Berkley Coffee

14661 W Eleven Mile Rd Ste 500, Oak Park
(248) 422-1373

Recent Reviews

Yevgeniya Gazman

This place has it all! From coffee to booze. Great set up for live music. Fun staff. Awesome seating. Definitely check out and enjoy!

John Lipton

My first visit, and I can already tell this place is pretty magical. The mix of coffee, wine and beer, non-alcoholic cocktails, open mic Thursday evenings, and pristinely funky daytime music all make me glad to have chosen to spend a few remote work hours here. Keep it up, friends!

Rich Jacobs

Maybe the most knowledgeable staff in the area. Small roasting cafe pulling manual shots of espresso. I’m actually very impressed by the texture, crema, flavor and aroma. High end equipment with a casual feel. This could be the go-to spot in the area.

Stephany F

First time visiting and felt in love with their establisment and coffee! Definitely one of the best coffees in metro detroit (if not tthe best). The coffee quality is extremely high and worth every penny! Would definitely return!

Allyson M.

This is the COOLEST coffee shop I've ever been to. I love everything about their concept. They were closed for a while and reopened, and we can't wait to be repeat customers. Not only do they have an awesome coffee + tea experience, but they also have a fully stocked non-alcoholic bar. I've never been anywhere like it! You can choose your tea and its preparation, and the same goes for coffee. Read the descriptors, choose a bean that's right for you, then grab a little personal tube of beans and they'll grind them right there. Then, you can have a pour over coffee, iced latte, or whatever preparation you choose! It's also worth mentioning that the staff is incredibly helpful explaining how it all works, so don't be intimidated! They were just as excited as we were. Lots of great options for snacks and paninis in the afternoon and Crispellis pastries in the morning. A beautiful big space for concerts and a space for children on its own side. Outdoor seating, too! Love that this gem is in our neighborhood and know we'll be back again and again. Do not miss it!

Leah M.

I was really excited about this place! The layout and ascetics are perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or drink on the weekend and working during the weekday. BUT they just don't have it together yet. It took 40 min to an hour to get our four coffees made. I understand it's part of the experience, but also... 40 min. The coffee is not even that great. There is a limited food menu of just a few sandwiches, non of which are GF. I hope they are able to get it together cause it does have potential. Right now, not worth the time to wait forever for a not that good coffee.

Evan W.

My new favorite place! My wife and I have been wishing for a specialty coffee place in walking distance and this place is the answer!

MinYoung Kim

This place has such chill vibes and has a lot of great drink options - coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks, cacao, etc. + snacks :) I loved how they make the coffee ordering process so unique and personalized. very spacious and a great study spot that can also be a fun hangout spot with cool events. There was a separate play room (?) for children as well, which I thought was very thoughtful. Their bathroom was very clean, and the owner was very nice and helpful. Will definitely visit again!

Victoria Wesner

So many choices! I must have looked lost so the amazing staff jumped in to save me. They made what was possibly the best Mexican Mocha I've ever had. Can't wait to go back when I have more time to stay and play. Great addition to the neighborhood. Thx so, much!!!!!

Gentry Tran

By far best coffeeshop in all of metro Detroit. The ideas in this space are built around community and is almost like a co-working space. I believe that it was built around being more of a community center and place to hang out. The place is extremely clean and the bathrooms are really nice. I heard about this non-alcoholic bar a few months ago after speaking with the City of Oak Park and it is awesome. I'm glad that it opened. It is much quieter than say, Atomic and has much more place to study and work - the vibe is definitely more chill. If you're into music, this has a full setup for shows. Also, it has an area for kids to play if you have children. There aren't many photos on here - maybe check their website? Anyways, this place is awesome. Takes a little long for a coffee if you are in a rush, but definitely a place to go, relax and work.

Olivia Pan

I am really smitten with this place, love all the options and ability to tinker with flavor and drink options. Been here twice in a week, and it's so much fun to try the same "drink style" with different beans. The drinks come out in the cutest little double walled glass cups. Definitely was a bit confused the first time, but after that it's pretty self explanatory -- you pick your bean (or tea, or cocoa), and how it's prepared and voila!

Elliott Reibert

The atmosphere here is well thought out and the employees were incredibly knowledgeable. A bit hard to understand as a first time customer, but the intention behind everything is one of a kind. If I had more time in the day I would have loved to stick around for longer.

Patricia Wilcox

Such a cool vibe! Great coffee and an awesome selection of non alcoholic cocktails. Plus live music and a separate room with cozy sofas and a kids play area!

Gary B.

This space was very briefly open as a coffee shop, then closed for a quite a while for the rebuilding. Located in the middle of the Oak Park social district, all converted industrial bays, with a huge shared free parking lot. Inside is a bright area of tables with a huge service bar, and many custom coffee options. The customer choses their pods off a large variety on display. There are also mocktails, and a mocktail and coffee product shopping area. Limited food menu. There is also a glassed in and walled off children's area, with some toys and games for the kids.

Christina D

I'm not a coffee drinker but the hot chocolate is amazing! I really love the atmosphere, you can tell a lot of thought (and work) went into the space. Definitely not your typical coffee shop, I look forward to coming back again!

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