Astoria Pastry Shop

320 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 582-9220

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Desserts look better than they taste! Kroger bakery cake is better in my opinion. Expensive. Cute shop, but nothing I would go out of my way for.

Corey H.

Just as good if not better then the one in Greek town. Can't go wrong here, eat at a nearby restaurant in Royal
Oak and get a great dessert just a short walk away .

Not pictured but I had my first Cronut and it was crazy delicious. If you never had one definitely go here and give it a try. Service was also good and attentive.

E. B. Snodgrass

I was so happy to see that they survived the shutdown. Came to get take out. The Oreo cheesecake was just about average at best and the raspberry tart a day later was uneatable. The celebration cupcake and the Milk Chocolate Pecan cookie are both in my top 5 . The carrot cake was also good.

Ebenezer's Anni L.

I was looking forward to getting some items since last time I was here was over a year ago and enjoyed the cupcakes and cookies I got. This time besides a cupcake and a cookie, I got a raspberry tart, oreo cheesecake, and piece of carrot cake.

The cupcake and the cookie was delicious even when not eaten for a few days or after being froze. The other choice were not as good. The raspberry tart wasn't edible. The others was average at best.

You can't go wrong with the range of choices which is large for the size of the store. Service is fast and correct. I will be back if I am in the area but will stick with the cupcakes and cookies.

Andrew R

What a great spot to stop in and grab some sweets and some delicious beverages. Workers were very friendly and helpful with answering the questions we had. Can't wait to go back!

Amanda Mooney

Awesome pastries and nice people, but the service is kind of a mess. It’s impossible to know where to stand, who is ahead of you, etc. You’ll place your order then go to pay and a different counter person will jump in and cash out someone behind you. They would really benefit from a number slip system of some sort.

Christina Whigam

While in the bakery which is normally a great experience today there was an older man (manager) screaming at employee in front of of multiple customers. He followed the employee through the store screaming until the young lady ran out crying. Not appropriate at all. In this climate of the world I hope this isn’t a racial situation and I hope isn’t common.

Erica Copeland

Never disappointed! So much to choose from and always delish!

Ann W.

My office moved downtown and as a result, I have fewer opportunities to shop and dine in Royal Oak. One of the places I miss is Astoria, a heavenly place for sweet treats. Despite the years and despite COVID, the display cases were filled with familiar favorites. I still took my time to consider the abundance of cake slices and pastries before making my final selections.Of course, I had to have the baklava, soaked in syrup. I typically make mine with honey and butter but still enjoyed the ones here. Imagine layers upon layers of pastry dough with chopped walnuts and sticky syrup. Additionally, I managed to score the last Galaktoboureko, a pastry that reminds me of my childhood. A firm egg custard is wrapped in phyllo dough and coated is simple syrup. After just one bite, a flood of memories surfaced. Lastly, I ordered a slice of German chocolate cake with a tender crumb, topped with coconut pecan frosting. Yum!Service was lovely.

Mike Z.

We ordered a carrot cake for my Dads 85th birthday and everyone, young and old(er) loved it, especially my dad. The cake was moist with a great carrot/pineapple flavor. The buttercream frosting was nice too. Great work Astoria!

Scott D.

I've been going in here for years. Quality was never amazing but it has really declined in the last few years. Decided to grab something last night knowing it wasn't gonna be good, but only because they were one of the few places still open. Got a stale coconut macaroon. Two bites in I came across a piece of mouse poop baked into the middle of it. Completely unacceptable, NEVER EATING HERE AGAIN.

Matt Lambka

Always fantastic. Desserts and pastries are just the best. Always nice staff. Very clean, everyone is following COVID-19 protocol.

Maria Harlan

There is a GREAT selection of donuts and pastries. The staff is wonderful. A definite must go to spot!!

Dunia Alobaidli

YUM!Really tasty pastry’s! I loved the strawberry cake I nearly tried everything they have everything they have is delicious !! Best pastry in Michigan. I just don’t like it when it gets crowded and people take ur turn would be nice if there was a strict line instead of just people wondering around (when it’s crowded) I love the ice cream choices as well!

Raven W.

There's so many sweets to choose from. I have been wanting creme bruleé and there was one left. I ordered that along with a red velvet cupcake. It was huge. They are asking for exact change because of coin shortage. My total came up to around $7.25. The creme brulee was good but the red velvet wasn't sweet but it was moist. I will be to try some other sweets!

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