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Kayla K.

Literally the worst McDonald's I've ever been to. Every time I go, I usually order a few 10 piece nuggets. Every time I've gotten the nuggets, I always get jipped 2-4 nuggets. They mess up my order literally almost every time as well. They have terrible service and take forever just to screw up your order. Not satisfied what's so ever.

Mandi W.

Came in on a Friday during lunch rush. There are kiosks to order at. No line to order. By the time I got my drink and sat down my food was being delivered to my table. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My food was hot and freshly cooked. The restaurant appeared to be clean.

Jason Wilson

This location can never get an order correct.

Francine Westbrook

Close to home, fast, hot, love the all-day breakfast menu. Don't like touch-screen menu inside...billions of fingerprints and no one can recite protocol for cleaning (wipes box was empty). Yuckyyyyy!

Pete stroup

It's McDonalds... The best one I've ever been to is barely three stars

Andrew Covell

Recently (2yrs or close to it) they've started to charge more for less food you'll licklie still be hungery after ordering their dubble cheeseburgers just cause the Patties are so thin and dryd out I much prefered McDonald's when their snack wrap wasn't dawrfed and could be ordered with a choice of 4 different dressings instead of 2

Nicole S.

Probably the best McDonald's I have ever been to. The two employees I interacted with were the most friendly and nicest customer service people I have met! Unfortunately it's 2 hours away so we won't be frequenting but if I were local, absolutely would be back! Fries were super fresh too. We didn't have any other food. Just fries and a soda.


there new around the world menu is nice ive tried there burger from purto rico 🔥🔥 and there mozzarella chicken🔥🔥

Ryan McCormick

Only good for diabetes and heart disease! The 2 for $5 is a good deal, add a $1 large drink and you have an adult happy meal. 10 chicken nuggets, Big Mac, Large Coke, BOOM diabetes! Their fries are only good for a minute, then a cold soggy disaster

Hailey Norton

Every time I come up there, I specifically ask for a lot of pickles on my cheeseburgers but often recieve 2 MAYBE 3 pickles if I'm lucky. Once ordered extra extra onion, they put 1 single piece of diced onion on the burger. Call up there to complain and they just let the phone ring except for the one call they hung up as soon as they answered. And don't even try for lite ice, you won't get it. Better employees needed here.

Doua Xiong

how do you hurn chicken tenders and then serve them. geez just tell me they're burnt and give me a refund. serving burnt food and then I found out when I get home. what a waist of my time and money.

Linda Snyder

Asked 2x for just ketchup and cheese on happy meal, and still got onions and pickles. Who puts onions and pickles on a child's burger? This is 3rd x they have messed it up. Can't do survey cause receipt is messes up. Also, the Apple slices are dry. 1369 order number.

Mercedes P.

My mom goes in and orders a quarter pounder. She comes home to eat it AND ITS RAW! Unbelievable. Employees are rude aswell

LeAnn Jarous

This location is the worst. They are constantly running out of Coke/soft drink beverages and if they do have Coke available it taste flat and watered down. It makes no sense to me that they are continuously running out of soft drinks. I can understand maybe 1 or 2 times but this happens pretty consistently. Order more with your order if you know you have ran out of these items in the past. They also forget to put the correct food in your bag that you order if you don’t check the bag. The food is NEVER fresh and hot or even warm at the least. The managers should care more about this establishment especially since there is only one other fast food restaurant in this area. Sometimes they will even close before the closing hours that are posted. One star is even too good of rating for this McDonald’s.

David Edgar

Consistently messes up an order. The latest strawberry milkshake was half Shamrock and my.6 piece nugget was a hamburger Patty cut in half. How does that happen?


Every time I go here, my order is messed up. The only reason I still go there is because it's close. Don't waste your money here unless you want a randomized item from the menu.

Tice Farm LLR

I normally have a decent experience at this McDonalds, but this night crew needs guidance. I sat at the drive-thru screen for a solid 5 minutes before anyone welcomed me, even with a "I'll be with you in just a moment". I wasn't in a rush so I waited for someone to acknowledge me. She did eventually, in a voice that suggested she'd rather be anywhere other than at work. Someone PLEASE replace the ice cream machine! Every other time I go there the darn thing is broken, including tonight. Or at least that's what I was told, might be that they already cleaned it and didn't want to mess it up again. Either way, it's hit or miss. The morning shift is always great, but after 4pm you might as well go home and make dinner yourself.

Alisha Bennett

I would not even give them one star. I've never been treated so disrespectfully in my life. Went through the drive-thru to get breakfast for my family and As I was charged for a meal that I did not order and got a refund. I was being laughed at because I was checking my bags. Then found that I was missing a sandwich and went inside to tell the manager she would not even check my bags refused, told me that she bagged it herself and that it was in there and then asked me to leave and walked away. I would like something to be done about this but I'm sure nothing will happen and they will still have their jobs tomorrow as I spent over $40 and did not receive a sandwich that I had paid for. And it was the supervisor on duty they had told me this when I went inside on March 23rd at about 10: 15 a.m. .

Lily Pikachu

As with nearly every order I get here they had to fix several mistakes. They laughed when I requested a sandwich with no meat (for a picky child) which was not appreciated. I would go to another location if there was one closer. They always act like salt packets and napkins come out of their paycheck....duh

Brittany England

I use to hate coming to this McDonald's.



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