Twin Peaks Restaurant

1111 W 14 Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 268-4173

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Raymond Tyler

Penny is a awesome and wonderful server, Andrea is an awesome manager! The family here is awesome, they love us military guys, as well as Police, Firemen, and Paramedics! And we love them, come on over and grab a bite, be well and stay safe!!!

Erika McAuliffe

Miracle is an absolute sweetheart. She greeted us right away and she was able to handle our order with care. We come here when we are in the area and pleased they have staff like Miracle there to take care of their guests.

Kenneth Rogers

Good food great views, mature adults, I would not take kids there. The food is outstanding.

Nick Valeriote

Menu was filthy, sticky, and crusty. I ordered fried pickles and brisket tacos. Waitress was unaware that the tacos were 86d(sold out) from the menu. So I went with the chicken fried chicken, they were out of green beans (waitress was unaware at the time of order), subbed for asparagus at no cost.Pickles were good. Pretty hard to mess up fried pickles. The fried chicken was OK.. tasted a little off...mashed potatoes were good, asparagus was great. What was not good, was the long hair that ran across the plate on top of ALL the food. I'm not one to waste food...but I made the waitress aware and the manager comp'd it.Not sure if it was the food, or the water here in Madison heights, but I've had diarrhea since I've arrived and had that meal.

Chris Weiss

Service was excellent Haylee was very sweet and prompt response to all of our needs will definitely come back and request her

Des Walch

First time back here since the modern plague hit last spring. You can see the effects of social distancing right away when you walk in from the number of tables that have been blocked off.I had two draft Dirty Blondes, fried pickles and the Hangover burger with bacon added. But I got the bacon used in the billionaire bacon burger. I have to say that was a pretty good choice! I enjoyed interacting with my waitress. She was easy to have a conversation with and did a great job making sure I was attended to. The food came out pretty quick too. Overall a pretty good visit.I was tucked away in a corner, so the views weren't as scenic as I was used to in the past. But still a pretty good visit.

Zach S.

Please train your staff to actually solve problems and have a sense of urgency. Service sucked, food was okay, environment blew. It's times like this I miss Hooters; at least my buddy would have gotten the experience I had a few years back at this location. It used to be a fun, laid back, and a decent food experience. Now it's completely different. Where are you finding this staff?? An "adult Denny's" shouldn't have so many clunky problems for a beer and cup of chilli. Wasted 40 minutes here. Also, I know it's October, but get some new servers, YIKES!

Tip the Tool Girl

We waited an hour, only to be seated and and find out the only items I wanted (billionaire bacon and spinach dip) were not available..smh I was beyond disappointed!!

christina lattner

Let’s just say the service here was past exceptional! My waitress (Isabella) and the manager were so attentive to all of my needs before I ever really had a chance to say anything. They were on it! This was best service I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

p macdaddy

Should be renamed Twin Valleys! This place is going down hill quick. The whole place was very dirty, tables full of used dishes, The bathrooms tell the story. Urine soaked floors , over full garbage can , toilet paper all over the floor. Remember the cooks use these also. The clientele there is used to this environment. First time , last time NASTY!!!

Keith D.

I went in the other day for a late lunch I sat at the bar service was OK, I only ordered a beer and it took about five minutes to get back to me where I think at a bar should be a lot quicker. They did have two bartenders at the time but there were a lot of in interruptions so they couldn't concentrate on their customers. I got my drink ordered some food, they were out of onion rings so I had to order something else, food took a lot longer than I expected especially because it was between two and 3 o'clock there weren't a lot of tables in the restaurant or people at the bar. When I did receive my food it was room temperature not hot. I also noticed around me when food was delivered several orders went back to the kitchen, One man brought his food back up to the bar and the person sitting right next to me had cold food. The bartender did offer to take my food back but after waiting about 25 minutes for my order of cheese sticks I just ate them. I also ordered the bacon To me it was undercooked and very wiggly. I expected it to be crispy but I assume that's the way they service it. The restaurant was very clean and they seem to be following all the COVID-19 rules the atmosphere is fantastic the bartender was very friendly which made my experience enjoyable even though the food wasn't the greatest.

Daniel Willbur

Been here a few times on my travels up and down to Detroit. Always seems to be a well-oiled machine. The staff does a great job and seem to be on point with all their tasks. I usually have the smoked and grilled wings. They're top notch. Great place to watch a game or hang with some friends. Fun atmosphere.


Years ago, this place was great. Now.. not so much. I’ve given this place plenty of chances to redeem themselves..But after yesterday I will not be back. The service was terrible. The bathrooms were disgusting. And there was a nice long black hair in my food. GROSS.

chad dee

Service sucks! Food is never hot, drinks are always wrong. Sorry I will not sugarcoat horrible service but this place use to be fun but now I’ll be going elsewhere

Rami Essak

Had Olivia as my waitress incredibly friendly. Great service and great food. She recommended the cheesy bites which are great would definitely recommend sitting in her area

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