Hungry Howie's Pizza

904 E Eleven Mile Rd, Royal Oak
(248) 545-8090

Recent Reviews

FreakinAmasian akaJoAnn

I love this location. The employees are great and so is the food. What I don’t appreciate is the owner channeling our phone calls to a CALL CENTER! What the hell did he do that for?! I’m sorry, but you can hardly understand anything the people answering the phones are saying! It was the most frustrating encounter just to order a pizza. I’m pretty sure the fellas in Royal Oak have enough skill set to make pies AND take a phone order. Bad move Boss Man, bad move.

Rich Kubiak

My wife order a pizza for me as a nice gesture for valentine's day for dinner. The first delivery was supposed to be at 9pm. I called asking where the delivery was at. They said they tried calling the number and when my wife tried calling back they didn't pick up. They claim they came I to the building when they did not.They said they would redeliver the pizza and it would be an additional 30 minutes. Not a big deal until I open my pizza. There is no topping and it's not even cut. The person on the phone was rude. Will never order from here again.

Stephen Petruzzo

Overpriced junk food. The pizza was poorly made, had about 2 inches of crust, and tasted like it was made with extremely cheap ingredients - especially the cheese. It was cooked well though. You can get much much better pizza in Royal Oak for the same price.

Suzanne Slowik

Thank you great pizza.and customer service! The young man that took my order very polite and accomadating.

Lisa Vitale-Hess

Wonderful vegetarian pizza.

Vince Affatati (Vince)

Always done to perfection

v a (Vince)

Always done to perfection

Jeff Jack

Good pizza . $5. Mix and Match is good deal.

Alex Swan

Horrible pizza. It wasn't cooked long enough, it was doughy and there was hardly any cheese.

Renea Street

My favorite pizza place. Hands down

Carrie W

Great customer service. Good pizza and subs for a great price. We got ours delivered and it came quickly with a smile! We ordered a small pizza with pepperoni and mild yellow peppers and 2 regular subs one ham and cheese the other a veggie and a chocolate chip cookie for a treat. Everything was great and the subs were very cheesey! Would definitely order from them again.

Janet Brown

Ordered a pizza with anchovies. Hadn't had one in a decade. It was fabulous with the garlic butter crust.

Goero Lucas

I showed up 1 minute after close and can see the pizza I paid for through the window yet the employee inside refused to even acknowledge me. No one at this location will ever receive a tip from me again! After 16 minutes and 11 seconds the little punk decided to pick up the phone just to beca douchebag

Got Money

One of the best store and original place love it staff rocks

Joseph Ratliff

It’s the second covid government shutdown layoffs, so you know money is tight... last 30 dollars in the bank tight. So I decide to spend 25 of it to my two children lunch. Hungry Howies can not fulfill my order, and now I have to wait 5 days to get my last $25 back. Thanks. Glad the kids don’t mind peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for the FOURTH day in a row for lunch.

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