The Stray Dog Bar & Grill

245 N Whittaker St, New Buffalo
(269) 469-2727

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Been here several times and it's way overrated! Went for my birthday and the unfriendly hostess began taking us back to the afterthought add on room in the back that has the atmosphere of my garage. I asked her to be seated in the cozier area near at the bar and she obliged but never cracked a smile. (who spit in her soup?) Entrees come with nothing...not even a couple tablespoons of slaw in a little paper cup. (throw me a bone would ya?) Ordered some chips and salsa. Chips tasted like bagged grocery store chips (the generic brand) Got only about a handful..asked for more chips after we plowed through them in literally 2 minutes and they brought us another handful. 21 dollar mahi sandwich came on an appetizer sized roll...(and on a big plate- not a nice presentation at all). It was so bland with no seasoning. Mahi tacos...these were stuffed a mile high with pico to hide the fact there was barely any bland fish inside. Horsey sauce on the side tasted like plain sour cream. Had to order a couple large fry baskets since everything is a la carte..again, generic style fries bought from their Gordon foods supplier that tasted like grocery store Orerida. Rueben was delicious. That was the only descent plate. 45 minutes later we walked out 165 bucks poorer. With all the mediocrity, I mentioned to our table it must be the location as I peered out the window at row of condos. No skinny margaritas..a 13 dollar spicy margarita with no jalapeños and little alcohol.. Save your $$$


Great place by a peaceful marina with friendly staff. Good range of craft beers and food. Our server Cassie recommended the truffle fries while we pondered our choice of food over the craft beers. Terrific suggestion, they were delicious. As were the burgers. After the fries, we had them lettuce wrapped and the taste was still outstanding. Highly recommended stopover in this delightful and handsome town.

Tracy L.

We were driving to Ann Arbor from Chicago, and along the way, we drove through New Buffalo. It was a cute little town, and it was around 2 on a Friday- the restaurant was super busy, like everyone else had the day off! The service was nice but slow considering it was busy. I got the Lakeside Salad and subbed with Balsamic Vinaigrette. The dressing was thicker than a typical Balsamic Vinaigrette, but the salad had good ingredients. Goat Cheese was too generous though , so even removing some, it caused the salad to be very thick and "sticky." My bf was fine with the crispy Onion Rings and El Diablo Burger, but he didn't think they were anything special. It's a nice restaurant and great space, but food was average.. Maybe we chose wrong. I'd like to experience their outdoor rooftop, but I'm not sure if it's worth the wait!


We’ve gotten ok take out here during Covid but today we finally went to eat in the restaurant. Families beware: you can’t sit outside here with kids. Their only outdoor seating is 21+. I’ve stared at that gorgeous deck for 2.5 years and was very disappointed our only option was indoor dining. Consider changing your policy to 21+ after 8pm.

Olga R.

Great selection of food and drinks. Friendly service. Close to everything Close to the water.

Oddzilla James

I was having a great ride along 94 and exited at exit #1. I wanted to try this well reguarded restaurant. I was seated quickly late in the season. I had a ruben sandwich and a small house salad. I was recharged from the food energy and felt even better and well refreshed as I swung back onto 94. The Stray Dog made my great day Better. Thanks Stray Dog

Rhonda F.

Wow! When I'm in New Buffalo I stay at a condo next door to this great restaurant. I see lines of people waiting to get in. I thought was just a casual pub/restaurant. But I found it to be a lot more. . We went in one Saturday evening after getting into town late. There was no line but we were told it would be an hour wait for rooftop seating by the sweetest host. His charm and professionalism was fantastic. We sat at the bar and ordered a cocktail from a no nonsense bartender who seemed tired and was longing to be anywhere but behind that bar. While interacting with us, she was very nice and created tasty cocktails. After only about 15 minutes, our rooftop table was ready. We were told to head upstairs. We were seated quickly at a table along the edge with a pretty view of the harbor. Our server approached and introduced himself as Cyle with a C! He was fantastic. Warm, charming and friendly, he really made our night. He made suggestions and remained attentive our entire dinner. The rooftop is definitely worth the wait as long as the weather in this Midwest Harbor Town allows. It's spacious and comfortable. The twinkle lights and views really make the whole experience better. We loved our cocktails & food. My friend had veggie chicken burger and I had the veggie tacos. Everything was delicious and perfectly prepared. I suggest everyone give Stray Dog a try and ask to sit in Cyle with a C's section!

Sylvia S.

Great food, great service! Loved the location for a quick lunch! Recommended by daughter to check out traveling from California!

Aanchal B.

Nice place!! The only issue is that they do not take reservations so we had to wait over an hour for a table. My family and I were in town for my birthday so while we waited, we walked around the marina and explored the cute stores! We only got truffle fries and cheese curds with some drinks - everything was great! Good vibes and a casual place with nice lights on the rooftop area. Would definitely go back!

Wayne W.

The food was pretty good here but honestly nothing super crazy to rave home about. I do feel like this place doesn't live up to his name, the wait was over an hour and a half for halfway decent food. I'd come back but honestly I wouldn't wait if I couldn't just sit down and eat it wouldn't be worth it to me. I'd say check it out and see what you think.

Kelli W.

This place was everything. From the decor to the people to the food, everything was great! It is a pretty busy place in the summer month so making a reservation is going to be key. We did not and had about a 30 minute wait. Luckily there are a ton of cute shops to wonder in and out of for that wait time. Once we received our text, we were seated at our table in minutes. Our server, Hayden, was a delight to have. He brought us our drinks right away and even gave us some extra time to look over the menu. After putting in our order, it took about 20 -25 minutes to get our food. The food was extremely fresh. I ordered the Lakeside salad. One thing I loved about the salad was that it was pulled chicken and not grilled. It was nice to have something a little different. The ingredients in the salad are different and seem like they wouldn't go together but mixing everything together gave the perfect flavor. I did leave the corn out and got the dressing on the side. After eating we ventured into the Gear shop. They had everything stocked which was great. They had everything from tshirts to crew necks to hooded sweatshirts to long sleeve shirts. They also had some cute computer stickers as well as coffee cups, drinking glasses, and my favorite Sili PINT. They are the perfect everyday cup/glass. I would 100% go back again to try something different.

Daniela Estrada

We road our motorcycle from Illinois to New Buffalo. Our mission was this restaurant. A friend of ours lives in the condominium located across from the restaurant... heard great reviews from our friend.. so we decided to try it.. 4hr ride passed through so many new restaurants looked tempting to try. But the mission was Stray Dog. We get to the restaurant, there was a line (expected) host said 29 to 30m for inside. 1yr for out side roof. We decided inside since we road 4yrs. On the sun. 30m later we got a text an they call George (which is us) than lady called 2 other names... we walked up to her told her we got a text and you called our name George. A lady behind us say no she called me Georgina.. I say ok you just got here. We been waiting 30m. The host an older lady (mid50 to 60).. said to us well I'm just going to put you back on the list and wait to be called. She walked away took 2 couples who they arrived way after us and got a table. Older hostess comes back. I asked why are you taking people before us. She looked at us and said "it's just me doing this". ( I was shocked of her response, I thought she would apologize) she come on I have a table... u wanted to leave. But we road 4yrs to experience this so call great restaurant... our waitress I give her 5 start. I believe her name is Cindy or Sydney young girl. She made sure our drinks where filled all the time.. The food was over cooked and dry. I posted pictires. The appetizers were over cooked dry.. it was southwestern chicken rolls. My fish tacos were also over fried . I was disappointed.. I could asked for a manager but I didn't want anything else in the menu. A gentleman with a table around him, checked in with us to see if everything was OK. I could said no, but just didn't want to stay at this restaurant anymore... very disappointed,


It’s a beautiful setting but the food is average. I really didn’t have a bad experience but won’t go out of my way to head back.


Loved eating here on the roof terrace. It was busy, so expect a wait. We waited about 20 minutes to go up to the rooftop terrace. Our server, the delightful, friendly and professional Alissa (hope I spelt that write) was a star. In fact all the staff we interacted with were brilliant. To me this was more a snacky type place and also sooooo much better value than Chicago. My wife had Clifford Bay SB to drink, $10 and I had 16oz/pint of Sam Boston, $9. My wife had a simple Ceasar salad topped up with grilled shrimp, $10 & $9. I had the Turkey Club, $15, supported with a side of fries, $6. Followed by a simple coffee, oddly served in a to go cup, but not a problem. Brilliant, loved it here, great staff, thank you Alissa. Highly recommended.

Charene Robinson

We just happened upon this place knowing nothing about it since we are from out of town. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had!! Tavern burger with cheddar was amazing.Fries were cooked perfectly as well.This place is packed, but worth every minute of the wait.

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