Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

31805 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 577-5870

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Wendy Maxwell

I had the best waiter I have ever had in all my years of coming to Red Robin. Iver is the best!

Ann Marie

Had cold food, wrong orders and plastics silverware.

Erica Lapham

Go see Hunter he is a must have waiter. Very attentive, respectful and energetic.

Shaakira S.

Great service during Covid. On a Saturday evening where it should have been a dinner rush. The restaurant exceeded my expectations. They sat us with no wait and our server was amazing. His name was Keith he saw we had children and made sure our food was prompt on coming out and everything was so fresh and he remembered key details. My son likes mustard only. Which definitely is a plus when u have a toddler. I highly recommend him if you visit this location.


Was my first time to a Red Robin, Server was EXCELLENT. DECORE pleasant in facility & Bath, Food Very Good! Overall pleasant experience!

Julia G.

Even before Covid this location can never get a simple carry out order right. Always having to wait for the right meal while the rest of my parties food goes cold and they offer no apologizes, just snarky remarks. Even when I have them repeat the order back several times in the phone.

Matthew Buckhannon

Today me and my family decided grudgingly to try going out to eat again. It's not the restaurants fault, but we have found a lower level of quality during the shutdowns... Today my mind was changed. There is a value to good service even during a hard time. Totally understand that everyone is going through a rough spot, but our waiter Wan change our opinion. Thought about giving up on this restaurant, but Wan's interaction with my family and his realness showed me the level of people who are still in the service industry. I'll come back here, not particularly for the burgers even though they were good, but the level of service I received touts that the industry is still fighting. Thank you for your struggles and thank you for continuing to show that good people are working. Your efforts are not lost with me and my family.

Johan Buckhannon

Food was pretty good but service was amazing. Our waiter said I don't know if you will finish that but he offered desert if he finished it. He finished it and got a free dessert.

Michelle S

They’re great in person, but if you order through a delivery service, half of the items will be missing and/or bad quality. I ordered a meal for my family after having lost my mom and half of the people were not able to eat because their food was simply not there. I paid a quite a bit of money for that too. Very disappointed.

Jacqueline Morgante

Food here has been going downhill since Covid. Food is overpriced with poor quality. My cheeseburger was awful and soggy. How about draining the water from lettuce and tomatoes? Crispy onions were stringy. Sad to say this used to be a favorite restaurant, I won't be returning. Honestly, tonight McDonald's would have been a better option.

Dove C.

I ordered pickup from here, which Grubhub told me was ready, but in actuality the order wasn't even in the restaurant's system (and yep we confirmed the address matched up). But never fear, inside dining is here! Thankfully we were able to sit down and order our meal. SO good and fresh! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next visit!

Megan Vohs

Curbise due to Covid. Ordered a sandwich and subbed fries for onion, which was an additional $1.50, received...4. My husband got a burger and also subbed his fries for a house salad which came in a small soup container. I always feel like Red Robin is overpriced but when you're at the restaurant and get drinks and endless fries it can be worth it. But still keeping prices the same and adding fees when you know you're carryout is sub par to in-house service is ridiculous.

Russell Dalziel

good food and good service

stephanie Blue

After doing some shopping my daughter and I stopped in for dinner. I noticed that the menu options are limited. The items we chose were delicious.

Agatha Cravero

Every time i order from this place they forget my freckled lemonade. I was told its because there's 2 seperate receipts they print out, one for food and the other for drinks. They just forget to add the drink one. I'm like what?! HOW?! At first I thought it was the doordash drivers fault. Turns out Red Robin doesn't even prepare it! So upsetting. This is the 3rd time this happens. They need a better system.

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

31805 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 577-5870