Crazy Sushi

1454 Twelve Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 548-8550

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Vic N.

Crazy Sushi is AMAZING! Probably one of the BEST sushi joints out there! Trust me! I have travelled to Japan! This truly is an authentic place! Pros:1. Authentic food2. The texture of the Tuna is unlike any other! It seriously is the best! He cuts the tuna very fine, as opposed to Noble Fish that chooses to use larger chunks! I love Noble Fish, but this Tuna roll kills theirs! 3. They have incredible baked rolls! I hate sweet crap, hence I stick with the yellow stove baked roll! It will take a minimum of 20 minutes to make, but it's well worth it! 4. Try the fried calamari roll as well! It's fantastic. 5. So, do you remember what to get! a. Large Spicy Tuna Roll b. Yellow Stone Baked Roll c. Spicy Scallop Roll d. Fried Calamari RollCons:1. They are located in Madison Heights, on John R, between 12 and 13. That's okay, however, the sign has died and is not lit. It makes the place hard to find. 2. The owner can sometimes be grumpy. However, he is nice most of the time! He's actually Korean! 3. The times are usually longer. The owner is a I've man show, therefore; your order may take around 3p minutes to make. Overall, I love this place! If you are a Sushi Lover, this is the place to BE! Love you, CRAZY SUSHI!

frankie bell

I've been sitting in ur parking lot for 30mins and he is still not here so dont expect him to be one time if u want sushi but great food just need to work on being on time

Joe Deponio

Website says open at 11:30 and nobody is there. It is now 12 and I'm going elsewhere. Way to fail.

Roger S.

This place has above average sushi. Sushi put me in a food coma. Customer service was great. Wish many blessings to this place.

Emily Harting

Our absolute favorite “hidden” gem in the area. We frequented there when we lived in Madison Heights, now we moved (not far) to royal oak and just nothing compares so we always make the trip for crazy sushi!! So fresh and delicious. The crazy dancing and crazy love rolls are top favorites of ours. The owner is super friendly and always accommodating. We’ve never had a bad experience ! Would definitely recommend 10/10. (California roll, Double Double + dancing sauce, and Crazy Love pictured).

Marian H.

They're open (May 2020), carry out only and just one worker. Great cleanliness. We got the healthy roll, a few hand rolls, seaweed salad, miso. Everything was delicious and beautifully presented. This seems like a place that cares about food and customer. So happy I found it!

Amy H.

Tried this place based on reviews, and decided this will be my new regular sushi spot. I believe the owner was the only one there and he was kind, quick and the sushi was just awesome. The sauce on the side with gyoza was soooo good. Not to mention, the price was super reasonable. The inside was just like a real Japanese restaurant, which I loved and made me miss visiting Japan. Highly recommend if you're looking to support a local business.

Phillip Szerlag

Have lived in Madison Heights for the past 6 or so months. Have gotten sushi from this wonderful restaurant multiple times! It is absolutely incredible. Hands down some of the best sushi you will ever have! Call plenty ahead of time before closing so he has enough time to complete your order. He is a one man show, but he puts on a great sushi experience!!!

dee dee

Amazing best sushi around

Charles Woods

Great ambience and super personal service. The meals were crisp and delightful. Will clearly recommend this spot to my friends. Convenient rates and big portions. Great job.

Cally S.

Very impressed! This tiny gem has been here for 13 years and I wish I knew sooner! The owner is very nice and the place is clean.i got my classic favorite the eel and cucumber roll and then tried something fun and "crazy" and I got the White Christmas baked roll and it was out of this world! I will definitely be back. It is a small place and he told me over 90% of his business is done carry out with good reason no more that 5 people could be eating in at a time. Non the less highly recommend.

James Oh

Yummy. Dude makes Sushi right. Delicious. And it looks like art. Small little sushi joints like this. Always seems to get the little details right.

Johnathon B.

Great little place for great sushi! Tucked back in a small shopping area, the owner is very friendly.


One of the best sushi places in town!

John Robson

Amazing food!! Owner is a great guy too!!

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