1835 E 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 542-6166

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Sean Berlinger

Says they're open till midnight online only open till 11 got there at 10:45 sat in line till 11 then they closed

Bradley Wells

Arby's for the most part are always good, o tried the Italian sandwich, and didn't like it as well as other sandwiches, it was still good, just not as good.


I really enjoyed my food. This was the first time I've been here in 15 years

Pauline Addy

Arby's is a great place. I had to return a item and they gladly replaced 6item with kindness. They were very polite. They gave me a complete meal freshly cooked and increased the size. Best customer service I seen in a long time and my food was delicious. Thank you Arby's. I will always be your customer.

Keith W. Bailey

This is a good place to stop for a quick meal. The line moved fast and the Arby's classic was as good as I remembered. The curly fries were hot and delicious. The person at the window was also very nice. I had no problems extra condiments.

Joey Zago

This was awesome to see. Food was great too!

Joe Zago

Great place with the best jamocha shakes on earth.

Krustallos Williams

I love their sandwiches and sliders; however, do not order the orange slushies drink (I cannot remember the name of drink, I only know it has a consistancy like a sherbert) it will give you the runs. Sadly, I know from experience. On the long drive home there was nowhere to stop to use a bathroom facility due to Covid19 closures, and my husband had to pull over near an alleyway luckily I had plenty of baby wipes and hand sanitizer in vehicle. I hope for the sake of Arby's that they will discontinue this soft drink and this will not happen to anyone else. Due to this experience I only rated Arby's with 3 out of 5 stars.

lawrence ablahad

This place is always busy, and the employees handle the line very well and speedy. Also very friendly too which makes for a better experience. There's a lot of options for fast food at these cross roads but the experience here is always appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mary Henson

My sandwich was great!!! I almost turned around to go back to get another 1 for later. It was sooooo good and fresh

John Combes

Usually good food and good service. All around pretty decent experience

Alex Ramsay

Maybe one The corporate offices should drive-through a lot of the drive-through Xe and see how long it really takes for each order today I spent 30 minutes or 5 cars and line 30 minutes of my lunch hour that I lost I will not be coming back to that arby's on 12 mile and dequindre probably won't be going to any arby's for a while

Dave W.

I haven't been to an Arby's in years but my son wanted to go there for the Happy Hour special. Everything was a buck so I couldn't be happier. LOL. I ended up getting the chicken sliders and I have to say they were pretty good. The were a little dry considering the only thing on them is cheese but the chicken was done right and the buns were great. I will go again but bring them home and put lettuce and tomato on them. The drive thru was the only thing open but the service was surprisingly fast considering there were 5 cars in front of us. The best part was I fed 3 of us for under $13. Woohoo..

Sari K

I'm impressed. Excellent food and good service. Love their Gyros and Reuben sandwiches. One recommendation to Arby's is for the employees to wear the mask covering their mouths and noses. I noticed few employees had the mask on their chin. I know it's hard to wear it all day but safety first, as the corona virus could be transmitted through asymptomatic people. I still give the employees 5 stars for being there for us. Good bless.

Richard Miller

In my opinion it's the best of the major fast food chains. Quality of food is consistently high throughout the chain

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