Twisters Soft-Serve Ice Cream

327 S Waverly Rd, Lansing
(517) 574-4863

Recent Reviews

Rinoa 2000

Great prices, very cheap for the huge servings you receive. Love this place. Quick service no matter the line.

FaTaL Knife

The ice cream is fine but to that blonde that closed the window on me u should know that I heard your smart remark calling me out on knocking like there was some other way for me to contact u so I can take that cup and fall down some stairs

Maryanne Roth

Great tasting ice cream! Tin Roof sundae is my favorite!

Cara Nader

What an impressive use of an old Hot n' Now drive through.

heather g

Not bad ice cream they have a very good selection prices are also pretty good for the amount you get


In my opinion this is the best ice cream shop in the area. Their banana split is delicious and the staff is friendly and helpful. The overall atmosphere is calm and relaxing. It isn't insect infested like some ice cream places, either. Overall I can say that I appreciate the quality of service/food and quantity for the very reasonable prices they offer.

Jennifer Davisson

nice people, cold ice cream. also helped with lids for travel

Hallie Fiebig

very disappointed in service they can never get a order correct. also recommend getting a better speaker service for ordering have to repeat several times our order. some are friendly some are not.

Oacia Fair

This is the best place to get soft-served ice cream. I don't know what it is but it's just perfection. They also give you very large portions. I always get a medium cone, it looks like an extra large. They also have good price cream creations like the trash can. I am always satisfied when I come here. It can get busy later in the day but it's always worth it.

Christina M Currier

great staff and good prices!

Deborah Milan

I have gone twice now and the toppings are different this summer. They very scimmpy with the toppings!! Now not worth the price!!! It was large turtle for 4.13!


Great friendly service. Drive-thru was an added bonus. Soft serve ice cream cone was bigger than I was expecting. Plenty of other soft serve treats on the menu.

Amber Barton

Our family loves going to Twisters for a special treat. Their ice cream is always good. Prices are a bit high, but not too bad for the occasional treat.

Dawn Van Valkenburgh

Love the ice cream, always love the ice cream! Do not love the snotty customer service. Time to switch dessert places! ✌️

gary henderson

Great place for Ice cream. Very freindly staff

Harini Lingamgunta

Eeekssss it wasn't as good as what the prior reviews showed... The soft serves were very milky u can literally taste the milk... My fav soft serves r frm McDonalds only in this area.. I haven't tried baskin Robbins ones.. But never going bk to twisters!!!

Jessica Vest

Very good soft serve. Service was fast, and the portions are pretty large.

Karen Gardner

Great ice cream, cute Funny Bunny

David Baker

Delicious ice cream and quick friendly staff

Becky Medders Walters

The trash can sundae is a must!

Danielle Shirey

Best soft serve ice cream ever.

V. and R. Lounds

Product is fine, please clean up the property.

Brian Chapman

Ice Cream in February! Awesome to indulge in a sweet treat, even when it is snowing and blowing outside. This is soft-serve at its best! I had the medium size Turtle Sundae. This is to die for! 😋👏

Frederic Chapman

Ice Cream in February! Awesome to indulge in a sweet treat, even when it is snowing and blowing outside. This is soft-serve at its best! I had the medium size Turtle Sundae. This is to die for! 😋👏

Nadia Farooqi

Loved the flavor of this ice cream. I got the specialty called “dirty chocolate” (I think thats the name?) I should have just stuck with the simple cone- the specialities have the extra toppings. In mine there was fudge and Oreo bits. It was a little too sweet for me, but the soft serve over ruled everything else.

Heather Thomas

Amazing value and quantity, the doggie sundae is a hit too

Brent Kristin

Wonderful place. Abundant serving. Reasonable price and they hire local students and treat them right.

Kevin Sparks

cement outside was filthy, ice was soup , more whip cream than ice cream

Nancy Scott-Smith

Very much very professional cheery young lady assisted me. The sea salt caramel twister was awesome. Can't wait to go back but I only get to have 'treats' once a month.

anthony bui

Fantastic soft serve ice cream. They also have flurries and specialties. The trash can is a fun treat. Hope you enjoy.

Melanie Cochrill

The location was pretty empty when I arrived. The service was quick and friendly. I ordered the peanut butter cup sundae. It came out looking fantastic. It was vanilla soft-serve icecream covered in chopped pieces of peanut butter cups and fudge sauce. The bowl was completely full. It tasted delicious and I would happily order it again.

Charles Loveless

Great ice cream shop. Nice people good ice cream. Needs more shade!

Jennifer P

usually love this place..... but $6+ for 3 baby ice cream cones and the girls on todays afternoon shift so highly annoyed to have to do their job took the joy out of the visit. Asking a question about what a topping consists of or if a few extra napkins were available were apparently WAY more effort than they could imagine putting out today. :(

John Westra

A Great Local Drive-through or Walk-up Ice Cream Shop, offering a tasty, made to order selection of all your favorite treats, including Cones, Sundaes, Shakes & Malts. Outstanding, Friendly Customer Service is the 'Cherry' on top! Worth the drive if you're not in the neighborhood. Easy access off of North Waverly & I496 exit.

Aaron Jenvey

Good ice cream but the service could be better stood outside waiting to place my order for over 10 minutes employee came to the window multiple times but didn't even acknowledge I was there. They have a order window and a pick up window but only were using the one window so I couldn't even place my order until she had finished filling the other orders, I can understand them being busy but that's when you at least acknowledge the customer and let them know you will be with them soon don't just ignore them all together. Eventually I got tired of waiting and left disappointed guess I just have to drive a little further and stick to the Cedar St location I've never had an issue there.

Yutaro Matsuura

Dropped in on August 20th 2017 around 2pm. The young lady working there was one of the best customer service associates I've ever been served by. Such a big smile and so polite. The orange twist yogurt cone was delicious too, but kudos to that sweet young lady. She's going to succeed in life.

Trish Guarino

The cones are very generous. I'd recommend downsizing the baby cone by half. Our 3 year old managed to eat it but it was more of a task initially than fun. Baby cones for little guys should be fun. The young ladies serving us were terrific. Excellent service.


Middle of October and needed a soft serve cone. Ordered a small chocolate and vanilla twist. It was the size of any other restaurants large. And it was really good!

paula f

Very good soft serve. Ample portion and nice taste. This has been a favorite summer stop.Typical ice cream offerings. The malts are good also.

Ashley B.

The ice cream is fine. The frozen yogurt, however, does not seem like it is actually frozen yogurt. I am fairly certain that it is just regular ice cream. What makes me say that? For one thing, it doesn't taste like frozen yogurt. It just tastes like regular ice cream. Additionally, I ordered a small fro-yo for my dog. (Yes, I do that.) Regular ice cream upsets his tummy while he handles frozen yogurt just fine. Guess whose tummy was upset after eating his 'frozen yogurt'? Yep, just ice cream.

Twisters Soft-Serve Ice Cream

327 S Waverly Rd, Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 574-4863