Hungry Howie's Pizza

30495 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 583-9944

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Jacqueline Morgante

Well, all I really wanted was bread sticks, a salad, and boneless wings tonight. I got pepperoni bread and bread sticks. The bbq wings were way too hot. Order completely wrong. From now on, Ill just eat at home. All these places paying $15/hr?

Nick Johnson

Want some Rona with your pizza? Seriously though, none of the were wearing masks tonight. We are seeing a huge uptick in the spread of Covid-19. Wearing a mask is literally the least you could do. The mask issue aside, there pizza is nothing to write home about and their bread sticks are the worst of any of the major chains. Spend your money somewhere that will respect your health and make better pizza.

Lillie Collins

Fresh and fast. Delicious pizza! Add extra cheese to the deep dish! Don't forget parmesan! Or just a get a 3 cheeser pleaser!

Mario Martinez

Nobody was wearing a mask... Very uncomfortable.

Ashley M.

Ordered a pizza about 7pm and was told it would be a 45min-1hr wait. No problem. An hour goes by and we still don't have our pizza. I called the store to check the order status and was told it was delivered. After arguing with the manager for about 10 minutes for not having a pizza here, she said it was delivered to the wrong address. Now having to wait 25 more minutes for a new pizza to be made. Overall horrible customer service.

Jax Bautista

Would absolutely recommend trying out this place. Exceptional mood, delightful dishes, excellent service. Great work.

James Leviege

Hungry Howie's is the best value pizza in the metro Detroit area. The star of the show, besides the buter cheese crust, is the salads. Great prices for great portions and quality.

Stephanie K.

Easy online ordering and quick delivery that followed professional covid-19 procedures.Pizzas were both DELICIOUS! But the thin crust was a little too crispy (aka burnt) for my personal preference, which is why it was 4 stars instead of 5.Flavor combinations of both pizzas were great, and a good topping to cheese ratio. I really love HH's flavored crusts but add in some stuffed crust and I feel extra af.I'd definitely get it from this location again.

Nichole M.

Absolutely Delish with the butter, Parmesan, garlic crust!!! Wings are covered with the right amount of sauce!

Lindsey Maresh

When you order takeout from your phone, the location auto defaults to the very first location if nothing pops up. We were in Steinhatchee Florida outside of a HH that was packed full because they didn't have enough staff. I tried to order online, and I guess that function for that location isn't operable... it auto defaulted to the MI 1st HH location. I immediately called and he said "it happens all the time, I will process a refund" ... That was at the beginning of July. I called about a week later and the guy pulled my order up and said the manager had to approve it.... It is August 1st now and I still don't have a refund. For something to 'happen all of the time' maybe you should fix the problem with online ordering if you're not going to honor the refunds you promised.


Ordered at 4:38pm it is currently 6:04pm and the tracker is still blinking on “make”. This is taking entirely too long and deters me from ordering again at this Hungry Howie’s.

Jeffrey Gulledge

The most tasteless pizza I ever had. The worst never again just threw $20

Leo Payton

Good food, not bad prices

Joey H.

Green lantern was closed and still had the craving for pizza. Hungry Howie's is never terrible from what I remember. Ordered a large cheese pepperoni bacon and brought it home. Immediately after biting into it something about the sauce was just not right. The whole pizza didn't have the texture of being fresh. I get it, we are all trying to get home and not have to be at work and stuff but something about some of the ingredients with this pizza I just bought is not up to the standard of a hungry Howie's in Dearborn per say. Get some new ingredients, maybe it was a bad batch, but yeah tho this pizza I still have, half eaten on my kitchen table did not "hit the spot"

Teri Zielinski

Delish Pizza and Breadsticks

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