Bruegger's Bagels

201 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 541-9899

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Delicious bagels, a comfortable atmosphere, fantastic coffee, and an easy location to get in/out of. Great plain (heated up of course) or with the works.


First time to a Bruegger's and I'll definitely be back. The smoked salmon bagel was delicious and the lady and gentleman working were very friendly. Thanks for making my morning!

Beth Gorges

Very disappointed, started a new job and was excited to have a bagel sandwich shop right across street. Bagel was pale white, barely any turkey maybe two slices, lettuce was bad , onion were so strong I had to take off (which means they went bad) and I love onions! Soup was very good but unbelievably small bowl for what they charged. Very disappointed, they would have made a lot of money off me. I love bagels sandwiches….**** update pretended to care but haven’t hear a thing


They maybe short staffed due to Covid just like every other business out there, but the staff here are awesome. No matter how long the line is they greet me with a smile. I can tell they are trying their hardest, I saw this location on the news and felt awful when the manager was explaining the impacts of Covid and staffing. So many places are hiring, just like this one and yet most seekers are playing the "let's make a deal" game versus being thankful for an opportunity. Sad.

Peter Hanna

I love Bruegger's Bagels but I'm not a huge fan of this location. Every time I get a bagel at this location the bagel is as white as a sheet of paper. When I go to the location in Ann Arbor or the one in Rochester Hills the bagels are cooked to a nice golden brown. The bagels at the Royal oak location look almost raw. It has me nervous and I always have to ask them not to slice my bagel and for the cream cheese on the side. I then take the bagel back to work and I have to put it in the oven a little longer to get it golden brown to make sure it's cooked properly. I shouldn't have to do that. Rather than pick my favorite flavor, I pick the bagel that looks the darkest.

Jesse Pincura

This store is trash. I'm new to the area. 3/3 of times this store has completely failed me. Either being out of 80% of their menu options or accepting an online order then having no record once arriving. This time - I showed up 30 minutes before close. The door was locked and a printed sign read "sold out :(". New management is clearly required.

Emily Eskra

Placed an order this morning on Door Dash. For over an hour (after Bruegger's confirmed the order) they said it was being prepared. I decided to cancel the order because I was irritated and wanted food from somewhere else at that point. I called the store a total of 6 times and NEVER received an answer. I then called my dasher because she was driving away from the location even though it was STILL listed as being prepared, and she informed me that they were closed, with a sign for interviews. They wouldn't answer her calls or let anyone in. So my question is, why would they keep their store open on Door Dash if they weren't taking orders, and why would they CONFIRM my order if they weren't serving food today. This was a very disappointing customer service experience.I like their food, but don't think I'll be ordering again.

Rachael Snyder

Soooo yum! I love their bagels. If you don’t feel like waiting in line for NY bagel come here.

Anne Hallock

Bruegger's bagels are the best in all of metro Detroit. They bagels are always fresh and delicious. They have a great selection of various cream cheese too. The staff is always welcoming and friendly.

Kels Peace

Great location right off strip downtown royal oak outstanding little spot breakfast sandwiches

Ann Smith

Nice bagel place. Line was a little long but service was quick! Recommend the smoked salmon and farmhouse bagel.Protip: Sometimes you’ll find coupons in the mail! Take advantage of those deals :)

Annie Prevost

Got a dozen to go for a family get together. They were awesome to cut all 12 bagels for us and even wrapped the cinnamon and sugar ones separately!

Yuridi Morales

I am always taken care of by the woman in a braided red bun and a young lady with blonde hair (always at the register). They are amazing. Always have my egg sandwich ready for me before I go to work! Lol Thank you ladies!-Beaumont Urgent Care employee(Western bagel) lol

Jared Leigh

Can't sit down and enjoy your samich in the dining room w the AC - not cool!! What's the difference of standing 4.5 feet from each other at the register and then 15 feet in separate booths. Whatever dude - can't fix stupid lol

Robert Sobie

Kind of wish it was cut in half like I ordered. Also wish it were toasted like I ordered. My drink had no ice. Customer service was poor no greeting, no smiles. This location is unbelievably slow. Rochester location beats Royal oak out 10/1 I will never come back to this one.

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