25298 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park
(248) 951-2451

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Tria T

On the recommendation of a friend I ordered here. I got a medley of items as it was my first time. The food is honestly not very good. They season the skin of the turkey wings and legs but once you get to the meat there is no flavor whatsoever. Cabbage was cooked to death, fries were awful, rib tips were very similar to Happy’s Pizza, macaroni salad was VERY sweet. To top off being expensive (oh and you get charged a whopping 4% to use a card as well they don’t tell you about that over the phone) I have salmonella based food poisoning from this place. Three words for you, DON’T DO IT.

Hillary Mortenson

Hell yes! So good. How you kept the catfish warm and crispy throughout delivery is beyond me but so delicious. Thank you!!!

Darryl Kirby

I really enjoyed the food! I had a Catfish Sandwich and Fries! With a side of Cole Slaw!Food: 5/5

Poppa Mann

Rib tips are good. Make sure they put the sauce on them. Also, check your order b4 you leave, they seem to forget an item.

jt u n0ob

The hardest, dried out Like straw, tough as shoe leather rib tips ever. Spent over $30 on Labor day. Phone stayed busy, so you could not complain. I feel scammed. Sauce was good

Donna Graham

It was labor day and many places were closed. We decided to try this place. The bbq was tender and juicy. The sides, Mac and cheese, potato salad, macaroni salad and yams were all very good. It was a great meal.

Jina Sawani

We tried BBQ Central last night (for the first time) and it was DELICIOUS. We had their pork ribs, candied yams and green beans. Everything was perfectly cooked. Can't wait to try their chicken, sausage and dressing next time. Yum!

Shawn Thomas

I saw it was an Oak park location and ran right in, mainly because someone kept leaving me on hold when I tried calling my order… Just to get there and the place is empty…. Not busy at all. That should of been my first clue. I feel like I wasted my money… food is nothing compared to the other locations. Avoid this location, I guess they follow different recipes!


My first time here and I wanted to give it a shot ..the service was fairly quick & the ribs were ok but lots of fat, the Mac & cheese and candied yams didn’t have any flavor and were very bland. My husband didn’t even eat all of his food after tasting a bite of everything. ??‍♀️

Making A Difference

The food was decent overall, but the price information is inaccurate and the staff did not inform me of the 4% "processing fee" when he requested that I pay over the phone. I spent a considerable amount of money for "decent food". I will definitely not be going back or recommending this establishment.

ricardo sharper

First time trying this restaurant the ribs were great and the sides greens, macaroni and cheese, and yams were delicious. The portions were very filling. My wife and I couldn't even finish all of the food but then there was the peach cobbler. I was hoping it would come close to my own at the advisement of the waitress who took my order but it was not. Maybe you can put a bit more time into this desert.

Wood 427

The location in Oak Park is horrible from customer service to never having what you come to order and always get told oh we don't have that at this moment...I never knew chicken wings are so hard to get...This location just opened and should close until they can be serious about running a business...Just HORRIBLE...I figured you the Owner or whoever you are would answer in the manner you did...Typical Clown owner response to everyone who makes a complaint about your business, why don't you see how you can actually try to solve the issues or at least attempt to act you care instead of always trying to give a sarcastic reply to customers who wasn't happy on how they was treated at your business...You say Captain Jay's well at least we know they'll be around 5 years from now unlike your business "CLOWN"

Adam Rourke

In town for work, saw this place on door dash. Food was fantastic. Got rib tips, Mac and chz and peach cobbler. Anyone that is leaving a negative review didn't eat here... I would post pictures but there's nothing left. Will eat again when back in town. Thanks!

Tiffany Lucy

Everything was amazing! First time there just moved around the corner and decided to try it. The chicken, beef ribs, macaroni and cheese, greens it was all delicious! I didn't even get a picture smh. But I'll be back soon and will update this review! Keep up the great service and good food.

TJ SweetRepeat

This food was "Dog-gone"Good. The ribs are cooked on a charcoal grill. The collards were on hump, the Mac and Cheese was hitting and the peach cobbler slammed!!!! This exact combo caused me to break my diet twice. Plz pray 4 me! ?

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