Jimmy John's

32215 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 583-9200

Recent Reviews

Mark Lewandowski

Food was very good. Order accuracy was lacking.

Kynundrum B

Orderd a Italian sandwich at 530 they call me at 545 to say my order will be late another 30 to 40 minutes. The manager had the driver reroute during my delivery to go pick something up for him at another store and drop it off back there before heading out to get me my food. The only decent thing about this was that he called to tell me how soggy my sandwich will be upon delivery. THE cUSToMer COmEs FiRSt

Jessica Abdallah

I just ordered a veggie sub, and only got lettuce and cheese in it. Employee did not put anything else on the sandwich.Probably never coming here again.

Jeff Fiets

Freaky 20 minute wait for 2 cars in a drive through

Melissa Brady

Always clean, quick and friendly service

Robert Mercier

Jimmy Johns is freaky fantastic. Never have a bad sub regardless of the location.

TJ Kane

My usual Gargantuan Lettuce Wrap. Always good.

Joya Mills

I had a veggie sub and it was very good. Jimmy John's has a veggie sub that hands down beats every veggie sub I've ever had! The staff was real friendly. The dining room was very clean. Mask and social distancing protocol was followed.

Kaitlyn Ryan

They are the best! My order has been right and quick to be delivered, and I love their customer service. Very impressed!

Tim Thomas

Wife brought home lunch. Bread on both subs was stale.

Christopher Barry

Another great job by this location. They deliver a half hour late so that they miss my actual break time, even after having two hours from when I put in my order before delivery was needed, and after an hour goes by with my food sitting outside before I can get to due to its being late, they didn’t even bother to include the chips that supposed to go with the order. This is not a store that cares about their customers or their job performance.

Steven McConnell

The Jimmy John's closest to me is closed, so I was automatically designated to this one when ordering online. Although I'm outside their delivery zone, they still delivered to me which I really appreciated. However, the food took an hour to get here and they forgot one of my items, hence the 3 stars.

Kimberly B.

Close to work and quick service makes this Jimmy John's a great option. Regardless of whether I go through the drive thru or sit down to eat, always terrific service. Most commonly order the #6 the vegetarian

Rene Forte

Sandwich maker had no idea what he was doing..Said I was allergic to tomatoes twice, still got them on my sandwich

Margaret Topous

Always polite and customer-focused. Delicious sandwiches on fresh bread. Would be a little happier if they were more generous willing fillings and less with mayo.

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