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1601 S Waverly Rd, Lansing


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Gluten free people! Here is the place to go. They have an extensive GF menu and separated food areas. They have family that is celiac so they understand. This is different then any other Flap Jacks we have been to.They are our favorite. The wait staff are great and friendly!

This was a decent place for breakfast with very friendly service. It Could be a 5 Star, but theyre a little pricey if you ask me. Breakfast for 2 adults was $24. One of the orders was only 1 egg and sausage. I ordered the Denver omelette (which was good) and the waitress asked me what type of toast I wanted, so I Asked for French Toast. She brought my Omlette and I expected to pay extra for my French Toast which cost $4.29, but what “Shocked” me was that I only received...read full review

Unfortunately had to change this 5 to a 3. Food has always been good and portions too. Zero complaints there. However, the last 3 out of my 4 visits have been very poor quality in terms of front of house service. I get that people and places have bad days and have rushes. 3 visits in row, come on now. Place was far from being "busy". Low chance I'll be back.

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