26160 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park
(248) 808-6756

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Sandie Y.

Took a long time in the line, and there was only two cars before me. Seems they took three cars of the other lane for every car in my lane. Gal at window took my payment while eating bacon. This isn't cool, especially during/post-Covid. Sandwich made wrong, but edible. Probably won't be back.


W McDonald’s they gave me 3 cookies when I only asked for one and their chicken sandwich was exceptionally crispy and flavorful much better than anything in the Detroit area

Dafeng Chen

There was a fly that flew into my car when I pulled up to the first window of the drive-thru. I’m just worried because all I ordered was a hamburger and a double cheeseburger and when I went to receive my order, I had to pull up to a parking spot to wait for my order. You don’t expect McDonald’s to be behind in any item that is a staple. After I ate the food I got a stomachache.

Jill C.

27 MINUTES to get my single sandwich from mobile order. There were 3 of us waiting. FinallyI i went inside after 27 minutes. Another woman went in too. They were barely sorry. Just terrible.

K Colton

I got in line at 8:25am I got my order (2 sausage McMuffins) and left close to 9am. This may not be a good place to stop if you are in a hurry. The food was good. Very slow service.

Olivia B.

Appreciate this stunning attention to detail. They don't fill fries up all the way but this... this is unlike anything I have ever seen before

Ashley Criss

To The girl who made my caramel frappe this morning, thank god for you chile!!!!! Greatness in this cup okay! Period!

Connor M.

They took 3 cars before my lane when you're supposed to rotate one car to the next the lady ignored us and isn't taking orders fast enough and made almost half the line leave behind us. I will not be coming back to this McDonald's.

Maya Rankin

I didn't even place my order because I pulled up and the cashier said "go head" with an awful attitude which I replied good morning and she then said "umm hmm" with even more attitude as if I offended her with my presence. I just pulled off. Try hiring people with better attitudes because I refused to spend my money somewhere where I get spoken to that way. If I acted like that at my job I would be fired

mara matteson

I hope the man at the speaker with the amazing attitude gets a raise/rewarded. He was the highlight of my night, super charismatic. If anything he needs to start a TikTok.

Joyce Wright

Took them almost 15 minutes to bag up 2 cheeseburgers and a happy meal. And no one was in the dining room! The food was not good, and the floor behind the counter was filthy, FILTHY.

Christopher Foreman

Im allergic to tomatoes. They do this to me 75% of the time. Which means No One is checking orders. The other day i got chicken nuggets instead of a QPC. They’re not paying attention at all here. Do. Not. Go. Here.

Vinika Thomas

It was ok for the first time in a long time. The fries were hot and fresh and didn't have the whole bottle of salt poured on them like always. I may give them another try.

Brandon Alger

I'm a little closer to this location than the Royal Oak one, but every time I go here I remember why I go to the Royal Oak one. This McDonald's is really quite terrible. Don't bother with plain. It will have stuff on it. No apples with the happy meals. And don't expect to get your food quickly. This is fast food quality at diner pace.


Waited in line 20 minutes and pulled up to the speaker, only to be told "WE'RE CLOSED!!" This was at 10:20 on a Saturday, and people were still getting served so I assume this was a lie. Terrible service. Will not ever make the mistake of coming back to this location in favor of literally any other McDonald's with less McDrama.

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