Mimi's Pizza

28931 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 677-4355

Recent Reviews

jim maruf

Stopped here for a snack on our way back to the Home. Had the wings and Burger and some special sauce . Appetizer was very good - wings spicy but not too spicy and were excellent. Server was excellent and friendly, knowledgeable. Would stop in again if in the area. It's a chain but pretty good - better than most. Prices very reasonable comparing to the food.


Okay, I was surfing the website for a pizza place, and Lo and behold jackpot. Okay, this is the best pizza. I dare you to try this pizza compared to others. The customer service is nothing but quality. The honour that the business has for the community is beautiful. It's nothing like having your pizza made by Chefs that have a passion to make you (and family and friends) more then happy.

Mr. Porter

100% Halal, I always drive from Detroit to get the best halal pizza in Michigan. I recommend everyone to get the best pizza in the State.

Ahmed Chowdhury

Great halal foods to love and enjoy. Great service. Definitely would recommend!

Masa Nasief

I got a beef pepperoni and it was super delicious! It was like a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza but better because of the meat used. I thought it was interesting that they baked the pepperoni under the cheese. So good!!

Mustafa Fares

Enjoyed myself with my boys dining in there. The food was amazing and the owner is very personable. Highly recommend and will definitely be coming back!

Opu Zaman

Very Good Pizza. Good value for the price. Most importantly, it is fully halal, including Cheese. They have a certificate hanging in their store to prove it. I highly recommend it. At least try them out.

Fathallah Aly

It was really good food and the customer service is spectacular. Got a meat lover's pizza and it was delicious and not greasy. Definitely worth trying

areeb islam

Just tried out this place for the first time and am very impressed. The owner is very kind and welcoming and the food is amazing. I will definitely be back.

Masum Chowdhury

Owner insisted for me to leave a review before I arrive, but that defeats the purpose of a review. All I had was one pizza NOTHING else my total was 24$. These are California prices in 12 mile Michigan, unacceptable for below average food. All reviews are from family members or owner pressuring customers with incentives. These are the type of people that will charge you for ketchup and napkins. Hamtramck is the only option for good halal pizza. AVOID

Shoaib R.

This spot is offering carryout service from 4:30pm to 9:00pm during COVID. I recommend the Mimi's Beef Burger. It was flavorful, well-priced, and well-constructed. I am also very pleased to see that is halal-certified through HFSAA, which is one of the most reputable and reliable halal agencies, which monitors for hand-slaughtered meat.

Isshaq Ahmed

This is the best place ever we had tasted. If you didn’t tasty yet you should go right now and tasty the menus. Yam Yam??

Charlie Gendron

This pizza is the best we've had in awhile. Definitely the best I've had around this area and the manager is very friendly and generous. Great find. We'll be back.

Mona Miner

The pizza is wonderful! I tried their tandoori chicken pizza and it was marvelous, their garlic cheese bread could be a meal in and of itself and their homemade ranch dressing...ooohhh yeah. The gentleman (staff) are so funny and very friendly. Not only do they make pizza, they have a very big menu of food to choose from. Hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, salads I can go on and on. This is our new and only place for pizza/food now. They are also reasonable in price, trust me.

Sage G.

Great service, fresh ingredients and great tasting pizza! We were disappointed with Jets, Green Lantern and Buddy's and gave this place a go. Got 2 large chicken and pepperoni pizza. We're really happy to have found this place! Definitely will be back.

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