Burger King

1540 E 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 234-6378

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Ralph Cox

I love burger king there spicy chicken and my dog my love one love your fries we give him mcdonald. Checkers and wendys fries he will not eat them he walks away but yours he can't get enough loves them

Pamela N

Well let start by saying fast food is just that fast food !!! My daughter ordered a whopper with cheese meal and it smelled so good. But I wanted kfc so went there but they had none of the chicken wings or drum sticks. So we went back to burger king. I ordered the same thing my daughter had. Then she discovered that her whopper had an eyelash in it. That should have told me something then. Yes they replaced the whopper. Once I bite into the whopper I was sorry. It was not good. Fast food restaurants don't take pride in their food anymore !! Plain and simple !! Never again will I. That's all folks !!!!

Brandy Harris

It was clean, the employees were super nice, and the food was excellent. I love to eat their food because it tastes so good. So does my husband. The place was clean, appropriate as the display outside states, and the employees were extremely knowledgeable everything where Burger King was and is concerned. I WILL BE BACK!

Austin Spray-Rode

Manager wasn't wearing face mask properly, only reason I didn't drive off was the staff was wearing facemasks properly outside of her. Whopper was dried out and barely any lettuce on my BLT chicken sandwich more like a BT chicken sandwich. Was given child drink instead of the advertised small with meal. All in all terrible experience!

James Mays

Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us. Have it your way! Good Friendly service.

Sari K

Fast food is a treat for us once in a great while. Good service reasonable pricing and really tasty whoppers.

Mark Giza

Terrible, Food could not get any worse.Nuggets looked like they were cooked last week.


How in the world can a place be out of ham as well as orange juice during breakfast?!

Tiffany Fante

Great service... Desh is the best!!!

Chris Work

Haven’t had the zesty sauce the Last two times being there within the last 6 months. Food has been sub par at best bacon was undercooked with only 4 pieces on the “bacon king”! The whopper jr we got asked for it to be cut in half well, it looked like I could’ve cut it better with a baseball bat!! Than they did with a knife! I’ve been a general manager at a restaurant before and I’d personally fire your staff and start fresh before you loose what little business you have left.

Rell Bee

Beware during the virus, I just spent almost $30 and the food is burnt and cooked in old grease. Capitalizing on the people for sure. Nasty attitudes at drive thru. Money hungry!! Fries limp and greasy. Waste of money!! Now I’m not hungry and out of $30

Ilene Gradin

I love Burger King because of their food and there salad's and drink's and I will come back again for sure

Nayeli Romero

Went there this morning for a quick breakfast, got two Double CROISSAN'WICH® with Sausage. I just ate half of one, 30 min later the nausea and diarrhea started. 5hrs later, I’m vomiting. Reported it to the manager and she said “I’m sorry there’s not much I can do as I wasn’t here this morning”.

K.J. Humes

Jennifer Is A very Good Manager....The whole team was very friendly and the store was very Clean! Thank You

Robin Tuner

Good food hot l tried the impossible burger great fresh just the way l like my sandwich ?

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