Augie's Bar & Grill

31660 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 588-3120

Recent Reviews

Hevl A.

Laura was very kind and polite professional, but food was very cold had him re-make it and was still cold! very different

Jeremy Prunty

Great salad, reasonable price, friendly staff

Kimberly Norris

Food amazing and I mean great n price is great

Ingrid S.

Augie's is the best dive bar I could ever hope for in life. Maybe that's really high praise but I love suburban dive bars. There's something magical about them. If I lived near here I would be here legit every week. Maybe my taste in life has lowered itself. But they have an awesome craft beer menu and serve a long list of comfort food. I came in here while on my trip because my friend kicked me out of his apartment and told me he didn't care where I went as long as I got out of his personal space. So it was either this or what I believe was a Red Robin across the street and this place looked like it was giving off vibes as to how I was feeling. The bartenders were all super nice and I think really felt for me in my dilemma. I ordered both a peanut butter porter and a spicier beer I had never seen before in cans that I eagerly drank over my Pinocchio children's novelization after I discovered my pen ran out of ink from scribbling furiously all of my pertinent thoughts down. Also tried the loaded cheese and bacon fries. Those were alright. It's more like the nacho cheese wiz type of cheese. Service got a little bit slow but largely I think that was when my friend arrived. The fried pickles were pretty amazing. Again, I would probably be here at least once a month if I lived next door. They appear to have some kind of games and perhaps pool in the back area.

Bryan B

This is a great place to go for dinner or drinks. They have good food and friendly wait staff. You have the choice to eat/drink inside or outside and they have a good selection of beers on tap.

Patrick G

Nice place. Clean and good atmosphere. Food could have been better.

Aaron Bear

A1 Top Notch across the board. The Service is fast ,fantastic, and friendly. I recommend this place for anyone that wants to have a great time! Awesome drinks, fabulous food, the overall experience, & vibes is 5 stars.

Heather Quayle

Very clean and COVID compliant. Good drink selection and friendly service. Food is bar food but definitely elevated. Much more flavorful and fresh!!

Wilson S.

I love this place. Its cozy and they play and array of music. The food is good and so are the drinks. Its affordable and its just a nice place to hang out. Has a bar in small town feel.

Jeremy Vosburg

Exceptional and delightful food, I love the character this place has, and the staff members were friendly. I will definitely come back in the future.

Jason Hetzel

Loved it here! First time visiting yesterday. All you can eat fish was amazing and great staff and prices! Amber and Ashley were very friendly and fun to talk with!

Chelsea Griffith

Great service always. Trivia nights are fun! The pizza here is amazing. Definitely recommend.

A. Palazzolo

Food was good, and the chef took time to special make chicken wings baked so there was no cross contamination with the shrimp due to my friends allergies. The waitress was good. Trivia night! Fun even though we weren't playing. Sound decent and allowed for conversation.

Adam Zabkar

So I showed up to see Last Exit. I was at the reserved table for the band with the family. I sat at the table for 25 minutes and finally decided to go to the bar to get a drink. Fast forward, I got three drinks and three rounds of shots from the bar and she purposely avoided me. I spent close to $200 at the bar and my waitress never even recognized me. Wearing an oversized hoodie and standing by the bar texting every ten seconds. I wanted to order food. I wanted shots. Never even spoke to my waitress over 3 hours. The family of the band literally had to walk up to service station and ask for drinks. Glad i never have to go back.


Friendly staff. Plenty of seating. Pool tables. Stage. Decent Menu and drink prices.

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