Woodpile BBQ

630 E Eleven Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 565-8149

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B N.

Super good!! We had 2 pulled chickens and a pulled pork with a side of tots. We will definitely come back when we're in town!

Al P.

Visited first time during Madison Heights restaurant week got a free slice of Key Lime Pie Whoopee. Order the platter for 2 and the big sandwich what we had 3 year's ago at the Clawson location. Added a Chili Mac bowl. I'm so disappointed the quality of Smoked Meats are long gone. Absolutely zero Smoke Ring and zero Smoked flavor, what happened. The brisket they put on Sandwich was cold and tough. The pulled pork and chicken no flavor, the Sauces are not liked by 3 of us. The Collars Greens in a vinegar bath sucks. A clear water bath with no meat. Absolutely the worse Smoked Meat Bbq we ate in a few year's. Sorry won't be back they need to find a new Pitmaster or shut the damn door. #[email protected] #

Lauralyn C.

Another search for a new place to try, and we stumble across woodpile. My s/o wanted brisket, and I refused to go to our only other local option- swearing them off after 2 horrible experiences. This place is new and we've never tried their food, so we decided on a sampler and a couple mac and cheeses for the kids. They have a nice little outdoor eating area that has picnic tables with umbrellas, so we sat and waited for the food to be brought out. It looked amazing! It tasted better than it looked! All the meats were tender, moist, and delicious. The brisket literally fell apart in your fingers! The onions and pickles were a nice touch of crisp freshness. My only disappointment was the mac and cheese. The noodles were undercooked/too much bite, and the cheese was just not cheesy enough and no flavor. There's no denying their way with meats though! You must come try them!

Valerie B.

I enjoyed our Dinner of one of everything and it really is Good BBQ. I would say that it doesn't have any Special quality in Flavor. It was a great bbq feast, but at the end of the day it's not the Best Barbecue in Michigan.

Julie A.

Very good. I stumbled across this on Yelp when looking to pick up dinner around 7p on Saturday. This location has just opened. I tried to call ahead to get things rolling since we were already out. However, after two or three attempts, we just drove over. When I entered, I understood why they never picked up. Both phones were ringing non-stop. As soon as the employee hung it, it rang. There were people waiting to place orders as well as pick up orders. They were apologetic for the wait. Once I placed my order, it took about 20 minutes. I waited in the car. We ordered two Texas trinity combos. FYI-These do not come with sides. (They were out of burnt ends and collard greens) I see that as a good sign. Something I'd want to try later. We ordered waffle fries (good and standard) and sweet potato mash (delicious, creamy, not overly sweet). We both made two meals out of the combo. Each came with 5 or 6 pieces of cheddar jalapeño sausage, 3 rib bones, and 3 slices of brisket. The sausage tasted homemade. I would've preferred it without the bits of cheddar (personal preference). The ribs were tender, awesome, and meaty. The brisket well balanced with a thin fat cap on it. All the meat was well-seasoned. I tasted before dipping it into the nice sweet and spicy bbq shack sauce. This place is definitely a go-to for BBQ. Try it! Downside-small parking lot; although additional parking at Madison Heights HS

Brian B.

Great food and safe service. Masks, plexiglass at the counter. Swiped my card and out the door. They have a picnic area roped off for outdoor dining. Don't miss the best BBQ in the area!

Brian W.

Been all over the country as a pilot. BBQ is not only my favorite food but also my favorite hobby as a cook at home. This is some of the best BBQ I've ever had. The brisket is particularly outstanding. There was a spice I was trying to identify in the rub that made it stand out so much. Green peppercorn maybe? Not sure. But it was excellent. Hands down the best collards I've ever had. Will be coming back for sure. Well done people.

Paul Hawks

Great food. The staff was super nice and was ready with insight when I asked for suggestions.

Donovan Watza

Excellent bbq, Service was outstanding; one of my sides went missing on a carry out order, Woodpile left me a voicemail to let me know what happened and refunded my side.

Cindy Hansen

First time visitor. Loved the brisket and beans! Nice decor.

Henry Dotson

Amount of food was good. But brisket could have been smoked longer, burnt ends were tough but the turkey was excellent. Will have to go back again before I pass judgement

Teresa C.

Catered chicken, brisket and burnt ends for 15 people. It was a hit. Every piece was gone by the end of the evening.

Robert S.

This place is top notch. The food was excellent and so was the service. We had the cork town taters and those... OMFG I think I went to heaven.

Alexander Wall

Delicious BBQ, good sized portions. What’s not to like!

Joe B.

So good!! Best place around for BBQ in my opinion. Love the sides too. They do great job making carry out a breeze.

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