Jimmy John's

32215 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 583-9200

Recent Reviews

Joya Mills

I had a veggie sub and it was very good. Jimmy John's has a veggie sub that hands down beats every veggie sub I've ever had! The staff was real friendly. The dining room was very clean. Mask and social distancing protocol was followed.

Kaitlyn Ryan

They are the best! My order has been right and quick to be delivered, and I love their customer service. Very impressed!

Tim Thomas

Wife brought home lunch. Bread on both subs was stale.

Christopher Barry

Another great job by this location. They deliver a half hour late so that they miss my actual break time, even after having two hours from when I put in my order before delivery was needed, and after an hour goes by with my food sitting outside before I can get to due to its being late, they didn’t even bother to include the chips that supposed to go with the order. This is not a store that cares about their customers or their job performance.

Steven McConnell

The Jimmy John's closest to me is closed, so I was automatically designated to this one when ordering online. Although I'm outside their delivery zone, they still delivered to me which I really appreciated. However, the food took an hour to get here and they forgot one of my items, hence the 3 stars.

Kimberly B.

Close to work and quick service makes this Jimmy John's a great option. Regardless of whether I go through the drive thru or sit down to eat, always terrific service. Most commonly order the #6 the vegetarian

Rene Forte

Sandwich maker had no idea what he was doing..Said I was allergic to tomatoes twice, still got them on my sandwich

Margaret Topous

Always polite and customer-focused. Delicious sandwiches on fresh bread. Would be a little happier if they were more generous willing fillings and less with mayo.

John Hook

Great sandwiches!

Lee DeGraaf

Best bread for subs.

Matthew Buckman

Friendly, pretty fast and always clean. Great place for a quick lunch. Never had a bad experience here at all.

Kali K.

Never really have been found of Jimmy Johns subs but certainly after acknowledging he had proudly murdered an elephant , such a beautiful exquisite creature, this brand will remain shamed. Rot in hell, said owner of Jimmy Johns Corporation and may you lose significant amounts of business.

Sean W.

Well I suggest getting delivery elsewhere as they charge $2.99 to deliver one sandwich now... hmmm I checked some of the delivery apps, all had free promos... I got a competitor's grub with no delivery fee... and our local JJs charges a $1.50 and that is in CA with much higher costs...

Julian Hickey

The lettuce wraps here is the stuff but cost a bit for 2 of them, I was full off of 1. If you don't mind spending some for a sandwich with out bread might be a nice lunch

B. Lee

I'm on the fence on how to review this place. Staff are polite and friendly. So 5 stars there. They were gloves when they prepare your meals. So 5 stars there. They price points are decent. So 4 stars there. Taste is pretty darn good. So 4.5 stars there. But after consuming my tuna lettuce wrap ..I had a weird taste in my mouth and felt extremely ill afterwards. Unfortunately, 1 star there. Would I consider going back and giving them another try possibly. You guys should also consider having a rewards or loyalty program in place for patrons to join.

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