The Telway

27000 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 545-7962

Recent Reviews

Julain Laim

The food here is beyond words. You won't leave here hungry but you will leave with some amazing leftovers for later. The drinks are all very creative and good.

Brendan P.

Slow service, a lot of standing around waiting by the staff.  I wouldn't complain, but the food was slightly below mediocre.  Overall not a great experience.  I had better time go to McDonalds immediately after that when I had to get a Sprite there because of their limited pop options.

Brandon R.

Good, quick, old fashioned sliders. Crispy fries, nice service. See you again soon! Reasonably priced and fed the family for under $20.

Michigan Designed

Nothing has changed since I was a kid. The hamburger still equal White Castles. There's usually a handprint impression on the bun. The onion rings are great, they're nice and greasy. 50. Cent extra for a side of mayonnaise here.

Mark Dunham

First time going here today. I have seen the Telway 20 a year never payed attention to it. Was driving by today I said you know what today is the day. Very nice very friendly made fresh took 5 minutes to get 10 chesse burgers and chilly fries I'm going back this weekend and your not stopping me!!


I’ve driven past this place all hours of the day and they ALWAYS have masks on so when we wanted burgers we decided to give them a try. Great sliders and onion rings! Great prices too. Will definitely be going back soon.

kris blogger

If you want classic sliders at a great price the Telway is your place. Friendly and fast service. Even during covid-19 they keep you safe and feed.

Janet Wilson

For good quick food. This is the place to go. I like Telway better than White Castle myself. Try some!

Brian Roethel

Great food..OMG it tastes good. I had two burgers with no pickles with fries and a diet pepsi. THEY ARE OPEN 24 HOURS.

Eldwin L.

Just m e h i don't know what to say but this is nothing like the original in Detroit. My service is almost worse and the sliders and coffee taste nothing like the other one. I was sad to see it but it just doesn't taste the same and it seemed like it was more expensive. I still have to give it three stars just because it's still away and I want to see them survive. But I probably wouldn't go back unless I was on the side of town again. I just had to stop because I was here and it was Telway

Stefan Zawojskyj

The only thing that could improve this experience is to offer egg and bacon on the burger for breakfast. please.

Renee S.

Awesome late night take out for food always friendly and happy. If your not counting calories and looking for a night cap this is the spot. The burgers are a hot mess that tastes amazing at 230am lol and the chili fries are so good

Ashley G.

I have been coming to this place since I was a teenager because it's cheap and the sliders are pretty decent. I still continue to go because the food is still on the cheaper side and the taste has always been consistently good for me. I really don't get anything other than the slider burgers though since everything else is like your standard diner food. The building is small so be prepared to wait outside for a bit for your order.

Greg Williams

Do not patronise this place! Went to order some food and I have asthma! A mask is not required through the Ada And provisions were made for this true that MHHS and governor.for asthmatic peopleThey totally refused me service! This is a highly discriminatory action! Legal counsel will be retained.

Bridget S.

I haven't been here in years and was so happy with our experience. They are a classic Detroit slider joint. We got 4 cheeseburgers and 2 fries for 8 bucks. Food is greasy but that's the point. I was surprised at how good the fries were. Definitely not a healthy food spot- but a fantastic cheat meal. Covid precautions were spot on. Only takeout, 2 people in the building at once (tiny spot) and they signal you when food is ready.

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