168 Crab & Karaoke

32415 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 616-0168

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Rebecca Wang

I had a fun time here!

Blair Wilson

I visited here for the first time to treat my mother-in-law to a birthday takeout dinner. There was an entire crab order missing which was highly disappointing! My husband and I decided to give them another chance tonight, and I didn't even mention the previous mess up that was done. BIIIIG MISTAKE! We ordered a 168 Catch-Pick1/Pick 2 for $48. It was supposed to have included in it 2 crab clusters (pick 1) and 1 lb of 2 other choices (pick 2). And AGAIN we received only ONE snow crab cluster. The gentleman that are taking orders need to be made more familiar with what the menu says, or maybe it6the cook, I'm not sure. But SURELY I did not expect to pay that amount of money to only receive half of the main protein! Train the staff to adhere to what the menu says. Sincerely, an unhappy, paying customer.

Dad Campbell

The food was very good however it took a while to get served. Since it was their first day I'll give them a pass.

Ashley White

The menu is limited at the moment. They have a karaoke program or you can choose off of YouTube for variety. Bathrooms are in the rooms. The rooms aren't completely soundproof. Reasonably clean venue. It was fun!

Queen Asha Noor

I enjoyed this place until the bill came! When my party called we were told the package B I believe that the things we ordered would be deducted from the room price! On top of that we where charge different prices from what the menu stated the prices would be and the staff was condescending and rude! It was my birthday and I had no choice but to pay 190+ dollars alone because my friends didn't know that the food they ordered wasn't coming off the price of the room. This was a horrific experience and I will not ever spend my money at this location again!

Savannah Chris

My friend and I found this from across the street from a bowling alley. We just wanted to sing our hearts out. I’m rating poorly because we were overcharged. The gentlemen that helped us told us 48 per hour. I did see the 15 percent gratuity. I just called today and I was told I was put in a medium room and it charges 58+ 15 percent gratuity but it doesn’t make sense because my friend and I offer to split the costs and we both paid $31.25 which added together is $62.50. We didn’t buy no drinks or food. We got offered shots during our last five mins of being in the room on house. We just weren’t in the mood to drink. I’m not sure what they did even after calling them but I’m just unhappy about my experience. I question the guy who charged me too because before he rung us up he said 48 with tax and we said okay and then I looked at my friends and I’s receipt and we both had the exact amount of $31.25. I don’t understand. Not only that they don’t alert when an hour has passed so thank goodness I kept an eye and our microphone died within the ten minutes of being there which took time away from our hour. Overall, I wouldn’t go here again or recommend this place. :(

Felicia Johnson

The food and service was great, it's clean and we had a great time and the private rooms are very nice

Chris Kuhlman

The karaoke is fantastic. You're guaranteed a good time! The problem is the price. They are ridiculously over priced. If you're looking for a night where you can sing your heart out, and you have a big group willing to split the price, this is the place to be. If you're willing to wait and only sing a couple songs, hit up your local karaoke bar and avoid the hundreds of dollars 168 charges you simply to sing (drinks not included). There are plenty of karaoke bars out there with great atmospheres that won't require you to break the bank simply to sing with your friends.

Princess Queshané

I had fun but the room was unexpectedly smaller than I assumed it would be. There were about 15-17 of us and we did not all fit comfortably. I'd say 10 is the comfortable limit for that room.

Cimone S.

This place was great for large group private karaoke! I came with a group of 20 people and the VIP room was the perfect size to be able to sing and dance. The rooms are very clean and the sound system was great. The keyboard for the songs was a little difficult at times and got stuck but overall a great experience. Also the food was pretty good and great prices. Overall I would recommend this place to others looking to do private karaoke with a group of family, friends or coworkers!

Nicole E.

This is a very unique spot, goes well with the 168 Asia Mart around the corner, Fuji buffet and the new Lao Pot across the side street. This is becoming a small China town. The main entrance has seating and several seats for dining and the like outside of the karaoke rooms. Went here to meet some friends last week. Plans are in place to serve Filipino food during the week through Thursday and the karaoke Friday through Sunday. There are many rooms here, some fits a small group to large parties. The larger rooms have their own bathrooms. The rooms look lux with their burgundy pleather backed seats with plastic rhinestone encrusted buttons. There are large screens in every room. I can't wait for the Filipino food offerings starting on January 6th. Food looks amazing. We had eaten at Lao Pot beforehand but the food at the other tables looked amazing. We did enjoy a Halo Halo desert. It's filled with crushed ice doused in coconut milk, lots of jellied flavored goodness and red beans. It's not too sweet either. Come and check out 168 KTV bistro and show off your talent and get your yummy Filipino food on starting after January 6th. The pansit bihon, grilled meats with rice and the adobo are always good items to get introduced to Filipino food.


I was really hoping this was going to be a fun experience for my friends & me. Unfortunately that was not the case. In the beginning, we waited at least 10 minutes before being showed our room & it cut into our reservation of 3 hours. I had to track down someone a couple different times to get us into our room. Next, when our "host" greeted us, he did not explain how to work the machine (which ended up only being a computer & searching YouTube for karaoke songs) & did not know we reserved the package that included the included food & drinks, so we had to ask about ordering our food & drinks, already 20 minutes into our reservation. About an hour into our reservation, the drain in the floor next to the bathroom started flooding the room and smelling like sewage and poop water. Once we told a worker, we were put in the main lobby area while waiting for it to be cleaned up. They offered to put us in another room, but was too small for our party. Eventually we decided we would just leave & ask for a refund. The workers refused to give us a refund or voucher to come back, instead we were given 20% off our bill for only using 1/3 of our rental, THEN THEY CHARGED US 20% GRATUITY. Therefore, we paid the same amount for an hour & a poop water filled room. I do no recommend. They just want to scam you out of your money.

Sylvia Qasguargis

I really enjoyed this place. I would suggest more food options and larger portions on the appetizers.

David Lotsof

Pretty much everything was terrible. Service was awful. Staff were trying to rip us off from the beginning. You use YouTube and a couple of microphones, which I can do in my own home, and to top it all off the room flooded with sewage after an hour and the staff we’re not willing to come with a reasonable compromise to us the consumer IE move us into a similarly sized room or a reasonable about of compensation for only using a third of the time that we were supposed to be there and only got half of the food we ordered. Even on top of that they still had the audacity to charge us 20 gratuity to the bill. Be warned do not go to this code violating, cheapskate, pathetic excuse for a business. Go to a regular local bar with karaoke instead.

McKayla B.

Toilet overflowing-gross! After one hour, toilet over flooded. Manager only offered 10 to 20 percent off, but we couldn't continue in the room, because the room smelled terrible. We feel very cheated, because we only used half the experience and couldn't continue in the room. He also only gave us 1/2 the apps promised in the package. Super disappointed, I wanted to like this place.

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