Burger King

523 S Waverly Rd, Lansing
(517) 234-7012

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Deborah loszewski

I went to four different burger kings last night and this was my last stop and by far the best customer service I had had all night from all four Berger kings the guy was super busy it was only him and one other employee he told me it would probably be an five to ten minutes befor he got to me and I said that was fine I waited the ten minutes he took are order said I’m so sorry for your wait think you for being patient with me I said that’s no problem at all he said if I could have you pull forward I’ll bring your order out to you we waited about five more minutes and got are good and it was fresh hot and tasted really good and the service even though we had to wait was far better than any other location I had been to that night story about my other stops Can you please tell the south cedar st location and hilt location to hire some nicer employees I stopped at the one in holt and the first thing they said was I don’t have any burgers or whoppers at all I said that’s ok I have a mobile order well I’m telling you right now if it has anything g to do with burgers or whoppers we don’t have it I said it don’t it was chicken sandwiches well I don’t even have a mobile order for you I just said ok and left I went to the south cedar st location and the lady there said when I told her I have a mobile order well we don’t have cheesy tots and I can’t help you with that at all you just have to go through the app and get a refund I can’t help you at all then when she brought us out are food we were missing items she said well they were not on your recite I can get you your recite this is all you got brought out are recite her you go and walked away both locations were very very rude and I don’t think I will ever go back I went to the Burger King on waverly rd in Lansing and the guy said I have a few big orders it will be about five to ten mins befor I can get to you if you don’t mind waiting It’s only me and one other worker here right now we said that’s fine we will wait waited about ten minutes he took see order said please pull up and I will bring it out to you it will be fresh and thanks so much for your patience we said no problem don’t mind waiting when you get good service both of your other locations could take some learning tips on good quality customer service from that location that’s where I will continue to take my business I don’t appreciate rude inconsiderate workers who don’t want to take the time to help you.

Jessica Harvey

Was one of worse experiences I have ever dealt with. Rude made us wait. Seemed like they were just playing around. Took over 30 mins to get our food. Touched money than food. Just horrid

Angie S

The worse customer service I've ever experienced at a bk. The drive thru worker was extremely rude. And was mocking me. I'd never support this location again. Especially when they allow workers to disrespect customers

Wallace Morey

Good food, good price but the people didn't put on the extra onions like we asked.

Jack Mills

This Burger King was recently remodeled. Very nice inside. Great service

Amber Hancock

Food was good but got cold pretty quickly. Dining room was cold for this time of year but the staff was awesome

Sabrina Garza

Went thru the drive thru 3-1-2021 and the female taking orders was the rudest ..she shouldn't be working drive thru ...my order was right and it wasn't even busy for her to have an issue ..I never stop at Burger King and this just reminded me why ...wish I could give it a - negative score ...

Noah Pierson

It was 930pm at night and I really was craving chicken nuggets. So I went and ordered a 20 piece cause it was cheap. It was after work for me after working 9 hours I was hungry. I paid and they said theu were cooking them and had me pull to the side to wait. Okay. No big deal. Was in no hurry. 4 people ordered after me and got their food before I did. Waited 20 minutes then called the store and apparently theu forgot totally about my order and while I was on the phone trying to explain where I was parked theu hung up on me.Very rude customer service. Will NOT be returning for awhile.

Tim Bax

Go here regularly. Always have an attitude. Be careful if you have a hard time hearing them through the speaker. Also will mess your food up on purpose and not give receipt. If youre over this way go a little farther and avoid it.

Debra VanHook

We were the 3rd in line to order, no cars in front of the the car at the order wonder, the person sat there waiting to place his order for 11 minutes (I watched the clock), then when he was done the 2 nd car pulled up to order same thing happened she waited over 8 mins before the person asked if they were ready to order. When I got up to the window I immediately yelled hello I am ready to order, it took me 5 times to get my order straight with the person taking the orders. Then when we got up to the window they had the order wrong. I have never in my 62 years had such bad service at a burger king. All in all being 3rd car in line to order took us about 35 mins to get our order in then our food TOTALLY unexceptable.

Nora Bancroft

Love bk. Bacon double cheese burger yeah!

Thomas Wynn

DO NOT go to the Burger King on Saginaw. Go to this one: Waverly Street. They have excellent kind staff and your food will be hot and fresh.

Nathan LeCureux

Did a mobile order selected sprite zero they did not have it and decided to sub reg sprite without saying anything thankfully I saw as I am diabetic on top of that they took over a half hour to finally bring out my food after forcing me to go park and they were making every one pull up to make their window times look good but are clearly failing big time and need training or something

Antonio J Alicea

Ice cold Ketchup and Mustard all week. great if you like cold burgers.

Jack Blaq

Operating better than most and had a higher standard than most during this pandemic

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