Asya Middle Eastern Cuisine

31011 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 397-8485

Recent Reviews

Kylie Brandt

Large portions and everything was wonderful! We ordered the platter to feed five and had plenty for leftovers! We will be back!

Erik Courter

Great food! Keeps me coming back. Service is really good too.

Ahmed Aalibraheem

We are so fortunate to have this place just a few minutes drive away from home. Food is stunning, and the prices are great too. The service is outstanding, everything is a 10/10. Keep it up!!

Ghada Aalibraheem

The staff are super friendly and always very helpful. I love their food especially chicken cream-chop sandwich and the prices are great!

gabriella barthlow

Just ate a shish tawook wrap. Delicious. Fresh grilled chicken fresh garlic sauce.?

Ashley Y.

Best House Salad with grilled chicken ever! Have been getting this for the last 6 years twice a week!

A. N. Mansell

Very helpful staff. I'm not a fan of Mediterranean food but I'm impressed with the way way they treat the customer. Top shelf!

Eddie King

I tried this place before with my friend and I am hooked since then. I love the awesome character and tasty food and drinks. Kudos.

Mary D.

Why are the really good middle eastern food places so far from Ann Arbor? Well, we do love Asya when we are in the area. We need to check next time to make sure they are making the garlic toom sauce the right way (without egg whites) because we went there before I was made aware that this viscosity cheating was going on! It seemed like it.The Turkish coffee is fantastic. Try your hand at reading your grounds...flip your empty cup onto your saucer (with a napkin on it). Let it sit for a few minutes. Then interpret the pictures in the grounds (see pics).We loved the beef and chicken kafta/koobideh, perfectly seasoned with parsley and onion, shaped on a flat skewer and grilled.The Borak egg roll triangle style appetizer was excellent (see pic), stuffed with ground beef and sauteed onions and herbs.The chicken lemon rice soup would be worth a visit in itself. It is bright, lemony and chunky.Highly recommend!!

Enn Q.

Omy, what a find! Needed food b4 my dance class. Really wanted dine in service since I was on the way to another location. Was so hungry I didn't get pictures. #Srsly the best hummus I've ever had. I don't do well with garlic, but that was not an issue here at all! The tabboulah was unbelievably good and I left with enough for 2 meals in my to go box.Now, the piece de resistance-dolmades! Amazing stuffed grape leaves. Enough for a 2nd small plate. So, everything related to the food was superb. Let's dig a little deeper. All is the to go containers were Styrofoam. Not so good with that. Every box leaked, so when Igot home 3 hrs. later, I had Greek soup and soggy pita. That needs to be rectified. It was a mess. Secondly, it clearly says masks required for entry on the door. No problem, and the staff were masked.So I'm sitting in the parking lot Putting a new address in my GPS and a truck pulls up with 3 adults and 2 children. they get out of the truck and enter the restaurant and none of them have masks sign and for that reason I will not be going back to this establishment and that saddens me. We've been dealing with no shirt no shoes no service for ever now all of a sudden everybody's going to complain about something that hundreds of working people have to do on a regular basis. I want sure about adding this, because I am not judgmental. The women wore burqas and habits (not face covering). Not sure how another couple inches of fabric wouldve mattered.

Lou Klem

Very well kept and accessible restaurant. They provide generous meals and for fair rates. I loved the meals very much and the staff were super welcoming and informative. I recommend this place.

Becky Brooks

Clean restaurant, excellent food, and friendly staff! We eat there once a week. Delicious!

Kimberly W.

Ordered delivery thru yelp. There was a glitch in the system and order was never placed which didn't know till after waiting an extremely long time due the food. I've ordered they yelp before at other restaurants without issues. Guess with technology sometimes that happens. However guess I should have rechecked my order submission as somehow it did not process part of my order. The delivery driver was on time and friendly. That was the only positive aspect of this order. I received hummus, grape leafs and 1 fresh juice and 1 fresh juice smoothy. Every item was terrible. Neither juice tasted fresh. They were both excessively water downed tasteless versions. The grape leaves dry stuffed with not much more than just hard rice. The hummus tasted like watered down processed chicpeas with some tahini. Not a nice thick creamy consistency. No taste of fresh olive oil, garlic or lemon. I was highly disappointed by entire order. Despite being starving by the time actually got the food and ready to eat my own arm off, it was a struggle eating this.

Pretty Smile

The food was once great but now tastes bland. The staff is nice though.

Joe H

This Mediterranean place had very tasty food . I had the shwarma / hummus combo and the missus had the chicken kafta . Portions were ample , wait time wasn't painful , and it didn't break the bank ...

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