Madhouse Bar & Grill

32787 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights
(248) 951-8955

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I personally love this bar and you can DINE IN IGNORE GOOGLE FOR ONCE ?


Great food! Nice scene. Bartender was awesome. Fair prices?? this is an individual sized pizza & it tasted good. Sweet sauce. Fresh Toppings cheese was perfect. A guy sitting beside me had a baked fish dinner with rice & vegetables that smelled phenomenal & looked even better. Definitely coming back.

Paul Przywara

Great food. Great wait staff. Great atmosphere. ?

Noah Mamo

Beer was cheap, so that's always a plus. What this place lacks in character it makes up for with ample parking, TV screens, and a spectacularly predictable bar food menu. You can do better, but you can do a lot worse.

Miguel Sanchez

Katie is a fantastic bartender and this place always has top notch service I come here around once a month when I travel on business. They have great food and display a cozy family atmosphere. Highly recommended

Daniska Margie

Great food and loyal staff.

Jim O.

A retirement party of about 70 people attending. Very cramped. They only had one waitress for this amount of people. Kinda strange. Many people ended up waiting at the bar for drinks. Buffet style dinner. If you like gravy, this would have been your favorite buffet. Timing on keeping the food restocked was a bit off. Everyone was missing 1-2 items. Food actually didn't taste too bad. Entire place was quite busy. Think I would try here again, ordering off the regular menu.

R Mohammed Mahsud

One of the best if not the best place to get great food at an inexpensive price. The wait staff is always really friendly and very efficient. Great place to have a couple tall boys with your buddies.

Robert Pratt

We were there this evening (Valentine's Day) a group of 3 couples. Our waitress was great, the food was quite good and it was a nice atmosphere a bit noisy but where we were sat it was no distraction to our conversations. Will definitely return.

John Roggenbuck

Nice place, friendly staff, our waitress Tabitha was great and very attentive. Food was great as well. First time there and will definitely be back. ?

Dennis Bischof

Best spot to get something when in a rush. The customer service is swift, prices are fair, fantastic vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

J Mccall

I always come by getting some food in this place. I enjoy the swift service and well prepared dishes. Great work.

andrew schoof

I was sitting next to a table that found a bug in their food. I do not know if there was in fact a bug or not, but the way the staff handled it was off putting. The waitress yelled at them and the manager was talking over the females at the table. They didn't even offer to remove the salad, they brought her the same salad back. I paid my bill and left. I won't return to a place that treats people of color that way and you shouldn't either.

Da'jia Walton

If i could give this place 0 stars i would there was a bug in my salad and the manager was extremely rude about the situation. He tried to convince me that it was black pepper because his chef said so like come on i know what a bug looks like. I would not feed my worse enemy food from this place. Don't waste your time or money.

Da'jia W.

I would give this place 0 stars if I could there was a bug in my food and the manager tried to tell me it was black pepper. He Haaretz a attitude because I did not want the salad and even yelled at me because I told him it was a bug. His customer service was horrible and they should definitely look into new management. I will never spend another penny in this place and hopes the health department shuts them down. This comment is in response to the owner Curtis, I have no reason to lie about anything you weren't even there so let's mention that, also we didn't eat none of our food your sorry excuse of a manger can back me up there because he took our plates away that were filled with food. You're a disgusting person and the fact you don't even care that your food had bugs in it and someone tried to serve that to me is concerning. You waitress was rude and your manager was extremely combative and aggressive I left without paying a penny because I didn't even get to eat my food so explain to me what I was supposed to be paying for?? I hope no one else will have to endure this poor excuse of service that you are defending. Have a great day though and maybe consider calling an exterminator!

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