LC'S Asian Kitchen

29070 N Campbell Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 584-2505

Recent Reviews

Robb Zimmerman

amazing food made by great people!

Lovely Endearment

Food was very good. Authentic Chinese food and they have different dishes than other Chinese restaurants. Portions are large and prices are reasonable. Only doing take out and practice CDC.

Kyle Price

Very bad pickup experience during COVID crisis. They pile your orders in the window and everyone is outside huddling around trying to read the little print on the receipt to see if it’s their order. Then if it is your Ofer you step into a very small cubicle part of the entrance where there is no ventilation. I would not recommend pickup here during COVID.

Peter Clouse

This place is on point. Almond shrimp is so good. For being such a little hole in the wall of a place it’s the best. Quick service and the food is always good. Totally worth a try.

Rachel T.

Covid update:I ordered sesame chicken and shrimp with Chinese vegetables. They have plexiglass and a pick up window. You just go into the first door to pay and pick it up.I am happy with the shrimp and mixed vegetables. Depending on the restaurant, sometimes there's only four pieces of shrimp so I don't usually order this dish. Today it was a really good ratio of shrimp to vegetables and it tasted really good too. So would get this dish again if from LC's!

Brian Masserman

I was recently hire by Doordash to photograph this restaurant's popular dishes. I was pleasantly surprised by the staff's great service and enthusiasm. They seemed very busy with carryouts during this pandemic and recently remodeled so when they re-open their dining room, their customers will be greeted with a a new and fresh look. I had the opportunity to taste several of the dishes pictured here and I must say they were delicious, consistent and fresh! I highly recommend this small restaurant to all of those that wish to enjoy great asian food at affordable prices.

Nicole H.

Why do they act like the soy sauce packets are gold? They cost them like...less than $.05. The owner lady was EXTREMELY rude when asked for more. She YELLED at my fiance & said NO YOU HAVE ENOUGH! He said, I just need a couple extra & she again YELLED at him YOU HAVE ENOUGH & walked away. We got 2 in the bag. TWO! Does it really matter THAT much to give a total of 4?!?! For this reason alone, I doubt we will be going back. This has been our place for Chinese for yrs but if this is how you treat a loyal customer, we will find a new place that isn't GREEDY over a couple of stupid soy sauce packets. Not to mention RUDE for such a dumb reason. ANYONE that ever asked where we go for Chinese, we told them LCs. Not anymore, I will make sure to tell them not to go there. I hear Young's is great but I was loyal to LCs. I guess I will be trying Youngs!

Layli R.

Really good, I think it's a good substitute for Peking House. Although their breading is really hard on the sesame chicken and general chicken. Should offer in non breaded. Great portion, and the fried dumplings are awesome.

Liz P.

3.5/5 but I will found up to 4 stars. I had been wanting to try out this restaurant for a while, and I had a DoorDash gift card to use and saw that they were on there, so I placed an order tonight.I ordered a pint of wonton soup and the pepper beef. I made a note asking for mild spice for the pepper beef, just in case, and they followed instructions. The wonton soup was good but nothing special. The beef was a good deal because it was one of their dinner specials, where you get egg fried rice and an egg roll with it. You can also pay a little bit more to upgrade to a spring roll.The egg roll came with what I think was duck sauce and it was delicious. The dinner itself was a very generous portion and I definitely have enough for lunch tomorrow. The beef was a little bit salty and it came with something that looked like capers, when I looked it up apparently it's green peppercorns and it's often used in Thai food.I give this place an extra half star for its packaging: it wrapped the entree styrofoam in an additional bag, which was good because it was leaking a bit, and it also put some styrofoam in between layers in the bag (one layer was my soup and also some crispy wontons, second layer was my entree).I wouldn't rush to order LCs again, but the food that I got was pretty good overall. On DoorDash the dinner combos are like $12-13 which isn't bad, either (and I'm willing to bet it's even cheaper at the restaurant itself).

Scott D.

Egg drop soup was too thick, crab Rangoon were too salty, beef onion had too much starch very disappointed in their food

Arturo F.

There aren't many Chinese takeout places around here, let alone many good ones. But LC's is consistently good and usually very quick. I love their General Tso's chicken and fried rice, but everything I've tried there tasted great.They've also committed themselves to keeping everyone safe during the pandemic, and they only allow one customer in at a time for carryout and have the cash register separated from customers by plexiglass.

Dana G.

My first time ordering and I will DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK!! I got the Almond Chicken lunch with Wonton Soup and everything was on point!!! I love a good wonton soup that actually has vegetables in there and not just a couple noodles. The only thing missing was duck sauce for the eggrolls but the egg roll was spot on by its own I just enjoy a sweet dip with my eggrolls and that's just my opinion.

Jeremy Johnson

Very neat and convenient place. They offer big portions and for fair rates. I liked the meals very much and the staff were very personal and chatty. Recommended.

Laurie A.

Still my favorite Asian food restaurant. I drive past several Asian restaurants on my way here. Great fresh food. Family owned business and family run. Mom, Dad and Grandmother. Only take out now. They are very COVID compliant. I do not worry eating here.

Lauralyn C.

Every time I try Chinese food it's a crap shoot. Literally. One night it's good, the next 2 are bad. Try another place and it's worse. Ughh. So here I am again, driving on the other side of town where I don't usually get food, 2 crabby hungry kids in tow, searching for a good new place to call my NEW favorite place.Just a note: it seems not many businesses have updated their hours since COVID. I only ended up here because I drove out of my way for a place that closed earlier than posted online/on Yelp. Well thank you just this once or I wouldn't have found this gem!!I called and ordered my usual Chinese fare, sweet and sour chicken combo sauce on the side, which comes with pork fried rice with diced carrots and peas. (Loving that! Any way to get veggies in the better, and some Chinese restaurants are so cheap they serve fresh mixed with old rice and egg... YUCK!!) Combo also comes with an egg roll. I decided to add 2 spring rolls to see how well they make them here.Let me just say, I have a hard time rating restaurants 5 stars if it's not a 5 star restaurant... as in... Iridescence or The Whitney lol, but out of all the many Chinese restaurants I've tried all over 3 counties, this has by far been the best, which is why they get 5 in their class (and such a lengthy review lol).If they can maintain that level consistently (is the REAL question), I no doubt believe they could have many successful locations in their own buildings and not a strip mall. I wish them prosperity!You must try them, looks were definitely deceiving tonight. I will be trying much more of their menu soon!

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