into unlocking it.


Im from San Antonio texas all i Kent tell you they make the best pancakes in usa i ben travel all over usa and nothing is comparable whit there breakfast i want to go back out there i miss the hightowl food

Cookie Palokangas

Had a great breakfast here, nice waitress.

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