Jimmy John's

1535 E 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 541-5112

Recent Reviews

Dan Sorbie

Food was made freaky fast and freaky delicious! Jimmy johns never disappoints

Russel Jacobson

Great sandwiches but a little on the pricey side?

Pep Tall

Have given a few more tries by ordering again from this store, and the service has been much better. Today's was very fresh!

Amanda G

If you want your food quickly, I recommend picking it up on your own or going elsewhere. That's it.


Tasty food. Quick drive-thru. Friendly staff.

David Malesev

This location is God awful. Do yourself a favor and drive the extra couple of miles to the Twelve and Mound location.

Joe Banks

They allowed me to order because there other store was closing early at 7 pm then I try again they denied even gave the girl a 5 dollar tip if u can’t deliver to a area keep it like that 24/7 don’t make acception for one day

Alonso Enriquez

This particular store is not freaky fast at all, it is actually pretty slow. The attached picture was for only one sandwich, as someone else mentioned this store is severely mismanaged, food was good though, but service could be better. Order pickup is also a hit and miss, sometimes they tell you to stand by the the front door to get your food and sometimes they tell you to use the drive thru.

Rebecca Oden

Amazing service! Amazing food! The young man Justin or Austin I think he told me his name was, got me my order in less than 5 minutes ! Talk about freaky fast

Ashley S.

I love Jimmy Johns, I just don't love this location. Or maybe just this night in particular when Charlotte was working. Times are hard enough during a pandemic but it's even worse ordering carry out with an employee rushing you. I hadn't even gotten my credit card back when I asked if she could scoop the bread out. "Too late" she said. Then coming back to tell me it already came that way. So right there tells me she doesn't know the sandwiches. I asked for a receipt and she not so kindly told me it was already in the bag then slammed the window shut. No 'thank you' no 'have a nice night'. I got tomato's on it after I asked for no tomatoes. Also, I ordered a medium drink and you gave me and charged me for a large, Charlotte. Thanks.

Tumpa Khan

Very poor drive thru communication skills. Can not get order correct had to speak to manager to get my order. Absolutely awful customer service.

Bryan Knapp

Was waiting in drive through for 15 mins without line moving !

A Ann

Rest In Heaven, SUBWAY. Jimmy Johns been murdered ya! I ordered online, received my delivery Freaky Fast (Less than 15 minutes) and it's slappn'! I ordered a #4 Turkey Tom Unwich with Bacon......YUMMMMMM!!

MaKayla Greer

Freaking fast delivery? That’s a joke with this location, I’ve ordered delivery 3 different times from this location and it always takes about 45 minutes. Also they don’t know what light lettuce means at all, every time I get sub all I’m eating is lettuce

No name Me

I come to this Jimmy John's because they have a drive-thru and I have two crazy kids and every time I order the plain tuna slim I barely get any tuna. And for $7 thats a RIP OFF. This time they asked if I wanted cheese, i asked if there's a charge she said no I paid and then I saw the receipt got charged for cheese.

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