LC'S Asian Kitchen

29070 N Campbell Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 584-2505

Recent Reviews

Joe B.

Best Chinese takeout in the area. Their wonton soup is amazing. Love the pork fried rice. Really no complaints awesome all the way around.

Tyler Gallant

By far the best Chinese food in the area. Generals chicken is incredible!

Susan M.

I haven't had help with lawn work since 2013 when I had my last baby. It's weird but incredibly kind and refreshing that my friend volunteered to mow the lawn twice while I was recovering from surgery. I offered food and he suggested this place and raved about the general Tsos chicken. Unforgivably, his wife excitedly offered to pick up some carryout for dinner, which I think was her excuse to get away from their kids. Lol. Yes, the General Tsos was spectacular (five stars)! It's made with thigh meat so the chicken was flavorful and slightly chewy with the extra fattiness of the dark meat. The breading and glaze were perfect. Very similar to the original recipe from NYC. The sweet n sour chicken (four stars) had a delicious red sauce mixed with green peppers and pineapples. My kids loved the leftovers. The kung pao chicken (four stars) tasted Ok. I thought the vegetables were overcooked but the flavors were excellent. The egg fried rice was kind of bland (3 stars). I would upgrade to chicken fried rice next time. I thought the egg roll (2 stars) may have been frozen because of the consistency of the vegetables. I freeze homemade egg rolls and the veggies tend to be on the mushier side. The rangoons (3 stars) have too much crab and not enough cream cheese filling. The hot n sour soup (3 stars) was missing something. Maybe sesame oil and white pepper? The consistency and veggie mix were right, just tasted wrong.

Mrs Foster

Just ordered from door dash. I HAVE NEVER HAD CHINESE FOOD FLAVORED SO GOOD!!! MY NEW FAVORITE CHINESE RESTAURANT. It's delicious. My kids even like it.

Stephen Watzman

I dont know how it took me so long to find this place. There are a lot of good Chinese restaurants in this area, but everything i’ve had from LCs is fire. The dumplings are clearly handmade and I am craving them as I write this after just smashing 5 of them and being super full. Just order from here and thank yourself later.

Sarah Myers

The egg rolls were the only decent thing I had. I tried the sweet and sour chicken, and it was not good at all. The fried rice is okay, and the chop suey was not good at all. It tastes nothing like an other Chinese food I've ever had. The taste and texture are off. I honestly would not recommend going there unless you've never had real Chinese food.

Kim T.

Straight-up, good Chinese takeout! I had given up trying to find good Chinese until LC's. I read some reviews for dishes and we narrowed our choices down to Sesame Chicken, Orange Beef, and the house special fried rice! The sesame chicken is so flavorful and nestled in the crunch is actual chicken meat, and not all batter. The orange beef has some of the best texture I've had as it's crunchy and tender and not chewy. If you can get down with some fried rice, do yourself a favor and get the house special. It's loaded with chicken, pork and shrimp and could be a meal in itself. We decided against the combos and ordered as 3 separate dishes and between two people, we will make this work for 3 meals each! I highly recommend if you love you some Chinese takeout! We loved our dishes but would be happy to explore some more in the future!

David G.

The first time eating from here and we were pleasantly surprised I'm giving this a five star review because out of four separate dishes the family gave everything two thumbs up. We'll be going back Soon.

Julie G.

Our normal place near our home was not open so we decided to give LC's a try since the reviews have been fairly good and we were really wanting chinese food. The crab rangoon was some of the best I have ever had as it definitely had a great crab flavor and was pretty crunchy. Egg Drop Soup was also good. Was slightly disappointed with the Kung Pao Chicken as the sauce was a little watery and there really wasn't a lot of chicken to be found. It tasted good but pretty different from other places that I've had this dish. Mongolian Beef was similar...good flavor but not much beef. We will be ordering again and trying some new dishes.

Kelly C.

Thank you, LC's Asian Kitchen for still cooking up delicious and quick Asian dishes! During these though times that we face people still want reliable good tasting food. Many businesses are not open and for the ones that are I truly appreciate! My boyfriend ordered the Orange Beef with white rice and I had the won ton soup with combination fried rice. We had so much food we were able to share! The Orange Beef is AMAZING!! Crisp edges and tender! Cooked with a sauce that is slightly sweet but with a little spice. I love how they prepared the fried rice not too salty and you have room to add additional soy sauce if you would like. The combo fried rice came with nice size shrimp, chicken, and pork! It's a must try!

Beth B.

We came here for the first time tonight. They did a great job with takeout, practicing excellent covid 19 safety precautions. We ordered egg drop, hot and sour, crab rangoons, egg rolls, sesame chicken and Szechuan chicken. What we loved: the portions are huge and a very good value. The sesame chicken (my husband can't stop raving about it.) It's crispy and sweet and prepared with white meat chicken. The egg drop soup, delicious and smoky just like we like it. Crab rangoons, also huge and filled with very flavorful crab cream cheese. What was ok: Szechuan chicken, full of fresh veggies and a very healthy portion, just lacked something special for me other than a healthy stir fry. Fried rice, good, a little bland but good, not amazing. What we didn't like: egg rolls, in my opinion, complete garbage. The only thing inside was bland overcooked cabbage. Hot and sour soup, wayyyyy too sour, almost wondering if it was a mistake. Dipping sauce for crab rangoons and egg rolls tastes like a vinaigrette instead of a sweet dipping sauce. I would ask for sweet and sour sauce or something if they don't have anything else available. Overall we liked it, just want to try some other entrees next time. Although my husband can't get enough sesame chicken, so he'll probably get that again!

Paul C.

Food is on point. I've explored the menu a decent amount. Recs are the squid, chicken with mixed vegetables, egg foo is great, gen. Chicken is so good it's painful because the portions are huge and the food is delicious (can't stop eating it) I always get the wonton soup. I have only not absolutely loved one menu item that was the moo shu, but a friends swears by it. Wonderful family that owns this place. Son runs register daughter plays host. She's like 8!!

James K.

Very good food , pf Chang's or LC's is all I can eat. The egg rolls are very authentic and delicious. Nice and spotless place too which is what I look for.

David Collins

So, due to covid 19 they shut down for awhile. When I found they were opened back up for carryout, I was ecstatic, my boys love the sesame and almond chicken. When I arrived, I was very impressed by there new "pickup window". They have adapted to protect their family and customers. My food was fantastic, as always.

Rieale L.

In the midst of COVID-19, it's near impossible to find Chinese food in Royal Oak. All of our favorites are shut down, but someone suggested LC's. They just recently opened back up with limited hours and menu. We ordered tonight for the first time and couldn't be happier with their shrimp PadThai, general chicken, egg drop soup and hot and sour. The only hiccup was that it took about 30 times of calling in to place our orders as we kept getting the answering machine, but they are obviously crazy busy and doing the best they can. Our food was ready within 40 minutes on a Friday night. They were practicing safety measures and the quality was top notch. We will return again during the shut down and after.

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