Cloverleaf Pizza

15670 13 Mile Rd, Roseville
(586) 771-0180

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Definitely not the same as the restaurant on Gratiot, but it was still decent for a pizza nightFood: 3/5

Mary Brown

2 pizzas one round one square antipasto salad. The round was all dough and little pepperoni the salad was missing cheese. My son had the square said it was worse than the round. They redid the round and the salad. No better. Sorry used to love this pizza

Nina Pinkston

2 thumbs down. I accidentally placed a pizza order to the wrong location. I went to pick up in Eastpointe. I called the Roseville location. I told the manager what I had done, and I said, if you give me a discount, I’ll pick it up. first words out of her mouth, she said it wasn’t her fault. Wow. I responded that she didn’t need to say that. She hung up on me. I called back, I asked what the managers name was. I was told they couldn’t give out employees names. And I was hung up on again. Manager answered, and she told me she has worked there form10 years and no one ever asked for a discount when they made the mistake. I replied how rude she was, as she kept trying to defend her actions.Pizza is on ever other bloc, and they cloverleaf has lost a customer. The conversation/debate was shocking to me. I told her she could have offered me a dollar off, but her demeanor was uncalled for. This is the abbreviated account of that call. But her rudeness and unwillingness was not warranted. No wonder she is stuck in that job for 10 years. Definitely needs some sensitivity training. So, I went to jets pizza without drama and rudeness.

Gary S.

worst pizza ever uncooked, dough raw . Ordered on 10-30-2022 at 8:15. Had to reorder food elsewhere!

Dig Style

Typically they are very solid, but if they are busy you occasionally get an undercooked pizza. When they cook pizza the correct amount of time, then it's a top 3 round pizza joint for my area. I think it is their cheese that I really like,Food: 4/5

Marlondo White

We ordered here because we heard the food was good and they didn’t disappoint I’ll definitely be back

Steve Mallinger

Worst pizza I've ever ate in my life had it 3 months ago fantastic yesterday awful

Doug Capps

Some of the Best pizza in town. Good crust. Good ingredients. No dine in. The one on Gratiot is a local institution that helped define Detroit style pizza. They are 5 stars with inside dining and a bar.

Victoria Ellis

I usually don’t do reviews, but I hope this will bring attention to the quality of what is being sent out. I’ve ordered from this location since I moved from Eastpointe. I’ll go back to Eastpointe from now on. The last 3 times the pizza was doughy. I’ve had to get a credit twice. This time I asked for the pizza to be replaced. The replacement arrived and the corners were done but the middle was doughy, ( which leads me to believe the pizza dough was cold)add to that they put so much sauce on it when I requested light sauce. This time I did not call back to complain. I just won’t order from this location anymore.

Mary Ann F.

What has happened to my beloved Cloverleaf Pizza? Visited yesterday and was very disappointed in both salad (antipasto) and pizza. ---- The salad, which was always great and fresh is now a limp and soggy mess. Salad tasted as if it had been made a day ahead and allowed to sit in the dressing for a very long time. ---- Nothing like the one we had at a previous visit. Pizza had also changed------ An abundance of toppings and chopped tomatoes instead of a proper sauce. ---- so much pepperoni and bacon toppings, several layers that made the pie incredibly salty, so much so that it was inedible. -- Crust was undercooked so that the middle was soggy, with no crispy edges or browned bottom of crust. All and all, a great step down to the pizza that once was. Place was empty at 3:00, and now have a limited menu. ---Also tons of signage that they are hiring. --- Sad to see a legend go down.


This is along one of my routes I do (I'm a postal worker) and I always get a slice or two of pizza and a pop .. always fresh and staff is always nice.

Natasha Sheppard

My family has been loyal customers for 3yrs now. The last 3 times we’ve ordered the order has been wrong. Tonight’s order was the last straw. I will never order from this location again. My order was placed online I wrote in the notes to put anchovies on the side. I realize this can be confusing for some. I overlook this, and decide to forget it and eat the pizza. Bite in and my pizza is doughy. I’ve noticed that the quality and customer service has declined steadily over the last 3yrs. This is a shame! Mykal Borowski- online order chk#104

John P.

First time here. I love Detroit deepdish pizza and had heard of this place previously as the birthplace of this type of 'za, so while visiting Motown had to try it. Average at best. Had the meat lovers, and the crust barely had any caramelization, although the amount of protein was great. Decent taste, but was a bit disappointed.

Bob P.

Very good pizza. I actually prefer their round pizza over their more famous deep dish pie.

Chad Keiser

Awesome pizza done right and quick. The dudes that run it are pretty nice too

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