The Coach Sports Grille

26685 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 398-4411

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Susan M.

If I was just rating the food, I would give it five stars. Their (wood fired?) pizza is perfectly cooked every time so there is no floppy, soggy center. We’ve ordered carryout pizza on our way to SCS as well as dined in. My two kids and I can finish it before we arrive at their dads house. My half has four toppings (HOKP) to keep it simple. My kids’ half just has the meat.I’ve also been on an “egg on a burger” kick lately (the Coach burger hits the spot!) but I gotta try their suicide burger when my stomach is up for it (can’t handle spicy right now). The fresh fries are dusted with sea salt by some muscly and veiny arms (check out the chef #MeToo).For someone who prefers their soup to be served boiling, I could barely eat the fried cod. It singed the roof of my mouth and I’m pretty sure it warmed up the cole slaw. I managed to eat 1/3 of one fish before boxing it up. When I gave it to my exH in SCS, it was still warm. He said the batter was excellent and close to what is served in London (he lived there for six months).Service was really slow. I think we sat for 15 min before we were acknowledged. Another 15 min before we ordered food. Another 15 min for my can of beer (no glass). I only saw two servers and the place was packed with only one empty table. The service picked up once we received our food but by then, we were ready to leave for SCS since traffic had cleared.


Man oh man , its was awesome. great service, nice atmosphere and the food. It was incredible i couldn't even finish my plate

jerry oppat

The pizza and the French dip are amazing. All of the food is dynamite and the drinks are 5 star caliber.

Mary T.

This place is a hidden gem. It's so unassuming from the outside but it's quaint and the food is RIDICULOUS. I'm pretty sure they make everything their own, down to the fries and beets that go in the salad. Everything is fresh and tastes so good! I haven't had a single bad thing from here. In the past I've gotten their sweet potato fries (make sure to order the fries not the wedges, they're different), green beans, wings, burgers and my personal favorite is the Beet Salad. They have daily specials, definitely check those out!

Katherine Stengel

My guy n I had a margarita n played. Keno n won $25.00. The food coming out of the kitchen looked great too. They make. brick oven pizzas there. Must visit there when I'm hungry.

Marie Hiar

The coach has great food. Our waitress Chrysty is the best, stop in and see her.

Luc Prisby

Great restaurant, would highly recommend eating here... wonderful service with some of the best food around. The people here really know how to serve a drink as well.


Everyone needs to give this place a shot. Just ordered a drink with mint in it. After ordering, the waitress reaches over and tears a piece of mint off the herb garden for my drink. EVERYTHING is fresh here.

jacqie bryana

Me and my fiancé come here often. The danos pizza is our go to with a side of their Parmesan fries! It tastes even better every time we come back ! Wonderful service, good prices, uplifting atmosphere!

Seth Melrose

The food is absolutely incredible. From the outside I assumed it would be pretty "divey" but I was pleasantly surprised. Great pizza. Great burgers. Great rotating specials. One of my favorite places to eat.

Shelly Wisnowski

Fresh food, great prices. The Club sandwich is only $10 and very large. Taking half of it home.

Keri Reffet

Food was great and bartender was really didnt see any sporting atmosphere going on

Bake Lo

Great food and service. Drinks are on point! The place is a hidden gem.?

Shirley Thompson

Very clean. Great food. So glad they are up and running.

John E. Jorgensen

Their burgers are good but not as good as Monty's Grill

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