White Castle

26500 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park
(248) 968-0051

Recent Reviews

David Montgomery

Hadn't been to a White Castle in years. Service good, food ok. The sliders were on the soggy side but, the fries were hot and tasty.Food: 4/5

Cindy Johnson

Stopped by drive thru for 6 cheeseburgers and an onion chip. Food was fresh and hot. Cashier was friendly. Great jobFood: 5/5

Derryl Givens

I have one of them White Castle craving, when I go to White Castle service is good and the food is good. Not too much of a long wait it's also good. I'll be back when I have that craving again.Food: 4/5

Michael St.John

Excellent burgers and fries. The day I went was very efficient.

T.N. S

Ok, so it's White Castle; everyone knows what to expect. But THIS White Castle, has someone or some people who actually understand cooking. Yes.. I know.. it's White Castle. But the difference between steamed onions, their norm, and the caramelized onions that THIS place puts out (like 3 out of 5 times) makes a world of difference. Someone here takes pride in their output. I appreciate it.

Kobies Boxing

I can only speak about the different foods that I've recently ate at White Castle. In which that would be their french fries & Chicken Union Rings(with a soda Sprite): 3 meal items that are delicious. So yes I recommend that combo to anybody who plans to eat at White Castle.

sumit mathur

It takes forever to get your food via drive thru..today it took my 50 mins.. unbelievable.. usually it takes 20-30 mins which itself is high..can't be coming back to white castle esp green field location

Pamela Johnson

I didn't take pics of my food unfortunately because I was so hungry. Ordered 5 sliders with cheese. They were sooooo good. Sometimes white castles leave the bread on too long and its soggy. I can't stand that so I appreciate it when the bread is nice and steamed but not soggy. This one is near Greenfield.


June 25, 2022: 10PM: Waited in line for 2 hours after placing a pickup through the app. I repeat, I was waiting for 2 HOURS FOR FAST FOOD. The line was out to the street but that's not because of how many vehicles, but due to how ungodly slow the service was. The greeters at the window were very nice and didn't have any attitude at all but this was the most egregious service I've ever experienced in fast food. The people were nice but this, I am at a loss for words.Legitimately the worst service of my life.

shelley stallworth

I love getting my Hi-C orange from them, it's never watered down. The onion chips and chicken rings were hot and fresh.

Tracey Taylor

Drive through in the afternoon was pretty quick by White Castle standards. I ordered the #1 meal and a few crispy chicken sandwiches

Jimmy P

Have patience. They make A LOT of burgers! Plan to be there a while.

Gregory Gant

The drive through line took 20mins then the food was cold . And with the addition of ketchup and mustard? To a white castle with cheese? It was nasty first time I ever threw away the burgers.

Andrea Woodard

Im totally enjoying the 1921 burger celebrating 100 yrs of WHITE CASTLE HAMBURGERS its delicious ?

Tamer Awad

been waiting here for 25 minutes. this location doesn’t know what they are doing. i hate leaving bad reviews but this place deserves a zero star rating.

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