Nite Owl Cafe

11 S Main St, L'Anse
(906) 524-5455

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Jessica Lambert

No one was wearing masks, so it's a great place if you love being a disease vector. We were so uncomfortable - the kid serving coffee/working the counter was not wearing gloves and literally had a bloody bandaid peeling off of his fingers as he handled food and the register, not to mention the folks in the kitchen... We ordered coffee while we scoped the place out and instantly left, only to dump our drinks without touching them. Unbelievable disregard for health and safety - even if this wasn't during a damn pandemic. So disappointing.


Honest diner food, big bowl of chili is the best value and tasty with full of meat. Chicken wings and burger are also good. Friendly service too.

Dan L.

Food was good, service was good. If your afraid of your server not wearing a mask, don't go here. No one was wearing a mask. If it doesn't bother you, go eat here. I would go back.

Rebekah H.

Small town restaurant kind of atmosphere, but the food was really good! The grilled cheese and sweet potato fries were amazing and my hubby love the bacon burger. No one wore a mask and we definitely felt like outsiders because of that. There wasn't even a mask sign posted on the door.

Rob Jacobs

excellent home town diner! great food good service!

Diane Nowakowski

Great little hometown diner! Excellent food and service. Very affordable!

Jacy Willilams

In past was there and really good. Today they did nothing to comply with covid regulations. No masks - STAFF and people coming in for takeout without them. No sign on door No social distancing. Every table used with no separation. No sanitizing of used tables. Filthy bathrooms. They should not be allowed to be open. We did not stay when we saw the situation.

Richard Sandy

Great food and super friendly service!

Sarah G

Passing through this little town and stopped here for breakfast. They were very busy but they did a great job and the food was absolutely delicious especially the homemade biscuits and gravy! Definitely recommend!

Daniel Phyllis Snow

LAnse MiWhat a beautiful place

Dawn Kudron

Fast friendly service. Chicken tenders were good. Waffle fries and breaded cauliflower were DELISH!!!

Suzanne Anderson

None of the servers were wearing masks. The manager openly said she doesn’t care about the governors executive order about requiring masks. When we politely asked her about it she said she doesn’t care if the police give her a citation. Stay away from this place for your own health and safety. They are handling food and seeing the public everyday without masks. People like this manager are the reason people are dying of COVID all over the country.

Dave Baker

Scrumptious Bacon double Cheeseburger ! Friendly atmosphere, friendly workers !

Dave Edmonds

No respect for social distancing. Waitresses, bus boy, cook, guy at counter doing the bills: NONE OF THEM had a mask. Condiments (catsup, salt, pepper, sugar) all in communal containers and not cleaned between customers. Every-other table is cordoned off, so we thought it was compliant and ordered before we started to look around. Infection rate in Baraga County is low, but the lack of respect for customers’ health ruins the experience.

Tamela K.

Fantastic small restaurant with friendly staff and AWESOME Country Fried Steak & eggs.Ate breakfast here all 4 mornings we were in L'Anse.

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