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Terry H.

Waited almost 30 minutes while staff continued to fill other orders. Just ordered a venti pike, the most common, basic coffee at Starbucks. Heated sandwich was delivered way ahead so it got cold as I waited. Be careful, some are not welcome.

Michael Kemp

Drove from 8mile and Woodward to grab the perfect cup of coffee was 15 minutes before close and you could see the employees inside yet no one would take our order at the drive through or even tell us that they closed early which as I said wasn’t the case sense they were still in there way to be there for your loyal customers not going to this location again.

Kim Henderson

If you're in a rush, skip this store. My last two mobile orders of one drink each (an iced Americano two weeks ago and a Refresher today) took nearly 30 minutes to prepare, and both orders were placed after the morning rush (roughly 9:15 AM). I don't know if the issue is management (deliberate shortstaffing) or a laack of people interested i the job but I hope it gets better.

D C.

rude impatient passive aggressive young female at checkout today. Young people have no manners. Order wasn't even right.


ordered ahead on app to be able to grab on my way to work, waited 20-30 minutes after my order was supposed to be ready. Order was partially incorrect, they put my sticker for a breakfast sandwich on top of someone else’s that had a coffee cake. My coffee tasted horrible and definitely wasn’t blonde espresso as I had ordered. I did not have time to ask for it to be corrected as I was late for work after having to wait so long. They were incredibly busy and staff seemed overwhelmed, so not sure if they need more help, more training, or better management and direction or a combination of all of that.. but I have been to busier starbucks they were much more organized and accurate.


Fast paced, and one of the better Starbucks I’ve been to in Detroit. The woman at the register was super nice, and even though they were slammed they were efficient. Plenty of seating as well!Also, plenty of parking which is a win in myBoom.

Krystle Rose

Fast paced, and one of the better Starbucks I’ve been to in Detroit. The woman at the register was super nice, and even though they were slammed they were efficient. Plenty of seating as well!Also, plenty of parking which is a win in myBoom.

R Eggert

Ordered ahead thinking I’d get through the line and out. NOPE waited in line for over 30 min after my order was placed. They didn’t start my order until I pulled up to the window. Will never come back to this location. Didn’t think it would take that long for steamed milk and espresso.

Cody Lovelace

The staff here are incredibly friendly but overworked and understaffed for how busy the location is. Whenever I order a drink with any customization, they are incorrect or missing every time. Whenever I order a pastry unwarmed it is always warmed up. Getting an order fixed requires waiting so much additional time that it isn’t realistic.

Ortiz Ortiz

Very slow service in the drive thru around 2-3pm but the car in front of me paid for my order which I thought was very cool. I paid for the car behind me. I hope he kept it going. ??Food: 5/5

Morgan Robinson

Don’t go here. It is always extremely busy and the orders take their sweet time. Every time I have gone it has been a 20+ minute wait for mobile order. I got my usual a strawberry açaí and it tasted horrible. It was watered down, even tho I get no ice, and it had zero flavor. I am extremely upset that I wasted 30 minutes and my money for this garbage. I’ve given it a few shots but I would rather drive more time then order here again

Jeffrey Butler

I had a mobile order. White chocolate mocha. No foam, light whip and extra caramel. I order the drink 10 minutes before leaving to pick it up. When I got there (it takes 12 minutes from my house to get there) my order was not ready. When it was ready it tasted like water. The barista offered to remake it. When the barista remade my coffee they did not fill it up with milk, but gave me almost a half cup of whip cream with some caramel drizzle on top. That is not what I ordered. This Starbucks is always slow and not very friendly. They should send some of them to The Starbucks in Woodhaven, MI to learn how customer service should be done.

Zoe Hampton

I waited in line for 30 minutes for them to tell they didn’t have cold foam. And called and they did and I had to get back into a super long line. Everyone who works here is so clueless. Do not recommend.

Rob X

While sitting in the shop doing some work on the laptop, after having ordered a drink, I returned to the cash register to make another purchase. I was told that management instructed cashiers to only serve online or drive-through customers. So, people sitting in the shop (around 6 or 7) weren't allowed to make a purchase directly; and several others (about 10-12 people) entered into the shop (as I sat working) to make a purchase and were turned away and not allowed to place an order.

Michael M.

If you want anything from this underachieving Starbucks, go through the drive-thru. If you walk into the building, you will be ignored by the staff who are too concerned with the drive-thru/ app sales. Along with 6 other people, stood at the counter for 20 minutes without anyone working the counter or even telling us to use the app or go through the drive-thru. Grabbed a fresh cup they left on the counter and took off. Thanks for the sample.

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