Noodle Topia

30120-30140, John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 591-4092

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Kevin O.

It's been a day and I already can't wait to go back. Szechuan Bowl and Soup Dumplings were great, a ton of flavor but not too spicy, and the bubble iced tea was a perfect complement. Loved it!

Scott D.

We used to like this restaurant, but likely won't be coming back.Noodles were very hard, and not chewy.Broth was meh.Restaurant tables and chairs were not wiped down.The onion pancakes lacked flavor, texture was grainy/beanie.The soup dumplings were not very soupy. Their soup offerings are not interesting.The service was lacking- slow, did not check up on us.

James Bradbury

Almost took a star off because my online order didn't go through and my takeout bag didn't come packed with any extra sauce. Got the beef noodle soup and the chive dumpling. For 18 bucks and some change it was a little pricey, but the portions are generous and high quality.I feel like a little Chinese hot sauce would have elevated it to absolutely god tier, but to be fair I did get some fairly basic food. The chive dumpling is a delightful mix of yummy umami flavors including with the hand pulled noodles and egg. Pastry dough outer layer was delicious and flaky, there was just a lot of hearty body to it and I mean that in the best way possible.The beef noodle soup was also great, but I get the sense that it's probably the most basic thing on the menu. Yummy cilantro and green onion flavor in the broth, chewy yummy noodles, cuts of beef with just the right amount of fat. Just wish I'd ordered something spicy, but I can't detract from them for that.I'd way rather go here than Ima, and aside from maybe JNK in Detroit I can't recommend any other local spot more highly for Asian noodles of any kind. I mean there are some super cheap Thai places I love, but that's a totally different vibe. I'll be back soon.

Salma I.

Food was phenomenal! So much flavor and it was actually spicy and had a nice kick to it. The wait staff was so nice and pleasant. The dining room area was very spacious so easily could keep 6 ft away from other diners. Wonderful experience will be back again!


Great little out of the way place to grab a noodle soup, perfect ? for anyone who is looking for noodles ? or has friends who are of Asian decent. You will have to park behind the building and enter from the rear door.

Amy J.

Best and most authentic food EVER. Amazing noodles- they have to be made in-house. The Szechuan noodles and soup dumplings are our favorites. We have been getting takeout since the pandemic prevents us from eating out, and they do a wonderful job packaging everything so it stays fresh!

A M.

I missed the parking lot first time around. Just did takeout for my first order, beef noodle bowl and pork bun! Bowl is flavorful and filling porn bun is a nice surprise but also delicious. Have to dine in next time not too crowded at lunch time!

Kitty Whit

Food was amazing. Service is polite and efficient. Super nice, clean decor. Very well-maintained. I would highly highly recommend.Edit: 6 months later and this is still one of my favorite restaurants locally. One of the only things I have left quarantine in search of besides groceries. It's a "don't miss". If you haven't tried it yet, do so.

Kelly Daugherty

The food and service were beyond my expectations. We surely enjoyed the vibes of this place. Awesome spot to take the family out for dinner.

Anamul Islam

Wish I would have taken pictures, but my dining experience was perfect. My noodle dish was amazing. I ordered the beef noodles... or something along those lines, it was picture perfect and delicious. The dining experience was magnificent. And the inside of this place was immaculate. I’ll definitely be back just to add pictures to this review!

Shannon Kennedy

Can't praise this place enough! The food is always delicious and the service is great. You can see them hand toss noodles while waiting which is pretty cool and I really just can't emphasize how good everything tastes. There's also a great atmosphere here and I can't wait to see if we can sit at the outside seating when it gets warmer!

Stephanie Newcomb

The portions were a good size for the amount. The people there were very friendly.

Nicholas S.

I've been here twice. Both times I got something different. From my experience their food is really good. One of the best noodle places I've been to.

Felicia Loi

Really good hand pulled noodles. I usually dont like lamb but the lamb noodles are pretty good. The second time i was here i got the braised beef noodles with the thicker noodles. The noodles are nice and chewing and have a good texture to them. The braided beef was amazing and definitely a new favorite of mine with the addition of a little bit of chili oil. I also ordered the soup dumplings and agree with everyone else that there's no soup in them however the taste of the dumplings were really good. I also got the green onion pie. It's one of my favorite appetizers and you definitely have to eat them first because they're best when they're warm and fresh.

Peter Shillingford

Spectacular. I just heard about this place. I went for lunch, ordered pork dumplings and it was crazy good. Don't tell anyone but I enjoyed it so much I ordered a second lunch; pork noodle soup. That was double crazy good.

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