Chipotle Mexican Grill

32 E 14 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 581-8014

Recent Reviews

Katelyn McBride

Never fails to disappoint. Every order is missing something and food is cold by the time of delivery

Nia Turner

This location is absolutely ridiculous. No lettuce, no vinegarette. They literally can’t figure it out & I’ve been multiple times. Rude workers (lots of children). SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Kyle Dennard

Had to wait outside in the rain for at least 30min for my burritos after there system went down and when I received my order they were made incorrectly I had double steak and beef in my burrito as well. My burrito barely had any meat in it not only a complete waste of time but I paid extra money for subpar results

Grace S.

I love Chipotle, have a go to order, never change it. This was awful. I'm eating spoonfuls of cheese. It's disgusting. Throwing away!

Ted T.

Second time trying this location and once again they got it wrong. Neither kids meal had toppings (ordered tacos and quesadillas neither had the two topping choices), the kids chips were all put into one bag and they never asked if I needed any utensils or napkins, just assumed I didn't. Last stop for me here.

Balal Chaudhry

I've gone to many Chipotle restaurants and all of them have provided great customer service. I was disappointed with the service I received from this store. I placed an order online for hard shell tacos and got three orders of soft shell tacos. I called to speak to the manager and she told me I have to go online and she can't do anything in the store. I expressed that this is an issue that was done from her store and I would not like to have to call another number and do this back and fourth. She hung up on me three times! I called again the next day to get another manager and she said she is at the top and won't provide me with another manager's number. I asked for her managers number and she wouldn't provide it stating she is the top of the top before hanging up again. Understandable that the store is short staffed but never have I received service like this. Rude and disrespectful. I would appreciate it if a manager would reach out to me besides her.

Kaitlynn Hollick

Honeslty the worst location I have ever been too. No other location screws up orders as often as this one. Online ordering is a mess. Even when the order is correct the handling and quality of food is terrible. Half portions, burritos not closed and spilling food out as soon as you open them, chips are often soggy/damp and chewy. Wait times are long. If you order online your food will not be ready at the designated time. If you bring up faults or errors the staff that is extremly quick to get rude and defensive with you. I cannot stress enough that this location will ruin chipotle for you. The only reason I have continued to use this location as long as I have is that its close to work. I will not be returning.

Rob C.

Been to this location several times as it's nearby. It is consistently disappointing. Staff is rude, generally a long wait even during off hours, and there's usually something wrong with the food, no guacamole, burnt meat, or the food is cold

Cody Martin

I don't like to bash places and never will until they give me multiple reasons to do so. This location has. I work out of Pontiac and never had an issue with Chipotle out there. This Madison heights location will always skimp you on everything. And they will be rude about it. I understand that covid put some limitations on things but they reopened, then just take it upon themselves to decide if the line will be open or it is online ordering only. But they will leave there doors open with no signs just to shoe you away if you didn't online order. No apology either. Go to Qdoba, right around the corner and save yourself some time

Keegan Kuvach

Staff not wearing masks properly. If it’s not covering your nose you’re doing wrong. It’s super simple.

Ian B.

Tried it again 2 weeks later, but apparently no guacamole, so I guess since I prepaid online for it, but don't get it, no refund, and no notation/comment/anything? Poor customer service, and I'm done with this one. Portion size I also appallingly small compared to normal.

Brandon Pincombe

After a poor experience, Chipotle got in touch with me and made everything right. We ate there today and everything was perfect! Thanks!

Aran Daniels

Had to order ahead because of the Covid monster so I couldn’t watch them make my “3 carne asada tacos.” Half the meat was just fat also. Gross.

Eric LaPrairie

Consistently the worst food place in the area, been here at least a dozen times and it's always the worst. Half the time they don't have the majority of the ingredients, if this happens on your mobile order they'll just leave it out. If you order guac on the side it won't be there and they won't mention it or refund you for it. Literally stealing from you till you call them out. Sometimes their system is down but that doesn't matter to them because they'll take your order and tell you it'll be ready 30 minutes before it is. Would rate it 0 stars if I could.

Akari Gabrielle

This location seems incredibly dirty with workers who don't care about cleanliness, especially during a pandemic. They seem to care even less since customers aren't seeing the inside of the store. Usually there is sour cream or cheese smeared on the line that gets on every order. Burritos aren't wrapped well a lot of the time, and juices leak onto the rest of the order. I always get the Sofritas, but every once in a while there is a lot of issues with ordering at this store. The last two times I've ordered from there, they're has been steak in EVERY burrito. Not just a piece, but 5+ pieces. Both burritos from the previous order had it. Are they doing it on purposes? I've stopped going for months because of this before, time to just never go there again I guess. They seem to hire people who are immature and either think it's funny to mess with people, or don't have the discipline to keep a food place clean.

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