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David Edgar

Consistently messes up an order. The latest strawberry milkshake was half Shamrock and my.6 piece nugget was a hamburger Patty cut in half. How does that happen?


Every time I go here, my order is messed up. The only reason I still go there is because it's close. Don't waste your money here unless you want a randomized item from the menu.

Tice Farm LLR

I normally have a decent experience at this McDonalds, but this night crew needs guidance. I sat at the drive-thru screen for a solid 5 minutes before anyone welcomed me, even with a "I'll be with you in just a moment". I wasn't in a rush so I waited for someone to acknowledge me. She did eventually, in a voice that suggested she'd rather be anywhere other than at work. Someone PLEASE replace the ice cream machine! Every other time I go there the darn thing is broken, including tonight. Or at least that's what I was told, might be that they already cleaned it and didn't want to mess it up again. Either way, it's hit or miss. The morning shift is always great, but after 4pm you might as well go home and make dinner yourself.

Alisha Bennett

I would not even give them one star. I've never been treated so disrespectfully in my life. Went through the drive-thru to get breakfast for my family and As I was charged for a meal that I did not order and got a refund. I was being laughed at because I was checking my bags. Then found that I was missing a sandwich and went inside to tell the manager she would not even check my bags refused, told me that she bagged it herself and that it was in there and then asked me to leave and walked away. I would like something to be done about this but I'm sure nothing will happen and they will still have their jobs tomorrow as I spent over $40 and did not receive a sandwich that I had paid for. And it was the supervisor on duty they had told me this when I went inside on March 23rd at about 10: 15 a.m. .

Lily Pikachu

As with nearly every order I get here they had to fix several mistakes. They laughed when I requested a sandwich with no meat (for a picky child) which was not appreciated. I would go to another location if there was one closer. They always act like salt packets and napkins come out of their paycheck....duh

Brittany England

I use to hate coming to this McDonald's.

Jessica L. Shaw

At 8pm I Waited 40 min in the drive threw for a big mac meal and mint shake worst McDonalds ever!!! People were pulling out of line it was taking so long, had i not already paid i would have left ad well, Would not recommend at least at night

Lowanda Martin

McDonald’s oatmeal is very dry now that you have to mix your own cranberries and applesđŸ˜©

Joe W.

Great service and wonderful people best experience at McDonald's ever I'm so flabbergasted

Jonny Sich

Can’t follow simple orders. Every time you go here something is messed up. These clowns want $15/hour but can screw up everything you can think of and then some

Stephanie Williams

I had a cashier this morning that was so polite. A really tall black older gentleman. I didn't get his name but he made my day. This is the only one I come to in Lansing because it has better service and food.

Anthony VL

Decent mcdonalds. Wait was kinda long, food was good though. One of my items was cold and obviously old, rest of it was hot and fresh.

Jason Langham

This is the worst McDonald’s in the world! Close it down!

Jennifer Frisell-Johnson

shake machine and frappe are always down, 1 to 3 times a week, and we will never go here again, and the people are rude, how can u never have shakes then I ask for a frappe and they say that machine is down also, so I stopped going there and will not go to any McDonald's that is owned by this franchise, rather go to a corporate restaurant anyday.

Sean F.

Just went in and ordered a Big Mac meal, I received a burnt bun, two patties and a squirt of special sauce, no pickles or onions on a burger that the bun was so hard I'm pretty sure I chipped a tooth. This place should not operate with its current staff. Also on this poor excuse for a burger, they gave the worst possible attempt at lettuce. Very disappointed.

Taylor N.

Ordered a mcchicken and when I got to the window the manager told me they didn't charge me for the mcchicken so when I said I'd pay for it he said I would have to go back around. I used to work in fast food and this is the worst customer service I have ever seen, most would give the mcchicken for free but I know for a fact he could have just charged me for it at that window!

RoseAnn S.

As we were driving away, the woman in the drive thru said, "I hate people that take forever to order." My husband stopped and said, "I can still hear you, you know." She then said, "Well it's not that hard to talk." Went in to talk to the manager and she said sorry for the inconvenience did didn't seem to care. We used to go there every morning. Never going again.

Dennis Munn

Just ordered breakfast burritos, Apple pie along with a few other items. Burritos was cold and the Apple pie was old like not fresh. Had to rip box open to notice the pie was stale looking and stuck to the box dried onto it. I think the management needs to verify times on these items more closely. I wouldn't eat either of it.

Nicole E

Go elsewhere! Unfortunately this level of service is pretty consistent for this location. Your food is either correct and cold or hot and not what you ordered.


Go elsewhere! Unfortunately this level of service is pretty consistent for this location. Your food is either correct and cold or hot and not what you ordered.



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