Lao Pot

32707 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 689-9888

Recent Reviews

Pa Da V.

It was a lot slower than we have anticipated with getting our food but totally understandable due to Covid. They were really good about keeping 6ft distance. The food was amazing, the Tom yum broth is my favorite and I also love the house special broth.

Emily T.

It was alright... I paid extra money for the teddy bear butter. All of my friends that went here told me that they would put the bear separately and you get to put it in the broth yourself. The broth came out and the butter bear was already in the pot, melting...

Karen S.

This hot pot place is amazing! The base soups are delicious and flavorful and the meat platters were fresh, and melted in my mouth. The vegetables were also very fresh. The workers were wearing masks and were quite clean. I was initially afraid to dine in since this was our first time dining in during the pandemic, but was pleasantly surprised. Our server was very informative on how to order and suggested several types of platters which we devoured! The experience was immaculate! Definitely check this place out, I will be returning!

Michelle Auyeung

This is by far the best hot pot place in the area. They have a great selection of food on their menu. Their signature soup base is the best even my kids love it. My kids loves the food especially their popcorn chicken.The staffs are very attentive and friendly. We will definitely be coming back!

Christopher Guiao

Great experience, great service. One of the few hot pot type restaurants in the area, but it's definitely worth it. Love eating here

Victoria Sun

Decent food and good atmosphere

Christopher Guiao

Great food, Great broth. Never had bad service, even on busy nights. Only gripe are the benches with the wooden wheels, makes it hard to get up. As one of the few hot pot options in the area, I recommend you try the experience.

Alexis N.

Service was bad, was ignored for a large portion of my visit here. Broth and meat quality is subpar. Sad that this is the only hotpot place in Detroit.

Wally 73450

Fun experience! Customize your "soup" and cook right at your table.

Anthony Polito

Food is fantastic - was thrilled to see a hot pot restaurant open near me and I was not disappointed. Great spot for a date or for a big group of family/friends


Excellent food, wonderful staff, great atmosphere. Support this restaurant they deserve it!

Albert T.

Doesn't seem to have a lot of competition for hotpot in the area and has a great selection. Most of their ingredients seem the same found in 168 nearby.We had a great time and enjoyed that everyone had their own hotpot. This allowed everyone to choose from a variety of broths to suit their palates and spice tolerance.Food was good with a wide selection. We ordered a variety of meats, vegetables, and other items including pig brain, which was definitely new to most of our party.

James Kehoe

Hot pot is a must experience. If you are new to it watch a few youtube videos before going. It is like and advanced fondue experience. Probably not for everybody so research first. Huge variety of foods be adventurous and you will find something new. Be forewarned mild is hot enough for most.

Binh N.

This is our favorite spot. Everything is good and the staffs are very friendly. We'll definitely come back.

David N.

Came here with my buddy because we were craving some hot pot. They have these skewers that were super bomb. They gave us a menu to checkoff what we wanted in our hot pot. The hot pot was delicious but we thought we were "manly" enough to get a little bit spicy and boy were we wrong...If you do not handle spice well please do not get any lol. our hot pot bowl had 2 dragon heads on the ends as handles for extra kudo points.

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