The Telway

27000 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 545-7962

Recent Reviews

Gerald Ramirez

Awesome place to have some food when in a hurry. The service is prompt, rates are fair, awesome ambience. Would recommend to others

Mike Stapley

Absolutely amazing and I have to go and eat here every time I'm in the area. Never once did I have a less than stellar experience in decades. I always recommend it to others.

Rambling Rob

Delicious and quick. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a bite to eat when you're around madison heights.

bina Bo

Fast service! Great food and prices! And it is 24/7

Patrice DeTal

The original Telway burger is alive and well! A guilty pleasure and well worth an extra hour at the gym! Life is short and Telway is still as good as ever. Indulge once in a while.

Diego Garcia

I haven't set for in the joint in over fifteen years as I no longer live in the states but this place was absolutely amazing. Perfect spot for late night / early morning for fix. I still have very fond memories. Best of luck!

Judi Kincaide

Been eating Telway Hamburgers for 40 plus years. The best place to go. Chili Dogs are really good too.

Tommy Pickles

Reminds me of a White Castle but bigger and the thin sliced grilled onion and pickle were very good. The fries were awesome and I never had fries like the ones they serve, tasty. Very nice staff, I would return.

Kelly H.

So glad they're open during Covid (take out only) The food are a little oily but hey what do you expect it's still good though. I love their onion rings and cheeseburgers. Fast service

Julian R

Been coming to this place for years and it took a very rude woman with blond hair to make me never come back again she VERY rudely refused me service because I didnt have a mask on her words were "nope you need to leave, no mask no service" and I clearly told her I have a medical condition and she says "I dont care, you can take 2 min to wear one while you order" so I just left.. you dont care? Thats how you talk to a loyal customer who has come there for years? No you will never see me here again and I will make sure all my friends and family never go there either.

Tyler B.

Best sliders ever!! The chili cheese fries and onion rings are one point as well. This place is always slammin so I suggest calling in before going. Super cheap and open 24/7... can't beat it after a night of too many sodas

Joey H.

Every time I come here this place slaps. The food is cheap, you know what to expect, it is fire. This by no means is a place to get food that is good for you or healthy. This food might make ya sick at a later period but the opportunity to taste this stuff costs some stomach issues later. I pay this price happily. With that said I will drive out of the way to go here before I consider hitting up White Castle which is literally across the street from me. Keep it up!

Fernando Dean

I celebrated my graduation this evening in this fine place. Well it was a pleasant evening and the restaurant was certainly one of the reasons for the successful gathering. The team cooperated in a gorgeous way, the meals were yummy and my guests were so overjoyed. We shall definitely return for more events. thanks very much.

T.J. G.

Just like the original location on Michigan Avenue, this is a great slider at cheap prices. Yes, thanks to Covid those prices aren't as cheap as they once were, but it is what it is. When your a railroader working 3rd trick, with a late night craving, this hits the spot every time.

Justin Graff

Great burgers. You know what you are getting really greasy burgers that you love them in 10 minutes your stomach regrets and in another 10 minutes you wish you had more.

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