Berkley Coffee & Oak Park Dry

14661 W Eleven Mile Rd Ste 500, Oak Park
(248) 565-8114

Recent Reviews

Orest Melnyk

Love the atmosphere 10 out of 10, choices for the tea are amazing. Service that one needs to experience as it is very personal.

Gladiola Ulqinaku

A great coffee house in Berkley. I went in for the first time to watch a performance from "Atlas Tango Project" an excellent Tango/Jazz/Fusion band from Austin.The place has a variety of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, pastries, and non-alcoholic drinks. They prepared for me a mix of dark and spicy hot chocolate, which was outstanding. My friends had different kinds of teas and they were all tasty.Really nice concept and would certainly return.

D Skins Qb

Just got a pour over very tasty. Service was great. Nice vibe inside. I will be back.

Leore Berris

LOVE this place. It's becoming my go-to spot and I am slowly convincing all of my family and friends to only ever meet me there. It's a warm and comforting environment with delicious coffee.


10/3 update:Happy to!9/15 update:Ugh, you sound exhausting. Could have just stopped after the first sentence. I’m sure you’re devastated to permanently lose another customer.Original review:Great coffee, probably one the best I’ve had. Unique vibe to the place, lots of coffee bean varieties to choose from. Service staff, while not rude, could be friendlier.

Ryan B.

Grooviest coffee establishment around, run by an incredibly hard-working staff. Kenny, the owner, is one of the kindness people I know. Additionally, he'll go to great lengths to ensure everyone always feels welcomed. Plus, if you love open mics, you won’t be disappointed, as nobody can top the creative experience you’ll find here every Thursday night. There are many great places to visit in Oak Park; however, Berkley Coffee will always be my number one.

Yazan Abu Omar

One of the best gourmet espresso spots you will find in the area! I am in love with the coffee, the food and the ambience!

Tricia Wackerle

This is becoming one of my favorite coffee shops. I love being able to pick my coffee and chocolate and I love learning about the flavor profiles that each one brings. I wish that the baristas would talk more with me about the coffees or chocolates instead of just instructing me to read the signs. I would love to have some recommendations from the experts! There is only one girl who works there that would interact with me like that and her enthusiasm and informative conversation made the whole experience 100% better.

L.K. Shores

I love this place. It's for music lovers, coffee lovers, tea lovers... AND they carry celiacs friendly treats. Couldn't ask for more in a coffee shop, it's the best I've been to in the Detroit Metro area ❤️

Mary Beth O’Connell

Great coffee and non alcoholic beer/wine. Live music most days.

Matthew Dante

Great atmospheric place with great coffee. They know their stuff. Never had a bad cup.

Lisa Koivu

Berkley Coffee is THE spot for true coffee lovers. It’s true they had a pot of coffee made, but any cafe where you actually pick the beans that will go into your drink will probably not be fully appreciated by the casual coffee drinker. I drink a lot of coffee and espresso drinks and was intimidated… doubly so when I was told I had to pick the actual chocolate that would be used in my mocha!Let’s just say I suffered a bit of decision paralysis.But, whatever options I chose turned into the best mocha of my life. Smooth and perfectly bittersweet.The vibe inside Berkley Coffee was cool. Lots of space to work during the day and/or hang out in the evening. I loved the sundry shop.Thankfully I live in Chicago so I won’t be tempted to go here everyday. But… I return to the area often and this is now on my shortlist of places to visit every time I’m in metro Detroit. What a gem!

Kristoffer Gair

There is such a thing as too much variety. I know. I met it here at Berkley Coffee. A friend was going to be performing, so this was my first trip to the shop.I approached the front counter, was directed to a fairly thick (for a coffee and tea place) menu, and asked what I might like. I gave up looking at the sheer volume of drinks and asked for a simple iced tea. No luck. I had to go pick out the tea I wanted them to make it with. Okay, so I then asked about soft drinks. They have a house soda they make...once you pick out the flavor syrup.Okay, so no simple items for a simple, non-coffee or specialty tea guy. Might be something they want to look into for a laugh.One cherry soda (which was okay, but not great, and warm to boot) and a three cheese panini (which was outstanding!) Later, I had the pleasure of watching the live entertainment.Great sound system, polite staff, and they kept the performers on track. I'd go back there for the music any day, but I think I'd need to study the menu ahead of time.

David Sayah

Stopped by for the first time this morning. What a unique coffee spot in Berkley! I ordered a hazelnut oatmilk latte which Jasmine so kindly prepared with latte art, much appreciated! It was so smooth and silky, bomb. I also had a cream cheese danish which was PHENOMENAL. Rachel and Alison were very helpful and came around to help me pick which beans I want for my latte! Very cool concept being able to pick which beans. The atmosphere is very different, instruments that I’m sure are used at night, kind of rustic vibes and drink options and well. Totally worth a trip!

Ben Lightner

The exact atmosphere you want for your unique coffee experience. I tried two different drinks and was very content with the quality!Macchiato (Guatemalan coffee)Americano (Haitian Zombie coffee)Grilled Jerusalem BagelLovely staff and looked like they were setting up for a live show for later. Will definitely have to come back and check out some shows.

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