Taco Bell

1611 E 12 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 542-6805

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Robin Tuner

I went there on saturday and okay after lm told to let the driver name my order instead of myself now lve gone to other taco bells and never had a problem ordering even if lm in the passenger seat wow okay so the driver made the order and you people still got the order wrong we were just to trued to go back to location so wont be going to this one never again????

Mia Parker

I drove from Outer Drive and Ryan to 12Mile and Dequindre because the Taco Bell on 8 mile or Livernois is SO SLOW. When I got there, it was a line, but , it moved quickly. The food was hot and fresh, including the hard taco shells. Suprisingly, My hard tacos did not get really soggy before I got home to the Boston- Edison area. The issue that I have is that It was before 11:00 pm and they did not have Baja Blast, Chalupas or mild sauce

Carol Kondek

I just now came from there on a Saturday at 12:10 PM and they told me that they were closed because they had a $200 order to fulfill. Are you that poorly staffed? Are you that poorly managed? Do better. If you can't manage a lunch time drive through then find something else to do.

Dan Juhasz

Had a minor problem today with my credit card but the manager took care of the problem the staff there was very curtious and I have nothing but praise for them thank you again

Syndicated Developers

One of the staff copied my credit card information down and used it for fraud. This was the only place I used this card for months and then not even 12 hours later had fraudulent purchases. Don’t go here. Close this abomination. 7 mile Taco Bell’s aren’t this ghetto and garbage.

Rick Przebienda

Great drive thru service, but unfortunately the poor food caught my attention.Is about 9:30 a m and I wanted to to try taco Bell's breakfast so I pulled in. I got their big breakfast burritos and something for lunch. The burritos were disappointing they had these potatoes in it that tasted like poor mashed potatoes with a wish to be Mexican in heritage. Themount of egg and bacon was nothing notable. What really disappointed me was the future lunch items that I bought for later. The crunchy we're soft and obviously old and the meat soaked through the bottom of the shell. To top this poor meal offthe Ice-T I got tasted like the mix lines were bleeding into each other because the tea vaguely tasted like tea vaguely tasted like a Coke product and I'm certain my drain like the taste of it. All in all I wasted my food money budget for the day.I am going to take a pass on stopping at this particular Taco Bell in the future.

Sandra A.

They are the worst Taco Bell I've ever been to. 3 workers were laughing at me and making fun of me, because they knew I had to come all the way back to store just because they didn't put my two burritos in the bag. I had to wait in a horrible line twice just to get my food. They gave the funny face ; thinking it's really funny to treat a customer like that. The manager was okay and tried to fix the problem, but hey this problem isn't fixed at all. I will start my lawsuit soon am having a great lawyer to close this shit down. I want all these people that were laughing at me to get fired. One fat African American women with blond wig on. And an old African American guy that was wearing a stripped shirt, and another African American guy. You all getting sued.

Lisa McSwain

Paid my meal with my debit card and they did not give me my receipt for proof of purchase. The employee stated the manager are not allowing to give receipts. I would like this Taco Bell to be reported. I keep my receipts of all my purchases to keep record.

Roseanna Mendez

Good food. But change your hours if your not open until 2a on fridays!

John Jamison

Understaffed if you want to wait an hour in line for “FAST” food come to this location.

Joseph Alter

Horrible establishment. Always way backed up and super slow. Went to this location at 11 pm on a Monday and they were "closed" with no reasonable explanation. Alway the worste service.

Carolyn Grant Cofield

I placed an order for PICK-UP(Drive-Thru) and when my husband arrived, the card machine was NOT working and they are not equipped to issue a credit! I called and asked for the manager, and the young lady that answered, advised me that she was the manager and did that I would have to go back on the website and request a refund!!! I'm having no success in locating any refund info and will be further pursuing this ASAP!

jordan lynn

terrible costumer service, rude, and cant even listen correctly to your order! ordered a total of 8 items and could hear the lady through the speaker saying we were holding up the line because they weren’t listening to us.

Al F.

So tonight I went through the drive through. It was late probably around 11:20pm. The place was busy as usual and cars were backed up to the street waiting to get in. Once I got up to the menu to order (after waiting 15minutes) I order my food. After I order my food the guy taking my order said. "Hey do you want a free drink?" I say "sure". He proceeds to tell me I have to take a survey first before he gives me a free drink. He says "go on tacobell.com and enter our store number, once you enter our store number write that our service was good and put my name Tyler. I pull my phone out to begin this survey he says I have to do.... now here I am after waiting 15 minutes in line, with cars still in the street trying to pull in- doing a survey at the menu. The survey never comes up on my phone and I begin to tell Tyler I don't care for a drink I'll just skip the survey. Tyler says "boss just stay right there I'll tell you when to pull forward". I'm like okay. Couple minutes go by he comes back on the menu mic and asks. Did you complete that survey? I said no I'm okay I just want my food. I believe this is fraud. Can't make a customer take a survey and also should not feel pressured to take a survey. At this point I felt as if my food was going to be messed with. I believe Tyler is committing fraud.

Christina Reseigh

Horrible service. My crunch wrap supreme was practically empty. My Nacho Bell Grande 2 teaspoons of meat and a drizzle of cheese on it. My other 2 items were not made to order at all. The screen did not work. She did not read back my order to me and had horrible customer service. Did not provide a receipt upon payment. After calling 4 times with no answer, I had to go back up there. They did remake my order.

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